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smdatebook An index of links to popular posts in One Cool Site: WordPress blogging tips, tools & tutorials, as well as, editorial picks based on questions asked and answered in the WordPress.com support forums.  Be sure to visit the Basic Blogging Index.

Better Blogging

  1. 15 Plagiarism Detection Tools for Bloggers and Writers
  2. 7 Reasons Why I Like WordPress.com Hosting
  3. Writing Prompts and Scheduling Posts
  4. Crafting Quality Blog Comments
  5. Writing Is Not Blogging
  6. Writing a Strong Introduction
  7. Blogging Local, Regional and National Events and Holidays
  8. Blogger Under Attack
  9. Auto posting to social media sites or not?
  10. Blogging: Yoga Style
  11. Blogging Improvement: Leveling Up
  12. Tips for Organized Blogging
  13. Writing a Blog Post
  14. Blogging: Focus on Content Creation
  15. Blogging Resources: Search Engines
  16. Better Blogging: Powerful Persuasive Writing
  17. F-Bomb Free Blogging
  18. Your Personality and Writer’s Voice
  19. Your Blogroll Linking Strategy
  20. Multi-Author WordPress.com Blogs
  21. Hand and Wrist Exercises for Bloggers
  22. Tips for Avoiding Blogger Burnout
  23. Custom menus: Featuring Older Content
  24. Writers Resources for Bloggers
  25. Defining Blogging Success
  26. Do I Need a Domain?
  27. OMG! My Domain Name Expired
  28. A Freelance Writing Business
  29. Moving Your Blog from WordPress.Com to WordPress.Org: Resources and Tips
  30. Keyword Metatags
  31. Better Blogging: Learn from the experts

Building a Better Blog

  1. Create a Featured Posts Page with the Display Posts Shortcode
  2. Create List Posts with the Display Posts Shortcode
  3. Use the Display Posts Shortcode to Effectively Feature Content
  4. WordPress.com Theme Tips
  5. WordPress.com Themes with Automatic Excerpts
  6. WordPress.com Retired Themes
  7. WordPress Automatic Image Resizing
  8. Create a WordPress Website Step By Step
  9. Strategies for reducing page loading time
  10. Adding scroll bars to text widgets
  11. How to add a countdown ticker to your blog
  12. How to make html tables for your WordPress blog
  13. Align Images: HTML Tables for WordPress.com Blogs
  14. How to remove data from Google’s cache
  15. Building a post index at WordPress.com with archives shortcode
  16. How to Prevent and React to a WordPress Hack Attack

Blog Design

  1. Why Having a Well Designed Blog is Important
  2. Blog Design: Which colors do you use and why?
  3. Changing Your Blog? Start With the Colors
  4. Blog Colors on Different Browsers and Monitors
  5. Freshen Your Theme with Seasonal Touches
  6. Responsive Web Design: The Gold Standard

Images and Media

  1. Ten Free Online Image Compression and Optimization Programs
  2. Watermark your images
  3. Blogging: SEO images enhance your posts
  4. Get the Most Out of Image Search
  5. Cropper or Proper Image Preparation?
  6. Google’s Matt Cutts on Stock Images

Link Building

  1. More Traffic and Backlinks for Your Blog: Guest Blogging
  2. More Traffic and Backlinks for Your Blog: Paper.li
  3. More Traffic and Backlinks for Your Blog: Scoop.it
  4. More Traffic and Backlinks for Your Blog: Squidoo 
  5. More Traffic and Backlinks for Your Blog: YouTube 
  6. More Traffic and Backlinks for Your Blog: Pinterest
  7. More Traffic and Backlinks for Your Blog: Awards and Memes 

SEO tips

  1. 5 Google Webmasters Video Tutorials
  2. Two SEO Videos for Bloggers
  3. Basic SEO elements for bloggers
  4. Blogging: Learning SEO is worth the effort
  5. Incoming Links at WordPress.com
  6. Understanding Reciprocal and Non-Reciprocal Links
  7. Understanding Backlinks
  8. Blog Directories for Backlinks and Traffic
  9. Revisiting Keywords and Tags
  10. Quick Blog Post Tagging Tips
  11. 12 Tips for Improving Search Queries Ranking Position
  12. Top 5 Site Title Tag Tips
  13. WordPress.com: Heading Tags from h1 – h6
  14. Google Encrypting Keyword Searches, Ads Exempted
  15. Category and Tags Descriptions and SEO

Blog Promotion

  1. Twenty five steps to increase blog traffic
  2. Mastering Shameless Blog Promotion
  3. Top Social Media Tutorials
  4. WordPress.com in house blog promotion
  5. Promoting Your Writing or Poetry Blog
  6. Bloggers: Publish your book, ebook, or your blog
  7. WordPress.com Email lists, Newsletters and Privacy
  8. WordPress.com Forum Options
  9. WordPress.com Bloggers: Print it!

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