Introducing: Our New, High-Speed Editor

After two years of frequent changes that do not improve my blogging experience but are promoted as if they do, I refuse to click the like button on this reblogged from the Staff blog post.

So how are the changes working for you?

Don’t forget to post your feedback to Editor Feedback.

While you are at it you can read all of the 14 pages of “excellent feedback” much of which is negative and has been ignored referred to here new editor feedback.

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From parents and poets to journalists and politicians,’s publishing tools allow people to make their voices heard.

We have heard your excellent feedback on our interim editor and today, we’re excited to introduce our new editor: a faster, cleaner, and more streamlined way to create posts and pages, and share, promote, and manage content across all your WordPress sites.


Highlights: instant saving, quick sharing

  • It’s fast, responsive, and allows you to create posts and pages quickly on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Easily manage your posts, whether you run an individual blog or wrangle multiple sites, authors, and posts.
  • Access draft posts with one click so that you can iterate and revise quickly when inspiration strikes.
  • Content is automatically saved, allowing you to focus and write — free of distraction.
  • Drag and drop photos, music files, documents, and videos right into your post or page.
  • Tags, categories, and sharing tools…

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Register Now for WordCamp US in Philadelphia!

I’d say yes to traveling to San Francisco, which is not that far away from me as I’m not far from Victoria or Vancouver, but traveling to Philadelphia is too far for me. What about you? Will you be attending WordCamp US? If not, then would you consider attending a WordCamp held near to where you live? Why or why not?

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We’re less than a month away from the inaugural WordCamp US, the largest WordPress conference in the world. Join us in Philadelphia for two days of informative sessions and stimulating conversations with everyone from blogging newbies to the most experienced WordPress developers in the world. WCUS will be on December 4–5 (with Contributor Day on the 6th), in Center City at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

In previous years, WordCamp San Francisco has acted as the official annual WordPress conference, where WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg gives the “State of the Word,” sharing the latest WordPress developments, answering questions from the audience, and offering his thoughts on what’s next for WordPress — and the future of the web. This year’s “State of the Word” will happen at WCUS!

State of the Word at WordCamp SF 2014 Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp SF in 2014. Image by Sheri Bigelow.

The event is packed with two tracks of sessions plus lightning talks…

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What’s on the horizon?

It’s year two of the seemingly never ending new user interface changes. If you are up for it there are upcoming editor changes. You can register to be a BETA tester in response to the Call for Testing: Editor, and provide feedback before this iteration is finalized. Or you can just follow  Horizon Feedback: (Horizon is’s public test environment) and read what’s happening there.

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Removing inactive subscribers

I have big news to share. The fact we bloggers were previously unable to manage our followers and subscribers and remove those that were inactive annoyed me for years. I was annoyed because we lacked the ability to rely on the numbers we saw.

Now, provided we are using the new user interface, we can easily do what we could not do before.

You may remove a follower by going to My Site > People and clicking the remove link next to their name.

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