How is blog or website content graded?

qualityYou may think your content is high quality but knowing how it’s rated can be an eye-opening experience. The quality of the main content can be determined by how well that content meets the purpose of the page and how well you promote it.

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Black Friday special: a year of unlimited premium themes

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Our Black Friday special is a great way to get your blog ready for the new year. This weekend, every purchase of Premium will include a free year of unlimited access to all our premium themes — a $120 USD value — so you can use any theme at no extra cost. The special sale starts just after… Continue reading Black Friday special: a year of unlimited premium themes

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Boom Pending

handbags2Did you know that 75% of Canadians live within 150 kilometers of the United States border? With the dollar being so close to par surveys are finding an increasing number of Canadians looking to participate in the pending Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping boom this year. Continue reading “Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Boom Pending”

Time to Say Good-Bye

I’m considering saying good bye to blogging and moving on. It’s been a great run and a long one but I’m feeling like “I’ve said that before” every day now. And, I am feeling the same way about answering support forum questions day in and day out too. Update: September 24th, 2014 I have to eliminate sources of stress from my life now due to … Continue reading Time to Say Good-Bye (Automattic) Transparency Report

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Here’s a link to some very interesting reading, The Transparency Report encourages me to believe some are aware of how important and issue transparency is.

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Gmail Password Leak Update

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This week, a group of hackers released a list of about 5 million Gmail addresses and passwords. This list was not generated as a result of an exploit of, but since a number of emails on the list matched email addresses associated with accounts, we took steps to protect our users. We downloaded the list, compared… Continue reading Gmail Password Leak Update

Blogging has a vocabulary of its own

It’s English, TimeThief, but not as I know it, not as I know It. By Guest Author, Jill who blogs at

The blogging world once was an alien world to me. When I realised that millions of people are publishing posts every day for anyone, anywhere to read I wondered if we might be heading towards some dystopian, Borg dominated future. Why do that, I wondered, and who exactly reads it anyway? Continue reading “Blogging has a vocabulary of its own”

On Becoming A Better Writer

By Guest Author, David Bennett who blogs at Photograph Works.

When TT said she’d like me to write a guest post, I racked my brains for what I could write about. She writes about blogging tips and she’s good at it. Continue reading “On Becoming A Better Writer”

Green Lizard’s Blog

By Guest Author,  Lizard100, who blogs at
I started a blog a while ago but like all foolish bloggers I didn’t actually write it for some time. Since February 2014 that has changed. I am now blogging every day and really enjoying it.

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From Academic Writing to Blogging

By Guest Author, Charlene Shannon-McCallum blogs at

I consider myself to be a newbie blogger. I started my blog All Things Leisure in August 2013. I am an academic who does research in the area of recreation and leisure. I would argue that my work reaches a very small and specific audience – other academics in my field and some practitioners. Continue reading “From Academic Writing to Blogging”

A Salmon in Uncharted Waters

Fotor applause collageBy Guest author, Fiona who blogs at Fiona’s Favourites

Next week it will be seven months since I published my first post. This “blogging thing” is new to me, although writing is not. Also new, is writing what I want to write about; my “un”-professional voice. When I mentioned to Tom that I had an opportunity to write a blog about blogging, he looked at me as though I had just crashed in from another galaxy. So if I haven’t, after seven months of blogging, been able to explain it to him, I wonder if I know, myself. Continue reading “A Salmon in Uncharted Waters”

Stories – Untapped treasures you need to share

datebookBy Guest Author, Judy Berman who blogs at

Imagine growing up listening to a spell-binding story-teller. What great fodder for a book.

My Dad shared some of his experiences on cassette tape so that I could write them up. He was an electronics engineer, made the first TV set we ever had and told stories filled with adventure, humor and danger. Continue reading “Stories – Untapped treasures you need to share”