WordPress-3-9: Keep Calm and Carry On

Many WordPress.com users don’t know their sites are guinea pig sites that new WordPress software upgrades are tested on. The upgrades are done by Staff and introduced about a month before the developers fix the breakage and tweak the code and make the upgrade available to WordPress.org users for their self hosted sites. Continue reading “WordPress-3-9: Keep Calm and Carry On”

7 Reasons Why I Like WordPress.com Hosting

WordPress.com is not only a great place to start blogging but it may even be your last stop. When you self host a WordPress.org install you are on your own. Managing your own install isn’t a cake walk. The learning curve is steep and takes lots of time – time you won’t be spending on content creation. I’ve been there, done that and returned. Continue reading “7 Reasons Why I Like WordPress.com Hosting”

Moving Your Blog from WordPress.Com to WordPress.Org: Resources and Tips

Moving my blog from WordPress.com to a self-hosted site using WordPress.org software was far easier than I ever imagined. The process is not nearly as terrifying, complex, or time consuming as some would lead you to believe if you are prepared. Continue reading “Moving Your Blog from WordPress.Com to WordPress.Org: Resources and Tips”

WordPress Fly Out Menus Coming Soon

WordPress 3.3 Beta 2 has been released  and that means more changes to WordPress user dashboards are coming soon. Expand and collapse menus will be replaced by fly out menus. Update! They have arrived.  Drag & Drop Media Uploader & Flyout Dashboard Menus Currently we can have our left dashboard menu sections simultaneously expanded in as many sections as we wish. (See the image on the … Continue reading WordPress Fly Out Menus Coming Soon

WordPress HTML editor font change

I’ve been a WordPress blogger for 5 years and I’m really frustrated by this change. I have experienced many changes here at WordPress.com and although some have been frustrating none were an actual barrier to me using the editor in both modes — this one is a barrier.  :( I can read and quickly scan the font in the Visual editor with ease. Thankfully, it … Continue reading WordPress HTML editor font change

Moving from WordPress.com to WordPress.org

The most common reason for moving from WordPress.com to WordPress.org is the desire to make money from advertizing and/or affiliate sales. In reality if your WordPress.com blog does not currently attract 1,000 – 1,500 unique visitors every day, and your traffic stats do not demonstrate a growth trend, then it’s unlikely that you will earn much more than what’s required to cover web hosting costs.  … Continue reading Moving from WordPress.com to WordPress.org

Links: No-Follow and Do-Follow

In the beginning all links were do-follow.  However, it didn’t take long before blogs were being inundated by those who left insincere comments lacking in value just so they could get a backlink, so the original reason for the introduction of no-follow links was spam. Do-follow comment links do pass on PageRank. No-follow comment links do NOT pass on PageRank. If you need more information … Continue reading Links: No-Follow and Do-Follow

Setting up a self-hosted WordPress.org install

The pros and cons of being free hosted by WordPress.com or self hosting a WordPress.org software install are summed up very well in this support documentation entry –  WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org The first step towards eventualy managing your own WordPress.org install can be purchasing your own domain and domain mapping. You don’t need to leave WordPress.com to do that, and the sooner you do this, … Continue reading Setting up a self-hosted WordPress.org install

Blogging and Troubleshooting

We all experience those situations when we click and expect a specific thing to happen and something else presents. The examples are endless and varied including not being able to log-in to your blog account or logging in and then experiencing  problems. Unable to access my blog! A few months ago I started noticing that occasionally I cannot log into the dashboard, no matter how … Continue reading Blogging and Troubleshooting

No paragraph spacing in post-page editor

Guest Post by Richard This is just a quick, short post about some recent issues people are reporting with the post and page editor at wordpress.COM, but it also applies to self-hosted blogs using the software from wordpress.ORG. If you are having problems getting a blank line between paragraphs in the visual editor, it might be something as simple as the editor not properly coding … Continue reading No paragraph spacing in post-page editor

Why I switched from Godaddy (WordPress.org) to WordPress.com

On a web hosted WordPress.ORG install my blog was like a stand alone island. By moving my blog content free hosting at WordPress.com and having them domain map to it my blog and I could be part of a community and that provides opportunities to promote my blog more effectively. Continue reading Why I switched from Godaddy (WordPress.org) to WordPress.com

Making Money with WordPress

The Open Source Press book cover
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On January 23, 2009,  at WordCamp Boston a panel of WordPress experts discussed possible business models for making money with wordpress. I went hunting on-line  after reading what the panel’s moderator, Jeff Chandler, who manages the popular WordPress content driven community WPTavern said prior to the event. Continue reading “Making Money with WordPress”

Self Hosting: What’s Your Hurry?

woman at computerThe free features available for free hosted blogs at wordpress.com are great. There’s a such a wide variety available that no matter what kind of a blog you have in mind,  or what premium features you need, wordpress.com is not only a great place to start blogging,  but may even be  your last stop.

Continue reading “Self Hosting: What’s Your Hurry?”

Have you tried printfriendly.com?

If you are a website publisher or you blog on wordpress.org or Blogger (blogspot) software and want to offer your blog printable articles and/or PDFs (newsletters, ebooks, etc.) to your readers watch the video.It demonstrates how you can generate either a free printer friendly version or a free PDF version of a web page . Continue reading “Have you tried printfriendly.com?”

An interview with timethief


My friend  Shirley, who has a great emerging blog called Proof Positivity asked some questions that led to a mini interview answer.  I decided to publish it here for your reading pleasure.

Shirley is a former City Year corps member who believes in making a difference that is what is at the root of her blog  Proof Positivity. Her  goal is to create a television news show based on community service, good deeds, and positive news.  So please visit her blog and witness the good work she is undertaking.

When and where it all began – Blogger

I began reading blogs in 2003 and I started my own private blog on Blogger. In early 2006 I chose to found a public blog on Blogger because it was the biggest free blog webhost, and because I assumed it was the easiest blogging to learn how to use. A few days later I got a wordpress.com blog too. Almost I immediately noticed how poor Blogger support was and how long it took to get assistance. In contrast,  I discovered that I preferred wordpress software and wordpress.com forum volunteer support was great. It was backed up by excellent staff support too, so I gravitated there.  I also discovered that the wordpress.com global tagging pages brought my blogs traffic but that Blogger didn’t have such a social network equivalent.

Continue reading “An interview with timethief”

Become a WordPress.org Blogger: Free Video Tutorials

The Internet has made it possible for anyone to publish content to a worldwide audience and blogging has become the new national pastime no matter where you reside. Some get paid to blog and others pay for the privilege of blogging on a particular site or with particular software. WordPress.org and wordpress.com software are different and offer two wordpress alternatives to bloggers. Many wordpress.com bloggers  … Continue reading Become a WordPress.org Blogger: Free Video Tutorials