The Blogger’s A, B, C List

leisure6 Define your purpose: If you can’t describe in a few sentences why you are blogging, what your purpose for the blog is, and who target audience is, then don’t be surprised if you don’t attract subscribers.

In almost all cases, when I first go to visit the blog in question, I can’t immediately figure out why the blog exists. Can Your Blog Explain Its Purpose In One Second?

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How is blog or website content graded?

qualityYou may think your content is high quality but knowing how it’s rated can be an eye-opening experience. The quality of the main content can be determined by how well that content meets the purpose of the page and how well you promote it.

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Blog Abandonment is not your only Choice

peopleYesterday was the day I reserved  for my bi-annual Blogs I Follow clean-up. I’m sad that I found so many abandoned blogs that I had to unfollow. Do you know “Why Do 95% Of Bloggers Give Up? Most bloggers – maybe even 95% of bloggers – have no idea what they’re doing.”
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Tweets of the Week

twitter bird imageI’m a busy blogger on a tight time schedule trying to maintain a healthy online and offline life balance. Joining Spybook ie. Facebook doesn’t appeal and Google + is only mildly interesting to me. The time I have for social networking is spent on Twitter. Where do you invest your social networking time? Continue reading “Tweets of the Week”