PSA: Secret app on Smartphones (except iPhone) logs sensitive information | Canadian Tech Blogger

Carrier IQ a secret app on Android, Blackberry and Nokia phones .. . It automatically and without question sends your unencrypted text messages, what buttons you press, what phone numbers you call (or even press!), encrypted information if you use your browser including but not limited usernames and passwords. via Canadian Tech Blogger.

IE Flaw Access to Facebook, Gmail, Twitter Accounts

IE  [Internet Explorer] Flaw Could Allow Hackers Access to your Facebook, Gmail, Twitter Accounts –  A security researcher discovered a ‘cookiejacking’ flaw in all IE versions that could allow an attacker to steal your session cookies and then log onto your password-protected sites such as Gmail, Facebook or Twitter. via Privacy and Security Fanatic: IE…

Facebook Connections and Reputation Management

These days one can be either hired or fired based on what employers find on our Facebook pages and reputation management has become a focus for bloggers. The reality is that much of the web is designed, not so much to share information, as to sell it. It’s also a reality bloggers today, more than ever before, have many demands on their time and social media networking to create an authentic online presence can be a time drain.