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Blogging Tips: Unused Blogs

The unique identifier at is the email address one uses to register a  username account with.  One can register as many blogs as they wish — there is no limit. If you want another blog registered under the same username your are currently logged into at then point your browser to the…

Typosquatting Impact

Typosquatting is a pervasive and lucrative practice, a form of cybersquatting for profit also called URL hijacking.  While most large businesses like do act to protect their brands by registering possible misspellings of their trademarks and brands, those who own smaller businesses are often unaware such protective measures can be taken until it is…

Blogging: Starting Over

Is your blog a failure or a success? This question stopped me dead in my tracks.

When I started blogging, I definitely had a purpose in mind, but it was a limited one with a narrow audience. As time went on, I found myself slipping over the boundaries of my topic. Taking time to roll the above question around in my head made me see how I was driving on a dead end street. I might see a few people on the way, but it would hardly be a major hop around the planet. These insights gave me the impetus to revisit blogging basics and rejig the entire vision of my blog. In my case, starting over was a wise decision. I didn’t lose momentum at all.

New Domain

Please update your bookmarks to reflect that fact that this blog now has it’s own domain I have fully recovered from the head injury with the exception of some lingering optical nerve damage, neck problems and occasional migraines when I work too long online. My blogging friends were there for me when I needed…