Blogger Under Attack

rhinoNo matter how thick skinned you may think you are any personal attack hurts. One that defames your personal reputation or your brand is bound to trigger anger.  However, reacting emotionally rather than responding intelligently is extremely unwise. Take your time to consider the actions you can take before you respond and others will think better of you for keeping your blogging cool. Continue reading “Blogger Under Attack”

Keeping your blogging cool

ice cube

Comments are very powerful and can be benefit your blog. Regardless of your niche or your intent when publishing a post sometimes discussions can give rise to unexpected controversy and it’s important to keep a safe environment for discussion on your blog. Knowing how to deal effectively with spammers,  annoying subscribers, negative comments and trolls comes with the territory of becoming a better blogger. Continue reading “Keeping your blogging cool”

California outlaws online impersonation

gavelOnline reputations on sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Google and the like are becoming just as important as offline reputations in terms of getting into university or employment. The internet has been a wild west, where reputations can be damaged with clicks of a mouse.  Well, this Saturday  online impersonation that seeks to harm becomes a crime in California. Continue reading “California outlaws online impersonation”