Google Fonts: Free Typefaces for Your Site

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We’re really happy to announce that we’ve added over 30 free Google Fonts to your Theme Customizer. Even better, you don’t need any upgrades to access them; these fonts are free for everyone. Go to → Customize to see the new Fonts section in the sidebar. From there you can browse and preview typefaces like Gentium Book… Continue reading Google Fonts: Free Typefaces for Your Site

Blog Challenges for Blog Improvement

In case you have missed it Staff are running a 30 day blog challenge titled Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog. The challenge has entered day 4  today. Anyone can join in.  It matters not if the blog is brand new or one you have been publishing in and want to improve.  So click on over and participate. Continue reading “Blog Challenges for Blog Improvement”

Colors! We have colors!

color wave
color wave

There is an exciting new color palette feature addition that bloggers using eight free themes will enjoy. Eight free themes, including Superhero, Writr, Spun, Panel, Zoren, Fontfolio, Twenty Thirteen, and Typo,  now offer free color palettes you can apply. Read the announcement. Hopefully, more themes will be graced with the same feature soon. Continue reading “Colors! We have colors!”

Better Blogging by the Numbers

Want to find blogging tips, tools and tutorials in this blog fast? This index of links to blogging tips articles in list post format that itemize ways to build a better  blog, become a better blogger and promote effectively may help you find what you need quickly. Continue reading “Better Blogging by the Numbers” Email lists, Newsletters and Privacy

news eventsThe two primary reasons bloggers offer email newsletters are to promote their posts and/or products/services. But keeping a newsletter going is no easy feat because subscribers suffering from digital overwhelm as we all are, may be tempted to unsubscribe.

Continue reading “ Email lists, Newsletters and Privacy”

How to Identify Your Blog’s Target Audience

Whether you blog to inform, to entertain, to persuade or to provoke controversy,  to have a successful blog you must identify your target audience and Let Your Audience’s Interests Guide Your Content Strategy.

Continue reading “How to Identify Your Blog’s Target Audience” Reader, show full text or not?

mobilesThroughout the last 2 years I have been trying to accommodate mobile and tablet users by choosing responsive width themes. I have been happily noting I do have more mobile and tablet viewers. However, I have also noted something perplexing and wonder if my readers have noticed it too.

Have you noticed your page view stats are descending as your mobile and tablet users are increasing in number? Continue reading “ Reader, show full text or not?”

Twenty Fourteen: Going Further

Futher (Twenty Fourteen)The New WordPress default theme; ‘Twenty Fourteen’ is a dark magazine styled beauty with balanced use of white space that’s absolutely packed useful and eye-popping features. From lovely typography and a prominent featured content area up top to multiple sidebars and post formats, Twenty Fourteen has it all. Continue reading “Twenty Fourteen: Going Further” Theme Choice: Twenty Eleven

1 responsinator viewBetween 2011 – 2012 I noted those visiting my blog using mobiles and tablets were on the rise. I also noted the affects the mobile explosion was having on blog design and learned either selecting a mobile friendly theme or responsive width theme was a choice I could make. That’s when I began experimenting with all of the free responsive width themes.

I have now tested all of the free responsive width themes and have used Able Adelle, Blaskan, Misty Lake SightSundance, Twenty Eleven, Twenty Twelve, Twenty Thirteen, Visual and Yoko on my blogs. Continue reading “ Theme Choice: Twenty Eleven”

Blogging Improvement: Leveling Up

Update: October 22, 2014.  Changes to the upgrades policies mean accounts registered after September 1st, 2014 cannot purchase individual upgrades other than, domain mapping, premium themes and site redirects. Continue reading “Blogging Improvement: Leveling Up”

Mobile Technology in Classrooms

mobiles and kidsDesktop and laptop computers have long been a staple in middle and high schools but that is rapidly changing. Schools across the USA are spending billions on various kinds of technology for the classroom and aren’t investing only in computer stations and keyboards.  Continue reading “Mobile Technology in Classrooms”

Mobile Growth and Blogging

mobile worldThe growth of mobile use shows no signs of slowing. A new report suggests by the end of 2013, there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people.

Mobile data traffic worldwide will increase 13 times by 2017. That’s from the latest Cisco VNI Mobile Data Forecast Update, 2012-2017 released in early February.  Continue reading “Mobile Growth and Blogging”

Authorship Markup for « Graphiclineweb

Most bloggers by now will have heard about claiming authorship for their posts. Possibly many will be wondering how to do this with their blog. The instructions for using the attributes rel=”author” and rel=”me” posted on Google are possibly a bit confusing for bloggers without some HTML background – in fact without some minor changes the markup will not verify!. This article seeks to provide an easy to use solution for bloggers using the platform.

via Authorship Markup for « Graphiclineweb. Continue reading “Authorship Markup for « Graphiclineweb”