Blogging has a vocabulary of its own

It’s English, TimeThief, but not as I know it, not as I know It. By Guest Author, Jill who blogs at

The blogging world once was an alien world to me. When I realised that millions of people are publishing posts every day for anyone, anywhere to read I wondered if we might be heading towards some dystopian, Borg dominated future. Why do that, I wondered, and who exactly reads it anyway? Continue reading “Blogging has a vocabulary of its own”

Branding, Your WordPress Blog’s Name and Address

domain word cloudYour blog/website URL (web address), the site title, and a brief effective tagline operate as branding tools. Unique names and URLs for blogs and websites are highly valued for establishing individual brand identity and are specifically aimed at standing out from the crowd. Continue reading “Branding, Your WordPress Blog’s Name and Address”

Relevant Anchor Text Matters

linkAnchor text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. Properly selected anchor text tells search engines and visitors what the page is about before they land on it. The keywords contained in anchor text helps determine search engine ranking. When used wisely relevant anchor text boosts a site’s rankings in search engines.
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Providing Additional Content for Blog Readers

fishing tackle bait signWhen you blog to inform publishing how-to posts and tutorials, and curating content with added high value commentary are part of your blogging strategy. But not all bloggers blog to inform and bloggers in all niches are now doing much more to attract, engage and hold an audience. Continue reading “Providing Additional Content for Blog Readers”

Better Blogging by the Numbers

Want to find blogging tips, tools and tutorials in this blog fast? This index of links to blogging tips articles in list post format that itemize ways to build a better  blog, become a better blogger and promote effectively may help you find what you need quickly. Continue reading “Better Blogging by the Numbers”

12 Time Management Tips for Top Blogging Performance

blogging tipsScheduling enough time for creating original content, promoting it, answering comments, reading and leaving comments on other blogs is not an easy feat. Few bloggers I know are able to blog full time. They have active offline lives to live so they want to make the best possible use of  the time they spend online.

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Create a Featured Posts Page with the Display Posts Shortcode

rsz_1featuredpostsbannerList posts are ubiquitous and due to their numbers (no pun intended) they often get a bad rap. I have been disappointed to note that readers are not locating my list posts and I want to feature them on a static page in index form that will auto-update as I publish more. This post explains how I did that by using the display posts shortcode. Continue reading “Create a Featured Posts Page with the Display Posts Shortcode”

Create List Posts with the Display Posts Shortcode

question marks

In Use the Display Posts Shortcode to Effectively Feature Content I introduced two ideas.  The first idea was using the display posts shortcode on static pages to create index pages. The second idea was creating list posts as another way of featuring older content especially pillar posts AKA evergreen content.

In this post I’m sharing some examples of my experimentation with the using different variations of the display post shortcode and the results the shortcodes produced.  Continue reading “Create List Posts with the Display Posts Shortcode”

Use the Display Posts Shortcode to Effectively Feature Content

Bloggers reveal their expertise around specific topics by publishing original content articles that offer clear value to readers. However, as blog posts are displayed in reverse chronological order when new articles are published the earlier ones migrate off front page of the blog and that means drawing attention to them is a challenge. Continue reading “Use the Display Posts Shortcode to Effectively Feature Content”

Crazymaking Blogger Comment Settings

blogger icon

Commenting is a key element of blogging and nothing is more frustrating than composing a comment only to discover that  the software won’t accept it.

Invalid URL! You do not own that identity is an infuriating error message that no blogger wants to read.

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8 Hot Widget Tips

All themes are widget-activated. This is the main link to all the available widgets that provides – Widgets & Sidebars.  Clicking links on that page for individual widgets will get you to specific descriptions and instructions for each one. Continue reading “8 Hot Widget Tips”

Keeping your blogging cool

ice cube

Comments are very powerful and can be benefit your blog. Regardless of your niche or your intent when publishing a post sometimes discussions can give rise to unexpected controversy and it’s important to keep a safe environment for discussion on your blog. Knowing how to deal effectively with spammers,  annoying subscribers, negative comments and trolls comes with the territory of becoming a better blogger. Continue reading “Keeping your blogging cool”

Creating HTML Hyperlinks (Links) in WordPress

linkA hyperlink (or link) is a word, group of words, or image that you can click on to navigate to another web page. The HTML <a> tag defines a hyperlink. The most important attribute of the <a> element is the href attribute, which indicates the link’s destination. Continue reading “Creating HTML Hyperlinks (Links) in WordPress”

Make a Free Award, Event or Website Badge

one cool site gradient badgeThere are free ways to make graphic badges and banners for promoting your website, business or event. If you are planning to create an award badge, a website badge or an event badge you can make your own and get the code for your friends so they can display it on their blogs too. Continue reading “Make a Free Award, Event or Website Badge”

Mark Armstrong Illustration | Because Nothing Succeeds Like Humor And Good Illustration

This is a mini Photoshop tutorial that contains a larger lesson: when you paint yourself into a corner, you can sometimes paint your way out of it. That’s good to know if you’re an illustrator who sometimes makes poor color choices. via Mark Armstrong Illustration | Because Nothing Succeeds Like Humor And Good Illustration. Continue reading Mark Armstrong Illustration | Because Nothing Succeeds Like Humor And Good Illustration

Weekend Blogging Reads and Resources

peopleHow to Create Consistently Great Content for the Long Haul – Developing better creative habits is one of the most valuable things you can do as a content creator. Legendary Choreographer Twyla Tharp’s practical book The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life, is a ground-breaking guide to becoming a calmer, better balanced, more productive creative professional. Continue reading “Weekend Blogging Reads and Resources” tutorial site gets an update! tutorial site gets an update! The New tutorial site provides an update of the 2010 step by step tutorial for new bloggers. It also includes stand-alone sections get you up to speed even faster. It’s sure to be a helpful aid for those who are entering our community, so be sure to bookmark it and pass it on to your new … Continue reading tutorial site gets an update!