Google Fonts: Free Typefaces for Your Site

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We’re really happy to announce that we’ve added over 30 free Google Fonts to your Theme Customizer. Even better, you don’t need any upgrades to access them; these fonts are free for everyone. Go to → Customize to see the new Fonts section in the sidebar. From there you can browse and preview typefaces like Gentium Book… Continue reading Google Fonts: Free Typefaces for Your Site

What Makes a Brief Blog Post Memorable?

The most successful posts on your blog won’t necessarily be the posts in a standard post format.  These days bloggers blog on the go, and WordPress offers 10 unique formats that can be assigned to posts including: Standard, Aside, Audio, Chat, Gallery, Image, Link, Quote, Status and Video.  Continue reading “What Makes a Brief Blog Post Memorable?”

More Sources of Free Images for Blogs and Websites

collageThere are thousands of free photos available online and stock images do not have a negative impact on search engine rankings. So don’t let the lack of a camera prevent you from enhancing your posts with individual high resolution public domain pictures and/or collages. Continue reading “More Sources of Free Images for Blogs and Websites”

Colors! We have colors!

color wave
color wave

There is an exciting new color palette feature addition that bloggers using eight free themes will enjoy. Eight free themes, including Superhero, Writr, Spun, Panel, Zoren, Fontfolio, Twenty Thirteen, and Typo,  now offer free color palettes you can apply. Read the announcement. Hopefully, more themes will be graced with the same feature soon. Continue reading “Colors! We have colors!”

More Christmas freebies for your blog

christmas hollyEvery year I do some web surfing to locate free Christmas graphics.  Below are sites I selected I this year. Also visit Free Christmas blog headers and graphics, a collection which has been updated every year since 2009, and don’t forget these 4 Year End Blog Post Ideas.

Continue reading “More Christmas freebies for your blog”

Better Blogging by the Numbers

Want to find blogging tips, tools and tutorials in this blog fast? This index of links to blogging tips articles in list post format that itemize ways to build a better  blog, become a better blogger and promote effectively may help you find what you need quickly. Continue reading “Better Blogging by the Numbers”

Responsive Web Design: The Gold Standard

tabletsConsidered to be a fad when introduced, Tablets are quickly replacing PCs and Tablet sales are likely to surpass PCs by 2015. Worldwide PC shipments are down 11 percent.  So, as Peter Cashmore predicted, 2013 is the year  responsive design has taken off and soared. Continue reading “Responsive Web Design: The Gold Standard”

Freshen Your Theme with Seasonal Touches

You can freshen your blog appearance in many ways that reflect seasonal changes and holidays that range from changing themes  temporarily to less dramatic decorative changes to the theme you are using now.  Consult your calendar and  unleash your creativity to transmit your brand to your readership through seasonal events, holidays and special occasions. Continue reading “Freshen Your Theme with Seasonal Touches”

Twenty Fourteen: Going Further

Futher (Twenty Fourteen)The New WordPress default theme; ‘Twenty Fourteen’ is a dark magazine styled beauty with balanced use of white space that’s absolutely packed useful and eye-popping features. From lovely typography and a prominent featured content area up top to multiple sidebars and post formats, Twenty Fourteen has it all. Continue reading “Twenty Fourteen: Going Further”

8 Hot Widget Tips

All themes are widget-activated. This is the main link to all the available widgets that provides – Widgets & Sidebars.  Clicking links on that page for individual widgets will get you to specific descriptions and instructions for each one. Continue reading “8 Hot Widget Tips”

20 Gov’t Sources of Free Images for Your Blog

abcollageRegardless of where you live your federal, state, regional and local governments can be sources of public domain images and other media for use in your blog. So don’t let the lack of a camera stop you from enhancing your posts with thousands of high quality public domain images. Do be sure to read the Terms of Use on each site as thousands of other free images and media files are available too, provided attribution (copyright) is respected. Continue reading “20 Gov’t Sources of Free Images for Your Blog” Theme Tips

themestripEvery theme has some customizable features – features that vary in number, kind and location from theme to theme.

You can select from a wide assortment of themes for no charge. Or you can purchase a premium theme featuring interesting designs, options for customization, and premium theme support directly from the theme authors themselves. Continue reading “ Theme Tips” Theme Choice: Twenty Eleven

1 responsinator viewBetween 2011 – 2012 I noted those visiting my blog using mobiles and tablets were on the rise. I also noted the affects the mobile explosion was having on blog design and learned either selecting a mobile friendly theme or responsive width theme was a choice I could make. That’s when I began experimenting with all of the free responsive width themes.

I have now tested all of the free responsive width themes and have used Able Adelle, Blaskan, Misty Lake SightSundance, Twenty Eleven, Twenty Twelve, Twenty Thirteen, Visual and Yoko on my blogs. Continue reading “ Theme Choice: Twenty Eleven”

Calendars, Countdown Timers and Messages for blogs

calendar cartoon

Google Calendar is a free calendar application from Google that makes it easy to keep track of life’s important events all in one place. Upcoming Events is a widget and a shortcode that allows you to use an iCalendar link to display a list of events on your blog. Milestone Widgets provide a simple way to create a countdown to a given date but the way they work is hard to fathom. Continue reading “Calendars, Countdown Timers and Messages for blogs”

Searching for the perfect theme bloggers do not have FTP access to free hosted blogs and we not able to upload third party themes. However, we have a fabulous selection of attractive themes with many customizable features in the Themes Showcase, which currently contains 154 free themes and 61 premium themes and the collection is growing weekly. Continue reading “Searching for the perfect theme”