More Traffic and Backlinks for Your Blog: Squidoo

A content curator  identifies a theme, selects content,  chooses how to add value to it and how to display it on a web page for public viewing and interaction. Squidoo is a free and popular publishing platform and community of content curators that makes it easy for you to create curated “lenses” online.

More Traffic and Backlinks for Your Blog:

Researching, creating content, publishing and blog promotion are time consuming activities. Relationship building is critical to blogging success but where will the time required come from? Mastering content curation and presenting the best digital content on a specific topic online, will not only increase traffic to your blog and backlinks to your content; it will also…

Backlinks from blog directories: What is their actual value?

At the beginning of this week I sent a message to Tim Grice of SEOwizz regarding the actual value of backlinks from blog directories. Tim specializes in Google SEO Techniques – Search Engine Optimisation Services and provides Resources and Tutorials on his site that we can all use to hone our SEO skills.