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4 Ways to Refresh Your Blog

Spring has sprung and these questions are always timely:

Is your blog functioning well?

Is your blog representing you, your purpose and your passions?

Is your blog looking fresh and lively?

Are you ready to freshen your writing?

8 thoughts on “4 Ways to Refresh Your Blog

  1. I’ve been noticing quite a few gorgeous looking themes lately. I especially like the way images are being highlighted. I have the itch to change, but not the time (or the health at the moment). Perhaps I’ll attempt later if life ever settles down. I love the way you’ve chosen to refresh your space.

    • It’s definitely here on the coast where the cherry trees are covered with gorgeous blossoms. I hopw you have a lovely Easter weekend. We are expecting rain. :)

  2. What a lovely, timely post! I am having a big makeover on my blog this very weekend and although I just had a quick peek, I will study it indepth this evening. I am learning a lot at the moment.
    Thanks for all the help you give and have given ❤️

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