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      • Well, it’s helpful to newbie bloggers who are overwhelmed by 300+ themes. They may not be able to see through the forest for the best tree.

    • No, I think that you are correct Jean and I agree, I believe that Twenty Sixteen was intentionally designed to be basic looking; but I could be wrong.

      Some developers think that balanced/flexible/general purpose means basic looking, which it can sometimes, but I do not think that it has to always be like that and I think that it is possible to be those things without looking so basic looking; but that is just my opinion.

      I think that Twenty Sixteen is barely just good enough to fulfill its default WordPress theme role as a somewhat general purpose/flexible/balanced and basic looking theme, I do not agree with all of the design choices and I still would like to see some things changed, but I am somewhat okay with using it for now until something better comes along or until Twenty Seventeen comes out. ;)

      -John Jr

        • Yep, I am constantly changing it and trying to improve it by trying adjusting themes, widgets, pages, posts, avatars, Gravatars, Blavatars, header images, site logos, et cetera constantly; thank you for taking a peek, and noticing Jean. ;)

          I preview every new free theme that comes out on WordPress.com and I try to stay updated on future default WordPress themes, I try to be on the lookout for new widgets and options and features et cetera that are released, and I try to encourage other people to give feedback to better understand what other people like and do not like to better help me make improvements (but I still very rarely ever get any feedback or communication from other people unfortunately, and so most of the time I am making guesses about what people like and do not like).

          Have a good day,
          -John Jr

          • I try to preview all new themes. But I guess I’m picky. I also don’t want to invest huge amounts of time to fix photos if a new theme demands it.

        • Hello Jean,

          There are usually only a few themes that I consider using each year and that I use each year, maybe I am picky too, but it is probably mostly because of poor/unbalanced/inflexible/illogical/impractical theme designs in my opinion; and so that really limits our choices, at least for me.

          I usually do not have image problems on my blog since I only use external/linked/hot-linked images instead of featured images or images added to the Media Library (except for my pages); but some themes are not designed to be properly responsive for those kind of images, and so I avoid those themes and I avoid themes that require featured images.

          What kind of image problems do you usually have to deal with on some themes?

          I can understand not wanting to use a theme that will mess up one or more elements on your blog, and so I see nothing wrong with you or anyone else avoiding themes like that.

          -John Jr

          • I like Dyad but it appears I have to have all my featured blog post photos in a certain maximum size for things to auto-size by the theme in its layout.

            Oh well. I do notice that the latest themes are wider and are meant to be more mobile friendly as well, as legible to a smaller screen by shoving the widgets to footer vs. more frequent use of right hand side widget listing.

          • That is unfortunate Jean, I am curious, have you tried testing whether or not changing your Image Sizes setting (https://en.support.wordpress.com/settings/media-settings/#image-sizes) in the Media Settings effects/affects how the Dyad theme decides to resize your featured images?

            Yes, I am a fan of having a sidebar, and so this trend has been unfortunate to me; and so I try to use themes that at least have an option to show the sidebar in desktop view and/or a theme like Ryu that puts the widgets under a sidebar button/whatever.

            -John Jr

  1. This is a quick update as I’m typing between power outages. Our weather is wild and the winds are taking out trees. I don’t expect to be online. I expect to be in siege mode making sure our household and business are running via generator regardless of the power outages.

    I tried Twenty Sixteen and several other themes yesterday. None – not even one of them gave me the pingdom website speed test results that matched the loading time when using Expound. I went back to Expound which loads quickly and suits me fine.


    onecoolsite.wordpress.com Tested from New York City, New York, USA on December 10 at 13:06:57

    Page size

    Load time


    Perf. grade

    Your website is faster than 88% of all tested websites

    If I remove the header image the result is: Your website is faster than 95% of all tested websites.

    • Interesting, I was wondering why you switched back to this theme today, thank you for sharing that Timethief. ;)

      I probably was bit to harsh about the Twenty Sixteen theme at first, there are a still a few simple bugs that I reported for it that still need to be fixed (categories not showing, theme information not showing on single posts and pages, et cetera), there are still a few things that I would like to see added/changed (categories, authors, and timestamps (as a hover text option when hovering over the date) to show on the Home Page and single Posts, and for the tagline to show in Mobile View), I think that there could have been more and better free color schemes, and I think that the title and tagline and menu and site logo should have been centered; but other than those things, I like the theme, and I think that it is just/barely good enough as a general purpose theme to hopefully hold us until something better comes along or until the Twenty Seventeen theme is released.

      -John Jr

      • They just fixed one of the Twenty Sixteen bugs that I reported, the one where the name of the theme/theme information/theme link/whatever was not showing in the footer/meta? data area at the bottom of the theme on single posts and pages, and so I would like to thank them for fixing this bug; and I hope that they will fix the category bug that I reported, and if I am lucky use a few of my minor suggestions for the meta? data areas.

        -John Jr

        • You can bet that Themes Staff are reading your feedback here and elsewhere John Jr. ;)
          Sorry but I’ve got to go and serve some customers now and I’ll be offline for the rest of the day.

          • I think they are as well, I reported my suggestions and bugs to them immediately using their Contact Page after only glancing at the theme when it came out (it is amazing what I can sometimes notice in only a few seconds, and I do not even have a test blog; and I am not even an advanced WordPress user and I do not know anything about programming/code/et cetera, but somehow I often seem to notice certain things that people way more advanced than me miss), but I also get the feeling that they look at our feedback on your blog as well sometimes, which is good. ;)

            No problem Timethief, keep up the good work, and enjoy the rest of your day; and thank you for replying. :)

            -John Jr

    • Hello Timethief,

      I am okay with (not that I love them or anything, but I am okay with them) the lines separating the widgets but I can understand that some people will not like that or be okay with it and I would be okay with an option to remove them for those who do not like them, and I am okay with the fonts except that I think that the post headings/titles should have been smaller and the blog title and the tagline should have been bigger and I can understand why the fonts would bother some people; and I agree that we should not have to pay a yearly fee to just be able to do simple things like remove those lines and other small things like that, and I am also not willing to pay for that.

      -John Jr

  2. Mrs @TimeThief Mmmmmm,……It’s Look Like Cool! But I more Loves a Blog Skin with Gallery Style (like my blog!) :)

  3. I have been so busy I have been unable to do any testing at all. However, I want you to know that I’m reading everything you post here. Hopefully, things at work and on the support forums will settle down soon so I can give the new theme a whirl.

  4. I’ll be interested to read your comments, timethief. I have wanted a white, uncluttered blog for some time. I tried Libre – which is very like Twenty Sixteen – but I couldn’t work out how to get a ‘Home’ page. I don’t mean a static front page but simply the page which will direct readers back to the front of the blog. This doesn’t come as standard with Libre or with Twenty Sixteen, I see. I’ve switched to Sela, which although not quite as minimal, has the Home feature and is attractive. I will read your report about Twenty Sixteen with great interest! – Josephine

    • Hello Josephine Corcoran,

      Here are a few things that you should check and change to make a Home Page that will show your latest posts and be available in your Custom Menu so that people can click it.

      1. In the Classic Dashboard | Settings | Reading | Make sure that Front Page Displays is set to Latest Posts and click Save.

      2. In the Classic Dashboard | Appearance | Menus | Make sure that you have a Custom Menu set with all the pages that you want in the order that you want and if Home is missing under Pages click View All and select Home and click Add To Menu and it should add to your custom Menu and then you can click Save Menu.


      Hopefully this helps you,
      -John Jr

      • Thanks for this, John Jr. I have tried to do this before but have struggled. I will try again on my test blog. Thanks so much for replying, and thanks, timethief for reading and making this space available for comments such as mine! – Josephine

        • You are welcome Josephine Corcoran, and if you still need help just let me know (you can contact me through my Contact page on my blog if you need to) and I will try to help you if I can. :)

          And thank you Timethief for letting us comment here.

          -John Jr

          • Please see my quick comment update. Overall the appearance and organization of Twenty Sixteen was okay but I disliked the lines under the widgets in the sidebar and the fonts. Granted the fonts can be easily changed and I did that but there’s no way I’m paying annually for a custom design upgrade to eliminate the lines in the sidebar. More to the point the page loading time was not impressive. Expound’s page loading time is.

            See the results here too https://validator.w3.org/

  5. I haven’t tried it, but at first glance I see two features I’ve wished for years I had access to — a deck and pull quotes that hang outside the main column of text. It might have been possible to do this with CSS, but I’m not that adept with it.

  6. Thank you for letting us know Timethief, you are the first person that I know to have announced it so far, and so you beat WordPress and WP Tavern and Themeshaper et cetera to it. :)

    I have been checking several times a day the last several days expecting it to be released soon, I even checked early this morning but it was not available yet, but I see it now after you made this post.

    I will be testing it out.

    -John Jr

    • Hi there,
      Please post again to let me know what you observed and experienced. I’m busy right now answering support forums questions while I multitask form out business.

      • I am currently previewing it, one thing shocked and annoyed me so much that I instantly stopped to contact support about it, and so I have not enabled Twenty Sixteen on my blog yet and I wonder if I even will until they add what is missing.

        What shocked me from my first few seconds of previewing the options available for Twenty Sixteen is that it is missing Site Logo support, and I was also shocked and annoyed when Twenty Fifteen was missing Site Logo support; and I requested that they add Site Logo support to Twenty Fifteen but they never did, and I requested that they would add it to the future Twenty Sixteen theme but now it seems to be missing too.


        Site Logo support has become increasingly common and it is a helpful option that I started using instead of Header Images, especially after how poorly Twenty Fifteen handled Header images (I could not even use them because of where and how it placed Header images in the sidebar area conflicting with everything there, and maybe those images would not show in tablet and mobile views), and so Site Logo support would have allowed me to get past problems like that when some themes handle Header Images so poorly.

        Site Logos allow me to use an image (even an animated one, which is not an option with Header Images) more consistently across various themes, especially themes where using Header Images are not an option for various reasons, in a way that does not take up as much space as Header Images; and it allows my blog to be a bit more unique from other blogs, and is an alternative to Header Images.

        Site Logo support is becoming so common that I thought that it would be a standard feature, especially for default WordPress themes, and since people like me have requested this even before those two themes were released.

        2. I am also disappointed that there is not an option for single author blogs to have their avatar/Gravatar image and name show in the meta data? area like it automatically does for multi-author blogs.

        3. I am disappointed that the Category/Categories is missing from the meta data? area completely on the Front Page and even on the Posts themselves it seems but I could be wrong, and that the Author only shows on the bottom of a Post for single author blogs instead of also having an option to show the Author in the meta data? area on the Front Page and Posts.

        Those are my first view observations in the first few seconds of looking at it without testing it or looking around it very much, other than those things I am okay with the theme, nothing very exciting are anything but okay.

        Maybe I will find more things once/if I start using and testing it.

        Thank you,

        -John Jr

        • 1. I figured out a temporary workaround until they hopefully add Site Logo support, where I can use my animated image that I was using for my Site Logo, by adding it as a Header Image without cropping the image; and this allows the image to stay animated.

          2. The Author(s) now show in the meta data? area on the Posts themselves even for single author blogs, which is an improvement, but not on the Front Page unfortunately; and so I would like to see them have it show on the Front Page as well, but I am glad that they at least have it showing on the Posts themselves now.

          -John Jr

          • 1. They added Site Logo support this morning, and I would like to thank them for adding it; but unfortunately because of how the title and tagline is left aligned and how the Site Logo pushes the title and tagline down making it unaligned with the menu, it bothers me, and so I will probably not use a Site Logo or Header Image for Twenty Sixteen now.

            Site Logo support for Twenty Fifteen would work better because of how everything is aligned on the left side in a way that would look properly aligned compared to Twenty Sixteen, and so I think that they should add Site Logo support for that theme as well.

            -John Jr

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