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Thanks for your content ;)

facebook eyeIf you haven’t figured out that Facebook is a data mining operation and how that works get ready for an eye opener. Take a Facebook quiz, give up all your data for free.

This data can now be sold freely, to whoever Vonvon wants, to be used for whatever purposes those companies want, even if you didn’t explicitly agree to it (because they’re not beholden to Vonvon’s privacy policy).

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  1. I’ve avoided the ‘games’ that ask that you divulge all your info and your friends’ info as well. I’ve played a few others that didn’t require that – hope I didn’t give away the store when I did.

  2. I logged into my partner’s FB because some people had shared my latest blog post on their FB page so I was curious to search who would it be.

    After 5 min. I gave up. I couldn’t figure out the search content function in FB.

    Dearest Timethief I thought you had left blogosphere for awhile. Your blog was offline for awhile… But then, I’ve had a lot stuff going on myself this year.

    Nice to see you here.

    Sorry this is totally off-topic!

    • Hi Jean,
      I found this comment in the spam filter and reclaimed it. My blogs were both online but what changed was the URLs of both as I removed domain mapping from them. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. I have a whole line-up of concerts left to sing in. :)

  3. I think I mentioned I deleted my FB profile a couple of years ago. I never did find much interesting there anyway.

    What I wonder is if we’ll get smart or grow up or just get bored and someday we’ll think of FB the way we think of MySpace now. (One can only hope.)

  4. Air BnB’s business model is built entirely upon mining personal information an developing products from that data, including having participants confirm the last four of their SSNs. That doesn’t seem to be impacting the company’s growth.

  5. I recently looked into doing some book advertising on facebook, and couldn’t believe how specifically I could ‘target’ a particular audience. It’s unbelievable how much information they have on each of their users, and it’s definitely make me think twice about posting ANYTHING on there…!

    • Hi there,
      I think that what’s unbelievable is two-fold
      (1) how uninformed people are about privacy and security issues on social networks;
      (2) how eager people are to share their personal information in social networks even when they know they are on a data mining platform.

  6. It was disturbing to see you cant undo it. I dont have much to mine on FB, but wonder more about this same thing with apps on cell phones. Phones are potential goldmines.

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