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Introducing: Our New, High-Speed Editor

After two years of frequent changes that do not improve my blogging experience but are promoted as if they do, I refuse to click the like button on this reblogged from the Staff blog post.

So how are the changes working for you?

Don’t forget to post your feedback to Editor Feedback.

While you are at it you can read all of the 14 pages of “excellent feedback” much of which is negative and has been ignored referred to here new editor feedback.

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From parents and poets to journalists and politicians,’s publishing tools allow people to make their voices heard.

We have heard your excellent feedback on our interim editor and today, we’re excited to introduce our new editor: a faster, cleaner, and more streamlined way to create posts and pages, and share, promote, and manage content across all your WordPress sites.


Highlights: instant saving, quick sharing

  • It’s fast, responsive, and allows you to create posts and pages quickly on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Easily manage your posts, whether you run an individual blog or wrangle multiple sites, authors, and posts.
  • Access draft posts with one click so that you can iterate and revise quickly when inspiration strikes.
  • Content is automatically saved, allowing you to focus and write — free of distraction.
  • Drag and drop photos, music files, documents, and videos right into your post or page.
  • Tags, categories, and sharing tools…

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43 thoughts on “Introducing: Our New, High-Speed Editor

  1. I contacted staff directly (their Contact Page/by email) with some of my problems with the New Editor on the day that it was made public because I could not even edit a post because they removed basic functions/options that were in the previous editor and the Classic Editor (I did not know about the Horizon Feedback blog earlier, and so I was not able to know that this change was coming so that I could have tested it and gave them feedback/bug reports), we fought so hard to get them to make the previous editor barely functional enough to use sometimes when forced to do so to edit a post quickly instead having to manually search for a post and edit it in the Classic Editor, just for them to make it worse in some ways by ignoring some of our feedback and even removing some basic functions that they already had (but they did improve a few things based on our feedback).

    Now I can not use the New Editor to even edit posts/pages because of how poorly adding hot-linked/linked images is in the New Editor so I can not align them, I can not set them to direct to a custom URL when someone clicks the image, and more functions/options are missing; and the font in the new editor is faded/too light, which makes it harder for me to read, we still can not make the editor wider and it may be even more narrow than the previous editor but I could be wrong, and there are probably some other problems with the new editor but I can not use it until they fix it so that I can properly add linked/hot-linked image again so I can not properly test it to give them more feedback until they at least fix the handling of hot-linking/linking images.

    After previous battles/annoyances/stress/et cetera in the Forums I have given up many months ago with using the Forums so now I just contact staff directly sometimes now when I manage to force/inspire myself to report bugs and give feedback, I try to keep blogging, but when terrible changes prevent me from even blogging and when some of the bugs that I report never get fixed and when most of my feedback is ignored it makes me want to give up blogging and give up trying to fight to improve through bug reports and feedback; fortunately I have still been using the Classic Editor all of this time to make new posts and to edit pages, I was using the previous editor to edit posts (only because it would default to the previous editor), but now I have to edit them the slow way until the fix the New Editor since they will not give us an option to default to the Classic Editor when editing posts/pages.

    I am willing to use the New Editor to edit posts/pages if they will bring back some of these basic features that would allow me to edit/create posts/pages like I always do, and hopefully one day make it as functional as the Classic Editor.

    If they remove the Classic Editor and/or do not fix the New Editor soon so that I can edit/create posts/pages in it, then I might start struggling to keep blogging, and I might give up blogging completely; I have not missed a day of blogging on in over two years, but this new annoyance is probably going to be a problem if they do not fix it soon.

    I am tired of fighting and feeling like it mostly does not matter in the end since they seem to do whatever they want mostly whether it makes sense or not for most bloggers (especially those of us who actually blog often and who report bugs and who give feedback and who have been blogging here for years), it is making me feel a bit like some of us are being led into retirement like we are just relics from the past who no longer fit in the new way of doing things, and so all of the constant strange/illogical/unbalanced/inflexible/limited/buggy/unannounced/impractical/et cetera changes leave me like:

    Thank you for sharing this Timethief, and I apologize for the long comment. :)

    -John Jr

    • Forgive me please for not providing a well considered response at this time. I have a music rehearsal and I’m aiming at getting selected to sing a solo. I shall return tomorrow.

      • No problem Timethief, I actually was going to put a disclaimer at the end of my comment to let you know not to worry about replying to my comment because it was a bit long and mostly just jibber jabber, it would have been even longer if I had not stopped myself. ;)

        That is nice, enjoy your music rehearsal, and good luck. :)

        -John Jr

        • Hi there,
          Thanks for your well wishes. My rehearsal went well and at this point in time it’s music that lifts me up. In the past it was blogging but I sincerely doubt that will ever be the case for me again.

          Know that I have read your comments fully but I’m so annoyed and put-off of blogging due to the seemingly never ending, unannounced and unwelcome changes to the user interface and that have made what was once a pleasure into a chore that I am choosing not to respond.

          • Hello Timethief,

            You are welcome, and I am glad that your rehearsal went well and that the music helps to lift your mood; it is good that you found something else to help bring some positiveness (?) to your life, music helps me as well as does walking outside and exercising and dreaming and typing my dreams and a few other things that I do as part of a daily routine to try to stay sane/alive/stable et cetera, finding little things in life to help keep ourselves stable is very important in my opinion (that is one of the reasons that I am still here today, for now at least. :D).

            I understand and that is what I wanted, commenting here helped me to vent a bit, and I did not want to bring down anyone else’s mood by them responding to my comment and getting caught up in the negativity; and so I am happy with your decision, and I thank you for allowing me to vent a bit here in your comment section of your post. ;)

            I am starting to struggle a bit to keep blogging myself and it is taking longer for me to create or edit posts, so it is probably wise that we try to not get caught up in the drama, and so I am trying to keep a distance but also report some bugs and feedback only when I have to (like how I can not even use the New Editor until they fix how hot-linking/linking images is handled) or feel like it; and I am trying to keep blogging even with these annoyances making it even harder for me to even do that.

            Thank you,
            -John Jr

  2. I user the New editor a couple of data ago!a couple of features are Kissinger,but should add them in the future,other thank that i quote Luke it!im on mobile and tablet

  3. Just wanted to chime in to point out that feedback has not been ignored. In the announcement post you linked, we asked for feedback on a forum sticky post named Editor Feedback and there are tons of replies and information in that thread, none of which were ignored. Since most of the feedback we’ve seen so far (it has only been a couple days) have been for feature requests, some of those requests are already being worked on!

  4. All I wanted to do was to unsticky a post with the new editor, a task that would take me literally two seconds to do in the classic editor. I gave up after 5 minutes. It seems like I can’t do that at all.

    Then I tried to do some formatting on a post with the HTML editor. Huzzah, no toolbar! How is that oversight even possible??

    I’m not anti-change, but I just don’t understand the way they’re going about it. You think they would have learned their lesson about the importance of getting the UI experience right after the now old “new” editor debacle, but nope. So much facepalming.

  5. I wish wordpress would announce the change ahead of time instead of landing it on their users. I just get used to one interface when they change it and force everybody on to a learning curve. I don’t have time to waste hunting for the commands I use.

    • I explore using it from time to time and it is improving but there is no way it is better than the classic editor yet and I have no more patience to extend.

  6. I use the old editor on a laptop, but tried the new one out. I was happy to see beep beep boop is gone (no time for it as the editor seems to start quickly). The drag and drop feature for images is good too. The image library is better (you can change the size of all the thumbnails with a slider) but that is only available when you are editing a post.

    The insert/edit link button used to have a search feature, but that is missing. The window for adding tags is not as good as before.

  7. Hmm, I’ve NEVER used the *newer* version of the editor. It’s always felt awkward and not intuitive. Now I’ll go and take a look at this & see if it’s the same deal or better.

    • Hi there,
      Please do take the new editor for a spin and then let me know exactly what makes it superior to the classic editor for those who use desktops and not mobile devices and tablets to do their blogging with.

        • I sincerely hope Staff do not remove the classic editor.

          What useful purpose is served by torturing us bloggers with with the two year development of an infantile editor in iteration after iteration that lacks the features that the classic editor has?

          It seems to me that all including all the features the classic editor had from the get go ought to have been a no brainer.

          If I sound pissed that’s because I am pissed. The biggest piss-off of all is that the result of each iteration is being promoted as improving my blogging experience when the opposite has been my reality.

          Every unannounced and unwelcome change has resulted in making my desktop blogging on a PC more difficult, more time consuming, and less enjoyable. That is why I stopped paying for upgrades on two active blogs and stopped blogging on a regular twice weekly basis as I did before.

          It’s my opinion that unless that next iteration of the new editor puts it on even ground in terms of features with the classic editor the continued exodus of formerly happy but now pissed off bloggers will continue.

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