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What’s on the horizon?

It’s year two of the seemingly never ending new user interface changes. If you are up for it there are upcoming editor changes. You can register to be a BETA tester in response to the Call for Testing: Editor, and provide feedback before this iteration is finalized. Or you can just follow  Horizon Feedback: (Horizon is’s public test environment) and read what’s happening there.

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27 thoughts on “What’s on the horizon?

  1. Thank you Timethief for mentioning the Horizon Feedback blog, I probably would have never known about it if it were not for you, since none of the official/unofficial blogs/websites/et cetera that I follow or any staff members that I have talked to have mentioned or linked it as far as I know. :)

    -John Jr

      • Great observation Timethief, you are correct. :)

        Unfortunately I have lost a lot of the inspiration/et cetera that I once had after all of the fighting/battling/debating/wars/helping/et cetera and constant reporting of bugs/feedback/et cetera trying to help improve and help the staff learn to better prevent future mistakes/annoyances/bugs/wars/et cetera and to better communicate with the community to only have much of it not seem to matter much because they often do whatever they want whether it makes sense for a larger number of people or not, there are still bugs and problems that I have reported several times that have never been fixed even two years later after being confirmed several times by staff (some of which they could easily fix in one day in my opinion), and they are going backwards on some things with the constant illogical/bad changes that seem to ignore a lot of our feedback/bug reports making it harder for us to even blog; and so I have given up on the Forums months ago, and I now just contact them directly sometimes using their Contact Page or by email whenever I manage to force myself and/or inspire myself to waste/spend some of my time contacting them with bug reports/feedback (but they do fix some of the bugs, they are nice and professional, and they do respond most of the time).

        Fortunately this new method of directly contacting them privately is less stressful and more helpful for me, it is also more successful for me, but it is still a bit stressful (just less stressful than the forums and public debates/wars/battles/et cetera) and some of the bugs and feedback never gets fixed or considered it seems; but the staff does respond most of the time which is nice/good (they might not fix some of the bugs or consider most of my feedback though) and at least I still try to make bug reports/give feedback sometimes, just less often, and with less inspiration/desire/willingness/happiness/et cetera.

        Hopefully the Horizon Feedback blog will help improve this situation a bit, and maybe I will regain some of my inspiration/willingness/et cetera if things go well.

        Keep up the good work Timethief, you were/are often more informative than the official blogs/webistes, and so I plan on once again following your blog so that I will hopefully not miss something like this again any time soon. ;)

        -John Jr

        • Hi again,
          Have you read this?
          The feedback thread is at

          My lack of comments is based on the fact that I’ve had it to the eyeballs with the frequent changes that do not improve my blogging and only make it harder to do what I did easily before. I’m so pissed off that I choose not to blog regularly any more lest I turn this blog into a rant blog filled with nothing but bitch and moan posts. Instead of doing that I stopped paying for upgrades and removed the domains from both of my active blogs. Now I blog without obligation and make sure that whatever happens my blood pressure remains in the normal range.

          • Yep, I read it the other day since I follow that blog and get email alerts of new posts, and I even glanced at that Forums thread (which was my first time even looking at the forums in a while); thank you for sharing those links because some people probably do not know about this yet. ;)

            I can understand, I hear you, and I agree.

            Sometimes I come close to giving up on blogging because of all of this, but somehow I have managed to continue blogging everyday for over two years and counting without missing a day yet; I am glad that you have not given up yet either.

            That is a good strategy, it sends a message, and it saves you money; and so I congratulate you, and I also only use the free parts of

            I am glad that you are continuing to try to do what is better for your health at times, that is wise, and it still allows you to help others and do some things that you enjoy.

            It sounds like you have a healthy strategy, and so keep doing what you are doing Timethief. :)

            Thank you,
            -John Jr

  2. I’m so glad I discovered this blog! I’ve been on WP almost two years and struggled along with tutorials, youtube, etc trying to learn how to do things. You’ve already helped me so much, and so quickly. Thanks!

  3. Good to see you blogging again, TT. I have found that I move between the old editor and Beep Beep Boop because they seem (to me) to have different features. Or some are more accessible in one that in the other. Sigh. I do most of my work in the old editor and then the final bits like the excerpt, location and a few other things in Beep Beep Boop. It’s a bit irritating. However….

    And I really don’t like the new reader, so if they sort that, I’ll be glad.

  4. Amen. My blogging experience has been in decline for three or four years. I remember when you could sort of keep your fingers on the pulse of WordPress by looking at Freshly Pressed. Remember that! Bloggers I knew were actually featured on Freshly Pressed! Freshly Pressed had a Hawt Post every day! Imagine that!

    Freshly Pressed is not the point of course. It just illustrates that WordPress has long ago outgrown the features that made it a blogging “community.” Now I feel like one grain of sand on all the beaches from Maine to Florida.

    Sorry, I’m becoming sort of cynical.

    • You are not cynical you are telling it like it is. Stay tuned for my next post which I will publish later today. It will feature what can be expected to come down on us next.

      NOTE: I changed my mind and chose not to publish that draft. I may publish it on a later date.

  5. I’m with you , tt. I’m using all the classic stuff and haven’t thought about the new editor and stats in months. I am very annoyed that the non-breaking space no longer works in the old editor, but I just don’t have the strength to fight for it right now.

  6. It takes TIME to learn all the changes and who has any of that! :-D
    Wordpress is a wonderful platform though and I L <3 ve it and people like you who somehow find the time to help people like me negotiate through it. Artist Ai Weiwei compared the internet with old fashioned religion in the way that you can ask for and find help from a like minded community.

    • I’ve had almost 10 years of changes and I’m sick and tired of the stomach turning suprise! roller coaster rides. That, in part, contributes to the reasons I’m choosing to blog without obligation.

      On one hand I’m glad there is a testing environment. On the other, I don’t want to be a BETA tester who risks experiencing their feedback being ignored and perhaps detecting the every change is merely a done deal that needs some polishing when it is posted there.

      I also do not want to be tempted to blog biweekly again, so I don’t have to develop an new category for rants about the never ending, changes that have not improved my blogging experience.

      Do take note of how nicely I phrased that and know I am already tempted to drop the glove and sharpen my sword. ;)

  7. Thanks, as always, for alerting us to what is going on.
    I might be convinced to use the New Editor if they get rid of the Beep Beep Boop. And I’ll be glad when they quit fiddling around with the Reader – I just get the hang of where the buttons are when they switch things around!

  8. I hope all these changes are optional because I am more than happy to leave my page as is.. I do not have the time or inclination to learn new protocols. I know I should try and keep up but I am too lazy.. I hope you are well and having a lovely day? c

    • It’s so good to see your gravatar here. I confess that I’m either lazy too or maybe I’m just burned out when it comes to coping with these user interface changes.

      • Things are getting quieter on the farm so I am free to roam the interwebs again! The changes just keep on coming in every piece of technology we own – it is no wonder that some of us are getting a bit burnt out – we have been grappling with escalating technological? demands for a long time now..

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