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Removing inactive subscribers

I have big news to share. The fact we bloggers were previously unable to manage our followers and subscribers and remove those that were inactive annoyed me for years. I was annoyed because we lacked the ability to rely on the numbers we saw.

Now, provided we are using the new user interface, we can easily do what we could not do before.

You may remove a follower by going to My Site > People and clicking the remove link next to their name.

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36 thoughts on “Removing inactive subscribers

  1. Hi Timethief
    It’s interesting to know that you can delete inactive followers. My only concern is that, if I do, there might be very few left . . . !! On the ‘ex-‘ subject, I have occasionally felt concerned that someone I don’t want to have a portal – however indirect – into my life, has it. But, so far, and as long as no-one is actually visiting my home/phoning me up, I have managed to forget it.
    I do find your articles interesting, and useful, though. Without them, my grip on the controls would be tenuous indeed!

    • Hi there,
      I’ve been away and that’s why there was a delay approving your comment. Thanks for sharing what you think with me here Evangeline and best wishes with your blog.

  2. Interesting concept. I would akin that to the New York Times telling Joe Schmo not to buy their paper because they don’t want them to read an article. I can’t get the concept of someone being a stalker on a public forum, but that’s just me. I can understand removing a person that is harassing you, but ignoring you? Can’t get it.

    • Those who have made that “stalking” allegation and request for removal had personal blogs, which could, of course have been made private. I understand what you are saying. I won’t be removing any subscribers unless they are harassing me by submitting nasty troll type comments or they ask me to remove an email address.

    • Hi Jayme,
      That’s a great question. The bloggers who claim they are being stalked by ex-partners recognize the email addresses and/or usernames and have asked to be able to remove them as followers and subscribers. I think they just want the ex to go away.

  3. timethief … It’s great to see your e-mail. Sorry I’ve been absent for so long. I’m back teaching and hope to be for active in the future. I joked with my students this past week about the number of ‘followers’ I have. I know it’s not an accurate count. I wonder how many have kicked off in the past few years. Maybe, they’re wondering the same about me. ;-)

  4. I’d have loved to have this option back when spammers were subscribing right and left and ruining my stats (probably still are; I don’t look at the names anymore). I’m not about to go back now and check every one of those names for legitimacy.

    • Yes, this capability would have been useful then and it will be useful whenever one gets a rash of phony subscribers, who are also clicking like buttons with the motivation of getting our visitors to click into their commercial monetized sites. Sadly, we cannot remove fake likes.

    • There are times when email subscribers may contact us and ask for an old email address to be removed from our list as they now have a new email address and cannot figure out how to remove the old one that’s no longer active. This is a good solution for that.

    • Yes. I would consider that when email addresses bounce to be an indication of inactivity.

      There are also bloggers who post to the support forums and beg to have followers who never comment removed. They have had a past relationship with the follower that wasn’t a good one. They feel like the person who is receiving their posts by email is an unwanted spy who is, in essence, a silent stalker.

      Granted that anyone who has been removed from a public blog can follow it again, but I think the blogger’s new ability to keep removing them is a clear message for them to stop the nosy parker spying activity and get on with their own lives.

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  6. Oh, that is very, very, very cool! Wonderful! Thank you, WP!!

    And that makes two! Two changes recently that I’ve thought were just wonderful. I noticed they’ve also changed the export facility so it can export large blogs (which previously you had to ask a WP service person to do for you). Now it generates a ZIP file and sends you an email with a link to that file.

    Just what I wanted! (I did have to write a bit of Python code to stitch together the multiple XML files in the ZIP, but that took all of 20 minutes.)

    (Totally makes up for that beep beep boop editor, which I find annoying.)

    • Yes. That’s another good news item and I failed to blog it. Thanks for sharing it here.

      (I feel the same way about the Beep Beep Boop editor but I’m struggling to overcome how I feel about the 2 years it has taken to get this far. I keep telling myself that without doubt we have code poets on staff who can and who will create a new editor that isn’t so limited and glitch-y in the next iteration or one thereafter. So from time to time I use the Beep Beep Boop editor and when I do I remind myself of that as I use it.)

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