Twenty Sixteen a new default theme

twentysixteenTwenty Sixteen features a new, never-released design that has some really unique touches on a traditional blog layout. It adapts well to different devices and is a joy to use.


If you are interested in contributing, subscribe to core (if you haven’t already), and leave your name in the comments. Once we’re ready, we will give everyone a ping and we’ll let you know on this blog too. Read all about it here Introducing Twenty Sixteen


12 thoughts on “Twenty Sixteen a new default theme

  1. I liked Twenty Ten, Eleven, and Twelve. I really liked Thirteen and Fourteen. Fifteen was such a disappointment for me after all those. I like what I in Sixteen so far, so I hope it lives up to expectations! I like seeing what the default themes have to offer; they usually impress me and fill my needs.

    • Hi there,
      I’m more attracted to Twenty Sixteen than I was to Twenty Thirteen, Twenty Fourteen and Twenty Fifteen. Like you I’m also looking forward to the theme release.

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