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Twenty Sixteen a new default theme

twentysixteenTwenty Sixteen features a new, never-released design that has some really unique touches on a traditional blog layout. It adapts well to different devices and is a joy to use.


If you are interested in contributing, subscribe to wordpress.org core (if you haven’t already), and leave your name in the comments. Once we’re ready, we will give everyone a ping and we’ll let you know on this blog too. Read all about it here Introducing Twenty Sixteen


12 thoughts on “Twenty Sixteen a new default theme

  1. I liked Twenty Ten, Eleven, and Twelve. I really liked Thirteen and Fourteen. Fifteen was such a disappointment for me after all those. I like what I in Sixteen so far, so I hope it lives up to expectations! I like seeing what the default themes have to offer; they usually impress me and fill my needs.

    • Hi there,
      I’m more attracted to Twenty Sixteen than I was to Twenty Thirteen, Twenty Fourteen and Twenty Fifteen. Like you I’m also looking forward to the theme release.

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