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Three things I LOVE about blogging

It all started with a love affair with reading. I was surfing online and I discovered blogs.  They were so interesting that I became addicted to reading more and more blogs every day. Then one day I decided I had to have my own blog.

  1. I love reading blogs.
  2. I love informative writing and personal blogs too.
  3. I love figuring out how things work and explaining how they work to others in the support forums and in this blog.

ComputerGirlCan you name three things you love about blogging?

Or can you name three things you want to improve about your blogging and your blog in 2015?

61 thoughts on “Three things I LOVE about blogging

  1. This is a great post to get you thinking. It’s short and to the point. The three things I love about blogging are:

    1. Networking – Over time you start to feel like you are really friends even if you have never met in person.

    2. I love reading about anything – Learning about where the bloggers come from, learning what they like, learning new hobbies or skills. Reading about day to day life for different people. I just love reading and learning, I know I could do this without a blog, but adding the blog in the mix allows me to share my knowledge.

    3. I love sharing my knowledge and helping others – what else can I say about this?

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello timethief. It’s so nice to see you blogging again. Your posts have always been a pleasure to read. Your thoughtfulness and creative spirit are an inspiration . I love to blog because i like to bring information i think can be useful to others. I love the challenge to work in this arena. Blogging provides me an opportunity to learn new ways to communicate.

  3. Hello there Timethief – good to hear from you again – three things I like about blogging? Firstly I like thinking, and it helps me to order some of that thinking. If I write , I have to consider what it is I want to say. So it helps me to think.

    Secondly – it gave me a structure in which to record something of myself. I have had my older blogs printed for posterity, simply in order that my children have an easy way of connecting with the person I am, perhaps when I am not earth bound. I lost my father when I was already a parent, and the biggest grief to come to terms with was how little I knew him. So little. If my sons want to know how I ticked, they can read all about it! Their call.

    Thirdly – I love having the opportunity to learn, and there is so much to discover by reading others blogs. My only wonder is how much time I spend on a virtual life.

    Like you, I live with Fibromyalgia and all its gifts! I am glad I have the ability to travel without having to fly, simply at the push of a button. I don’t get the balance right and I have to work on that.

    Take care.


  4. Time thief, I’m so happy to hear that you’re feeling better. Your blog is a wonderful resource for me. I totally understand the difficulty of balancing blogging with the rest of life.

  5. I love reading other blogs too. Mostly personal writing, for example on their travels. I also enjoy beautiful photographs, especially those of nature, and I’ve come across many talented photographers, and it’s such a joy to look at their photos and read their description.

    • Hi Halim,
      There are so many kinds of blogs to and so little time to visit them in. I also like photography blogs and blogs focused on travel. Lately I’m more likely to spend my time visiting personal blogs than I do visiting technically focused ones.

  6. Great to see you again and that your spirit for blogging is coming back. Just celebrated my third anniversary for blogging, I have you to thank for your valuable help and insights ~ that’s what I love most about blogging.

      • Thanks so much for your kind thoughts Timethief – I give you much of the credit for always being there and with words of advice I stuck it out. Blogging has become a regular part of my artistic activities. Thank you ~

  7. You’re back…in a short way. Which is the easiest!
    1. I love marrying my writing with personal photos –either mine or my partner’s.
    2. I love showcasing my part of the world and what I’ve seen/experienced.
    3. I enjoy delighting and arousing the curiosity of the reader/ think abit or explore later.

    2015 improvements for my blog:
    1. Better theme –but it must be free and with a featured post slider. Yea, I am darn picky.
    2. Better font: yay for Google Fonts!

    True, I never thought of online blogger friends at the beginning. But it helps. :)

    • Hi Jean,
      I love the way you integrate your images and writing in your blog. You have such a knack for selecting a theme and then publishing a great posts based on it.

      Themes like Baskerville, Edin, Goran, Harmonic, Sela, etc. are trending now.

      The free responsive themes with post sliders are at this link

      I can’t find one there that I like better than the Sight theme which you use and I use on my personal blog.

      • Thx for your generous thoughts and comments, timethief. The only thing about Sight that makes me lust for some other themes, is that it would be nice to have a wider screen layout.

        Anyway, small potatoes in light of greater objective to blog-write, etc.

  8. Hi TT! I love the freedom of blogging; being able to post when it works for me, the freedom to use the blog to try new things with both writing and photography, the freedom to have an honest space, and I love the people I’ve been able to meet through the blogging community. I’ve found blogging to be–dare I say it–liberating. :D I’d love to grow the blog over this next year, and get back to a more reliable schedule of reading and checking other blogs. :)

    • Originally, I found blogging gave me the sense of freedom you describe. Over time I devoted far too much time to my online life and neglected my offline life, so blogging began to feel like a burden to me. I blogged about what I gave up to make the time to blog in here I’ve created some balance by choosing to blog without obligation and now I’m feeling that sensation rising again. That said, blogging and answering support forum questions will never occupy the place of importance in my life that I ascribed to them previously.

      • I’m glad you’re feeling it again–for you and for us, your readers <3 I have tried from the beginning to be aware of healthy (for me) boundaries in blogging. So far, so good, hoping it stays that way for both of us!

        • Last August my health limitations felt like a stone around my neck dragging me to the bottom of the sea. However, since my last crisis I’ve surfaced, and I’ve been slowly dog paddling, while regaining my momentum. I think I’ve established a better foundation of offline and online priorities now. Though I can’t guarantee that I will always blog, I have missed reading blogs and communicating with my blogging buddies a lot.

          • Slow progress is progress, I’m so glad you’re finding your balance within your life. <3 I was recently thinking about blogging and what it's meant for me, WHAT it has given me, and whom. :)

  9. Thank you for your helpful ideas and blogging tips in this post, and the many posts I’ve read on your blog. Your information gave me more confidence to start a blog of my own!

    There’s many things I love about blogging; here’s three of them.
    1/ Learning how to put together a blog on my iPad (so interesting), and discovering the wonderful world of WordPress.
    2/ Helping and encouraging others in their own art and writing adventures – and visa versa.

    3/ The sense of community. I didn’t realise how rewarding it would be connecting with people in the comments and the “likes”. :)

    Thank you for the question; I enjoyed giving this some thought and sharing my answer.

    All the best, Janette. :)

    • Hello Janette,

      It’s so good to meet you. I absolutely love your art work. Your About page rocks and so does your About Some Art apps, Other apps and My Books page. Long may you blog and may your community grow daily.

      • Thank you for your lovely comments! I’m so pleased that you like my blog. I know you have expertise in these areas, so it’s also an added confidence booster that I’m on the right track with my blogging. I hope to continue to learn and improve my blogging skills; and as I often have before, I can find plenty of information and help to do this, on your wonderful blog. Glad you like my art too!

        I’ve just had a reread some of your posts; and now that I have a blog, I could put my flower gravatar on them! Blogging is such good fun, but already I’m trying to not let it encroach too much on other important things in my life…which can be tricky. :)

        Glad you are “blogging without obligation”, hope you are feeling better and getting to do lots of things you enjoy. When you have time and are feeling inclined to; it’ll be lovely to see your post coming through my reader. All the best, Janette.

        • I did not recognize how addictive blogging was when I first began. Thereafter creating a a life balance between my online life and my offline life was a perpetual challenge, and when I developed health issues I had to make some hard decisions.

  10. Even i do like the same 3 things what you have mentioned. My first blog is in my native language. It is still exist ( with more than 7.5 lacs of visits by now. Earlier when i started blogging in 2006; wordpress was like an alien to blogging community. In fact blogging itself was a new concept and hardly 300 bloggers were regularly blogging. Most of them were on platform. Many of them confessed that wordpress is very difficult for them to understand. And since then i decided to educated them about wonderful wordpress. I am also referring wordpress to small businesses to try as their DIY website.

    • I’ve blogged for 10 years now and I began on a Blogger ie. blog so I know what you are describing. There’s a steep learning curve involved in becoming a wordpress blogger and mastering the software and the software is continually changing so the learning never ends. Best wishes with your blog.

  11. Blogging is an emotional imperative – something I need to do. It is visible, and semi-permanent, so lends a level of immortality to life. It is intimate. People may be out there, but I am writing to the page.
    In terms of improvements, I need my very own IT expert to make it, perhaps, less insular!

  12. I confess I write mostly for myself; there’s something very satisfying about it. But I also enjoy the comments of readers, especially when several are contributing to a discussion of the issue at hand. I love playing with the artistic and mechanical aspects of designing a blog almost as much as writing.

    • I’ve witnessed your technical bent when it comes to blog design and admired you for it. I blogged for myself in my personal blog for years and loved getting comments on whatever I was on about there. Right now I’m back to living my offline life and I don’t have either the time or inclination to blog there. However, that may change when I fully retire in the Fall.

      • Blogging is drudgery or worse if you’re not “feeling it.” If you don’t derive some pleasure or satisfaction from it, there’s no point. Enjoy your full retirement — with or without blogging.

  13. It’s so nice to “see” you!! I have missed you greatly. and I hope you’re doing well.

    I love the camaraderie and my blogging friends. Andd I do love it when a post of mine gets a lot of likes and/or comments. I love interacting with other bloggers by either commenting on their blog or responding to comments on my own blog.

    • Hi there,

      I’m feeling much better now. :) I love singing, Toby, and part of why I feel so good is because I’m once again doing what I stopped doing to have the time to blog in. What I’ve missed most about blogging since last Fall is not the writing, it’s the camaraderie that you draw attention to.

  14. I go back to the 1980s and USENET and FidoNet, so I saw the internet turn into the interweb. Definitely a two-edged sword there.

    I think, firstly, what I’ve always loved about the interpipes thingy is the communities of like-minded people. As a dedicated outlier oddball, that doesn’t happen enough in the (so called) real world.

    Secondly, I’ve benefited from teachers and libraries and like passing it on. Informative websites and blogs are an attraction; presenting information is a goal (sometimes almost a duty).

    Thirdly, I’m an artist, and artists gotta create! Writers gotta write; arters gotta art! We can’t not. The beauty of the interweb is that it makes it so easy. (The downside is how easy it is to be just another drip of water in a very large ocean.)

    • Hello there,
      I love what you convey in your first paragraph, because I identify with it.

      I’m a librarian and I’ve also shared the same experience you have had when it comes to uncovering a wealth of resources online.

      Thirdly, my hubby and I have an art business so I can directly relate to that point you make as well.

      Thanks so much for commenting.

  15. Hello timethief, For me it’s the people and the insights they share about their way of life, which are often different from mine, although their concerns are often very, very similar. And it’s the thrill of learning something new, which I always do when I visit your site.

    • Hi Jill,
      You are a traveler and an adventurer and I enjoy reading what you have experienced. It’s been a pleasure witnessing how your blog has developed and how your blogging community has grown. Blog on!

      • Thank-you so much for these kind words timethief. You have showed me so much. Your site has remained my go to place, when I’ve been wondering about something. I’m very grateful that you left it up for people like me. And, it’s a pleasure to see that you are back here from time to time. Take care.

        • I may post from time to time but the twice weekly publication pattern I used to maintain for many years is history now. You’re right. I did leave this site up because many bloggers do come here to find what they need. I’m glad to know that you are among them.

  16. Thank you for your wonderful blogging tips. :) I just started my blog about creative writing! I also LOVE reading and writing. So, I added both of them together to create my blog!

    • Greetings,
      Blogging is such a great way to share our creativity with others. I’m wishing you all the best for success with your creative blogging endeavor.

  17. And it was quite a surprise to find such a great community of people from everywhere with all sorts of ideas, adventures, fun, and who are willing to help if you need it. Had to be part of all that – and try to be a contributing member to the group, too

    • I think most of us would agree that the best part of blogging is the friendships we make online. Being a part of a community of people who exchange information, encourage, inspire, support, and help each other is what makes blogging so addictive.

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