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#LoveWins! LGBTQ Bloggers Make Their Voices Heard

Marriage is a contract between consenting adults. The state has never had a legitimate right to prevent consenting adults who wish to enter that contract from doing so, and your Supreme Court reached the final, correct and just decision on this matter. I am so happy that equality in marriage contracting and love prevailed in your country as it has also done in mine.
♫ Alleluia! ♫

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You might have noticed the rainbow banner across the top of over the weekend — our way of marking Pride month, celebrated by cities across the globe in June, as well as the US Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing same-sex marriage across all states. (The United States now joins 20 other countries, including my own, Portugal, in fully recognizing same-sex marriage nationwide.)

Here at we strive to democratize publishing and empower freedom of speech. It’s amazing to see the thoughtful analyses of the Supreme Court’s decision already being published, like this excellent piece from Tropics of Meta putting the decision into long-term historical context. We’re also proud to provide a platform for all the incredibly talented LGBTQ writers who are advocating for change…

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9 thoughts on “#LoveWins! LGBTQ Bloggers Make Their Voices Heard

  1. I was so proud to see that rainbow banner. As a gay man, it made me feel even more included in the WordPress community. Thank you!

  2. And I would like to officially complain about the flag and messages such as these. It just shows gross insensitivity to all those who oppose this move by the Supreme Court, for whatever reason: religious belief, concern with the undemocratic method employed, concerns about what other “marriages” are now in store for this country.

    This is a very divisive subject matter, and it shouldn’t be assumed that because someone is not “on board” with all this jubilation that they deserve less respect in this forum than all the bandwagoners.

    • The amount of respect you receive in the technical support forums, which are provided strictly for that purpose and for no other purpose is in accord with your behavior. Those who tried to use the technical support forum as a soapbox to spew hatred about the appearance of a tiny banner their visitors could not see were treated very well. Those who tried to mask their hatred in nonsensical blather about lack of professional appearance when their visitors could not see the banner were treated well, as well.

      If you have the audacity to claim that your religion advocates against the right of two consenting adults to contract with one another as an expression of their love, then I say without any reservation at all that I believe your mind poisoned by hatred, whatever your have been taught is false message, and you are perched out on the far end of a limb while sawing it off and causing your own fall.

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