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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Boom Pending

handbags2Did you know that 75% of Canadians live within 150 kilometers of the United States border? With the dollar being so close to par surveys are finding an increasing number of Canadians looking to participate in the pending Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping boom this year.

This year Black Friday is November 27 (the day after American Thanksgiving) and Cyber Monday is the following Monday.

The Vancouver Sun reports: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are gaining prominence among Canadian shoppers with close to 40 per cent of Canadians planning to cross the border to shop or buy online from US retailers during the American Thanksgiving weekend at the end of this month.

A new Black Friday and Cyber Monday poll conducted by H+K Perspectives and Public Opinions Inc and commissioned by The Source, found that two out of three Canadians polled are considering tech-related gift-giving and many are looking to start shopping for these items this Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

handbags1Neilsen reports that “On both days, more than half (56%) of shoppers are planning to spend between $100 and $500 dollars. And on Black Friday, 30% of consumers plan to spend $250-$500 on holiday purchases.”

A new survey from IPG Media says employers can expect around 1 million employees calling in sick as a cover for shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The survey also finds that 2.3 million Canadians plan to shop during work hours on Cyber Monday with laptops remaining the most popular tool.

So just how do these two shopping “holidays” stack up in the battle of the sexes? A recent English-language Nielsen survey asked both men and women shoppers and found some interesting differences. … On both days, more than half (56%) of shoppers are planning to spend between $100 and $500 dollars. And on Black Friday, 30% of consumers plan to spend $250-$500 on holiday purchases. … Pass the Turkey and the Car Keys: Retailers Brace for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday started in 2005 and sales have grown impressively since then. This year Cyber Monday is poised to break online shopping records. This year holiday shoppers are expected to buy more online and be more mobile.

handbagsMy hubby and I aren’t holiday shoppers and neither are our friends. Years ago we all decided shopping madness wasn’t for us and opted out of exchanging gifts. Unlike the majority of those Canadian who were surveyed, we won’t be joining either the cross border stampede or the online stampede to shop on either Black Friday or on Cyber Monday.

How about you? Are you preparing to shop on Black Friday, on Cyber Monday or on both days this year?

Pssst … Did you know that has previously offered specials on Black Friday?

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26 thoughts on “Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Boom Pending

  1. We do still exchange Christmas gifts within my family. I do have a general spending limit per person, except for my partner.

    We visited Seattle last weekend and enjoyed ourselves…which included some shopping for cycling gear and discounted that we can’t get in Canada. This is before Black Friday weekend, so such stores were being smart.

    Lovely seafood dishes…I had raw oyster for lst time too. :)

    • I’m glad you found some bargains before the big Black Friday crush.

      When it comes to eating raw oysters or raw seafood of any kind, unless I harvested it myself locally from areas I have checked the coliform count on I don’t touch them. Know that in Washington State, Skagit county, the Samish Bay suffers from severe fecal coliform bacteria pollution issues and that’s why there’s a clean water program there.

      Be very careful Jean, because anywhere where the beaches are near to populated areas there are serious pollution issues. I used to catalog the pollution results for whole Pacific Northwest and the BC Coast too.

      Also don’t ever believe signs in restaurants that claim their salmon is “wild Pacific salmon” because it usually isn’t. It’s pen raised salmo salar (Atlantic salmon) species raised off our coasts here and in BC and if I had a rocket launcher there would be no net pens and those companies who own them now would be history. The use of antibiotics that are highly important to human health is a high concern. The risk of disease and/or parasite transfer to wild salmon populations is also a concern.

      And, that’s enough for me now because when it comes to environmental pollution issues I could make your head and mine spin. I’m choosing not to go there and send my blood pressure through the roof.

  2. All the hype and frenzy…no way. Probably head to the beach or go hiking somewhere with the dog.
    At this point, how much stuff do I really need? Trying to stop accumulating needlessly and not into crowds pack mentality spending.
    Almost finished what little shopping to be done yesterday – on line and oddly the mall was almost empty yesterday and stuff was on sale already (I dove into only 2 stores for specific items I’d already shopped online). Stores here will lower prices on the spot if you show a lower price on your smart phone screen.
    So done and ready to relax.
    This was a fascinating post – who would have guessed the shopping mania infiltrated the border?
    Have a nice quiet weekend!

  3. I make sure to not go out and shop on those days. I get anxious being in crowded places especially during the holidays .My soul mate and I agreed not to exchange Christmas gifts but we decorate our home and enjoy good food during the holidays.

  4. I make it a point of NOT shopping on either of those days.

    Black Friday however has been around for over 40 years, when I was a kid the newspaper (remember when news was printed) on I think Thanksgiving or the day before was thick and weighted several pounds from all the ads. My sister worked at a store similar to the Hallmark Shops and everyone had to go in for a couple of hours on Thanksgiving to put the sale stickers on things. That was the early 70’s

    There are still gifts in my family – but the things that I give are very modest and receive are also modest (sweatshirt, coasters with a nautical chart on them etc.) The ones with kids take the opportunity to help their kids & grand-kids with gifts that are very practical.

    Many of the things I give are hand made – Made key-fobs one year with a small coin flashlight on then (Instructions on my site for Pelican Hook Lanyards & Key Fobs)

    Happy and healthy holiday season to everyone

    • Hi there,
      Oh I’m with your there, for sure. I hate shopping in crowded situations and violence breaks out in the stores. As for online shopping … meh … I won’t be doing any.

      I didn’t realize the 40 year history behind this probably because I’m not an American.

      We aren’t much focused on gift giving at any time of the year. We find small things like you refer to and we give them to those we know who will like them when we find them.

      I love this season though and so does everyone I know. We celebrate together with food and music. My two big concerts are coming up so I’m practicing as I type this comment.

      • I expect the black Friday thing in the US is older than 40 years – but only the last few years that people have been trampled to death in the frenzy to get the best deal when the doors first open

        The ads are full tilt now with “Pre Black Friday Deals” – “no need to wait”

        A friend of mine is working 5pm to 10pm on Thanksgiving as well as black Friday – the only good thing about it is she really needs the few extra hours. I might drop by with a sandwich or something since she just moved to the area from the east coast.

        • The border is an artificial line in oh so many ways. When I was a kid my parents went back and forth with us traveling with ease from 3 provinces to three states. Now this requires a passport and lengthy waits in queues. There’s not deal in the world that I would queue up for. In the future I may get into online shopping in these sales but I’m not so inclined now. And, I don’t envy your friend having to work on both days but as you point out she will welcome the income.

  5. I’m too old to be collecting things, particularly things I don’t want or need. I’ve made arrangements with family to get them what they want and aren’t likely to indulge for themselves and vice versa. For example, I buy my sister a bottle of Cointreau and she gets me a book voucher. It’s the only time of year that I buy new books.

  6. I’m torn: I’ve gotten good deals in past years, but I hate that so many people end up working on what used to be a national holiday. I’m inclined to let it pass without my participation (at least the sales that start on Thursday).

  7. News flash: Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The specials and sales started at least a week ago. Black Friday became Black Thursday and is rapidly becoming Black November. Two months of Christmas? Ridiculous.

  8. I usually do all my Christmas shopping in July/August when it’s not a holiday as things tend to be cheaper then, I also often shop online as it’s easier than physically going to the store and dealing with moronic and rude crowds, Black Friday/Cyber Monday eh, by the time they roll around I already have all my gifts and personal wants so I’ve never taken advantage of either, if you buy during the summer you can get the items at the same price as offered on the sale days…so really are you truly saving money?

    • We don’t any Christmas presents for anyone at all and haven’t done so for decades now. My Christian friends aren’t into gift giving and object to the commercialization of the season. However, I think you raise a very good point about being a smart shopper ie. shop off season.

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