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Domain Name Change

Due to my decision that it’s time to say goodbye, leave the blogging world and move on to pursuing other passions, there will be three significant changes made to this blog that I want to make you all aware of.

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UPDATE! October 2nd, 2014 I will not be making a domain name change at this time. If and when I have the time to publish new posts I will do so.

Note I closed closing comments on the blog in on September 30th, 2014. if and when I publish I will open comments only on the new post.

Questioning how much you actually enjoy what you are doing in any aspect of your life can be an eye opening experience. If we don’t analyze where we are at then we risk becoming automatons and missing out on so many opportunities to grow and evolve.

It won’t be easy to quit and I’m not kidding myself about that or the withdrawal symptoms I will experience. The every day and continual use of electronic communication and immersion in the internet environment day after day for hours in end sets our brains up for digital addiction. What one becomes addicted to is the dopamine flooding that is associated with internet use and that increased level of dopamine is our reward ie. a feeling of pleasure – a reward that we crave when we are offline.  The relative anonymity we can enjoy online is also a seductive force that draws us back again and again. There’s no doubt it – creating, publishing, finding and sharing highly stimulating content online makes us high, but there are other natural highs that one can experience and I want to enjoy them too.

This decision was a heartbreaking one to make, and I was astonished and saddened by the flood of opportunistic email requests I received in response to it. I am not well and I’m grateful that the medics saved my life just a month ago.  Money isn’t a motivator for me and never has been.  I have sent every email request to purchase the domain and content to the trash unanswered. I have also sent every request to purchase links on this site to the trash unanswered. And, I have sent every email request to run advertising on this site to the trash unanswered too. If I continue to receive such requests I will begin sending them to the spam filter instead.

Though I don’t intend to continue to publish on this site, I despise content thieves. And, I will continue to pursue any breach of copyright via DMCA take down notices to web hosts, as well as, directly reporting any such breaches to all advertisers on any site that my content appears on.

me on chairBlogging is a wonderful hobby and I have loved almost every minute of the years I have spent blogging here, on my personal blog, and answering support questions.

However, the time for me to establish a better life-balance that places my health and happiness as my top priority has come.

I don’t want to be sad about this parting and I don’t you to be sad about it either.

I will always look back on the time I devoted to creating this content collection and building a blog centered community with you with fondness.

My very best wishes to all of those that helped make one cool site a success. May you be well and happy always.

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75 thoughts on “Domain Name Change

  1. Hi Dear Timethief,

    Thank you so much for creating all this content which helped me so many times. Thank you for answering so many support questions for the benefit of so many, including myself.

    I feel I fully understand your reasons. I feel like saying that you have made the right decision. Don’t be sad, for you have done the best before and you are doing what is best now.

    Look, there’s a beautiful sunshine outside. I am thrilled for you at the idea of all the new things you are about to accomplish. Times of change are the most exciting and vivifying ones. Wishing you all the very best.

  2. I have stopped here numerous times without leaving you a note to tell you how valuable your information has been for me…and many others. You will be missed. My Best wishes to you, stay healthy!

  3. I do wish you all the best in every aspect, but in case & I do mean it (just in case) you are visiting Singapore or Florida, please ‘tap’ me a line, I’d love to give you real non-touristy info &/or meet you in person. Thank you TT for all tips & advice & as we say it in the British way “ta ta for now”.

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  5. I don’t have what it takes to prolong this goodbye by responding to each of your comments and that’s not to say I don’t treasure each one because I do. It means I am I’m spending too much time weeping and I have to stop that now. Know that I care about you all and that as we do not know what the future may hold we may meet again online one day. All the best to you all.

  6. While I haven’t always commented, your site has been helpful to me. Your decision to move on is admirable, and I love that you are going to focus on health and happiness. I’ve only been blogging for two years and it definitely takes time!
    Best wishes for health, happiness, balance, and FUN!!

  7. 15 years ago I was diagnosed with two different and often fatal disases. One doctor promised me I would live for another twenty years. I am assuming with medical advances I can go at least another ten. However we are all always under a death sentence. So living the life you want as long as you are given life matters most. Live on and live well. You will be missed. Thank you for all you have done for so many.

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