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Here’s a link to some very interesting reading, The Transparency Report encourages me to believe some are aware of how important and issue transparency is.

Automattic plans to publish bi-annual transparency reports, summarizing the government information requests and takedown demands Staff have received.  

The first Transparency Report report is broken down into these sections:

  • Information Requests
  • Takedown Demands
  • National Security
  • Intellectual Property

To illustrate threats to freedom of speech and expression that Staff review and resist every day be sure to click into the Hall of Shame.


24 thoughts on “ (Automattic) Transparency Report

  1. I have two blogs where I write about the problems with the student exchange industry. Whenever I write about things that could hurt a company, I am extremely careful to observe copyright. When I started out as a blogger, it took a long time before I understood the reason for copyright. It is blogs like this that have helped me understand the various issues surrounding blogging and enabled me to change my behavior.

  2. While trademark and copyright infringements are real and sometimes there are court claims, other times it’s lawyers justifying their services / making money for whatever their paying client wants.

    I guess I worked in the legal sector too long…

    Not sure if I found the transparency report entirely useful. Just general broad statistics doesn’t reveal a whole lot to a general audience. I appreciate their effort.

  3. Some years ago, we were accused of infringing a trademark with the use of a term in a blog post that long predated that registration and was definitely generic.

    But, like most people, we worried when we got the takedown notice. It took some pushing back to get the accuser to back off.

    The upside was that I learned something of the issues surrounding trademarks.

    I just read up about Kerns and their reputation for being litigious and going after anyone who publishes a post about making Derby Pie.

    I am ambivalent, though, about the Hall Of Shame Derby Pie video.

    It’s a trademarked name and ridiculing Kerns seems to me to be a slippery slope – even if the company is nasty.

    On the other side, some trademarks beggar belief. Did you know that Honda have trademarked HELPFUL in connection with dealerships selling and leasing of trucks etc? That gem of information is published in the blog of Robert Lawrence, a trademark lawyer.

    So now we read that Yahoo didn’t roll over straight away and that it was not actively complicit in gathering names.

    What worries me is that when Yahoo was forced to comply under the court judgement in 2008, the judgement itself was to be kept secret.

    That smacks of a ‘State within a State’. Without transparency, power will corrupt.

    • The Honda thing is beyond belief. The Yahoo secret judgment is indeed worrisome and your last sentence say it all. Thanks so much for commenting here, David.

  4. I’ll check that out. At first I thought it was about transparency copyright images on photos, which reminded me of the stolen photo I asked to be remove from another bloggers site. Trouble is, it went from mine too. No gain without pain. But still, should be an interesting read, thanks for the alert.

      • Yes. I went back to using Expound but this time I’m not designating any posts as “featured”. I get tired of looking at the same old themes and same old header on my blog and on other blogs too.

        Lately Themes Staff are fixated on portfolio style themes and I don’t want to use any of them, so I’m switching back and forth between minimal responsive width themes, and hoping their focus on the portfolio styled themes will change soon.

        • Hey! . . . I’m one of them ‘keep the theme the same’ blogs . . . still using twenty ten.

          I’d change once in a while, but you know the part where they say you can try new themes and then revert? My experience is ‘not so much’. Something always get screwed up, and then it’s fix, fix, fix.

          • I’m not one of those who advocate keeping the same theme. The arguments in favor of keeping the same theme are so weak theme they are laughable. I user responsive width themes deliberately I do not use themes that are not responsive because the mobile theme is a completely different theme.

            On the support forums those who cling to using outdated operating systems and browsers versions are also those who believe changing themes will drive away followers. Believe it or not I witnessed more than one blogger claiming to be “in love” with an outdated browser version and/or a retired theme. I was too polite there to indicate I was LOL.

          • It’s not for driving away followers (if I lost half my “regulars”, it would still only be 5 or 6) . . . The sizing and placement of photos on my posts are tailored to the particular theme. In the last few years I’ve made them less dependent on the theme, but the earlier posts were affected even by changes in the font, and certain themes mess them up significantly.

            Plus, WordPress still has not got the hang of handling photos (they never look as good as the originals once they get done with them), so I used size them to the specific column width, which gives the best results. If they (WP) mess with them (i.e. enlarging them or shrinking them down) to fit them into the space allowed, they invariably degrade the quality of the photo.

            Truthfully, most people not only don’t notice, but don’t care if they do notice.

            Me, on the other hand, care a lot (I’m my blog’s most frequent reader and number one fan), and right now I don’t see a good way of switching without going back through 1,000 posts to make sure they don’t get all funky-like.

            Now, I’m speaking only of the theme . . . I always run the latest browsers and one OS version back. I’m not averse to new stuff; I just don’t like debugging new systems (which these days can go up to a year after the ‘official release’).

            . . . then again, it may be all self-deception and excuse-making because I’m fundamentally lazy.

          • I have run into the same thing when I have “auditioned” other themes than Rusty Grunge. I find the page is “recomposed” and the text and images are not how I intended. Even though I am ready for a new theme with white space like this one, I really don’t want to spend days recomposing my old posts. I would also like to increase the size of the font but know I will likely suffer the same fate if I start messing with the CSS for Rusty Grunge.

          • I found the topic interesting and informative, On my own blog I have written about the topic of net neutrality. Though I am far from a techie these issues do interest me. That post is If I’m So Good Looking and Smart, Why Aren’t I Rich? I do appreciate the links so I know where to go. It is often difficult to focus in using the forum topics. I do understand about keeping the comments focused and not opening an ad hoc forum for other issues.

        • I like the depth of the header photo on expound, but it looks quite harsh apart from that, I loved the teal colour you used for your last 2011.

          I think I’ll just use you as my unofficial,blog tester :D I do quite like this one :)

          I loathe portfolio ones. Does that surprise you?

          • The Expound header height is flexible. In fact it’s supposed to be 1020 pix 154 pix but as you can see I chose to make it taller. The subdued teals did their time on my blog and now they are history for at least awhile. No I’m not surprised because neither of us are “portfolio”types. ;)

  5. Several companies are starting to push back with disclosure – Yahoo has been pushing back and took several years of lawsuits to be able to release some info

  6. I’m conflicted . . . on the one hand I assume the notoriety associated with coming into the radar of governments might indicate wide readership and a certain amount of influence, but on the other hand I assume it is a nuisance dealing with these kinds of requests.

    Luckily, I’m a lo-o-ong way from anyone taking any notice of me.

    • Hi there,
      I respect copyright and I don’t blog on controversial subjects so I don’t think I’m “on the radar”. That said freedom of speech and transparency are very important issues.

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