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Social Networking Blunders

social media buttonsSuppose you have a blog and you choose to auto post to social media sites  like many other bloggers do. Then one day you find your most recent post did not get published to Facebook or another social network. What to do?

Traffic Flow

When it comes to search engines like Google, Bing, etc. it’s important to recognize that  they send by far more traffic to every healthy blog than social networks and the topics (Categories and Tags) pages do. However, many bloggers rely traffic from the Tags and Categories pages and the Reader and they are using apps like Publicize to promote their posts via  autoposting to social media sites

Reality Check

Despite the ubiquitous statements to the opposite effect, autoposting, rather than manual posting results in fewer people reading your full posts on your site.

Yes, it’s true. Autoposting the same snippets to multiple social networks is not as effective when it comes to gaining traffic as posting unique snippets and links to each individual social network is. This is because we are no longer eagerly responding to the duplicate postings across social networks. We are drowning is a sea of duplication that has a spammy feel to it.

In fact, Facebook has software that detects autoposted material and hides it from people’s news feeds. That software adaptation was a response to the fact that the majority of users did not click the links in autoposted snippets and many considered it to be spam. So if you autopost, it is far less likely your snippets will display to a wider audience in their news feeds than if you post snippets manually.

I recently read and commented on an article focused on discouraging thoughtlessness in social networking re: LinkedIn.  Ben Huberman provides sound advice in Should You Connect Your Blog to Your LinkedIn Profile? so please click through and read what he has to say.

Pings are Automatic

When it comes to helping bloggers share their content with a wider audience quickly delivers starting where it really counts. All blogs are set up to ping by default.  Immediately after you publish or delete a page or post, your blog sends a ping to Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Ask ie. Pings for You.

One day you find your most recent post did not get published to Facebook or another social network. What to do?

Consult Common Reasons Why a Post Failed to Publicize. Reconnecting Publicize with Facebook and/or with Twitter. LinkedIn, etc. does not result in publicizing missed posts, but it will work for future posts. 

broken linkDo not delete a post that was not autoposted and publish another one in its place, post manually to each social network instead. Every time you delete a post just because the notification of it did not autopost to Facebook or another social network you are making a dumb mistake. You are breaking the link that has already been pinged to the search engines. The effect of breaking the link is that the content has been deleted so when the search spiders arrive there is no content for search engine indexing available.

Top 10 Beginner Blogger Blunders is a short list of 10 mistakes beginner bloggers tend to make when writing for the web and how to avoid making them.

10 Guidelines for Writing Engaging Posts will help you improve your writing for the web.

7 Common Sense Social Networking Tips is focused using common sense and thoughtfulness when social networking.

64 thoughts on “Social Networking Blunders

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  2. That’s was quite a wake-up call, as the corpse said to the bugler. The thought that Publicize has turned me into a de facto spammer is most distressing. Seems obvious now. Well, there’ll be some changes made in the Sharing department, that’s for sure.

    Really in your debt on this one, TT, and nice to see you back in action. Don’t overdo it, however!! : )

  3. Thank you for this information, timethief. I do have some concerns about LinkedIn as a suitable site to post my blog. They never choose my main photo. They give me no option on what photo will be posted and seem to always select the last one on my post. This takes ‘me’ out of the creative process as this is not what I would choose.

    The other concern is that I’m not sure that I’m getting the benefits of exposure on that site. So I’m undecided on whether to continue posting on LinkedIn.

  4. very helpful timethief, this “automatic” publicize had been a question on my mind and didn’t know if it was worth posting separately to FB and Twitter. I feel much more in control when I post the link myself. Thanks for the useful post

  5. this is interesting information. wonder how accurate it is. I both autopost to a facebook page that i made just for my blog as well as sometimes post to my personal facebook page. My highest views have been 52 but i am slowly picking up followers. Feel free to come check me out. And if you can provide tips on how to freely increase traffic do let me know

  6. Interesting . . . still, it takes time to individually post to all the platforms. I know because I used to do that exactly for the reason mentioned; I wanted to control the photos that are shown.

    The problem I have is that the interface to manually post and choose the individual photo kind of sucks. Google+ especially got to be a pain as they do a preview of a chosen photo that makes use of only a part of the photo (they call them ‘teasers’ and they are supposed to generate interest and curiosity . . . for me they generate frustration and annoyance).

    I’ll reconsider the auto-post thing, but I don’t know if the extra time is worth it. As someone who is not trying to get money from their blog, I don’t see the advantage of a large increase in subscribers.

    • Hi there,
      I find your last paragraph rings true for me. My time is in short supply. I don’t blog for money and have never felt a strong need to acquire thousands of followers. My traffic is organic and I’m happy that so many choose to follow my blog, despite the fact I use only Twitter. However, if I were blogging professionally or for a business I would belong to other social networks and I’d be selectively creating unique snippets to post only to the most relevant social networks, given the content in the post I was promoting.

      I hear many complaints about selecting the image to accompany the snippet on Facebook. I haven’t heard the same complaints about Google+ until now. We have no control over the images that Facebook or any social network chooses to display or when they choose to flush their image caches. We really only send them the URL of the post, and they hunt through that for the excerpt and images to include. The best advice I can offer is here

  7. Thanks for explaining what WordPress did not (RE autoposting). Sounds like maybe it’s not such a good idea after all. Certainly explains why almost none of my readers come via Facebook, although autoposts are the only activity I have there.

    • I think it makes sense when we stop and think about it. No one wants to received the same form letters sent to every email account they have and autoposting creates a similar scenario.

  8. Thank you for these insights. They reinforce what I experienced yesterday: the highest number of views in a single day (51) and those, I thimk because I selected slpecific Facebook pages on which to post.

    Sorry that you’re not feeling so great and hope that you’ll be feeling better soon.

  9. Excellent post! I often check or uncheck the boxes for each of my social networks and then manually, (or automatically using Hootsuite), post to a network based on when my followers are more likely to see it. I have noticed a lot more interaction via Twitter and especially Google+ using Publicize than I have with Facebook. I’ve also noticed a lot less ‘likes’ on the Book when I autopost from the blog.

    • Hi there,
      Welcome to my blogging community and thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience here. Your experience re:likes is an especially interesting one.

    • Wow! I read the mind of a woman who is close to being a genius I’m so happy about that, I am. ;) LOL The bottom line is autotposting across multiple social networks is impersonal just as spamming form letters to multiple email addresses is. Hence neither is effective.

  10. This is amazing information Time thief! Thank you. My facebook page refers only a few views. My personal page gives me many more. I’m thinking and hoping that this post is a sign that you’re doing OK or a little better? :)) I’ll have a proper scour of this post later so I can digest it all. :)

  11. This helped clarify things for me, too, TimeThief. Additionally, I’ve found that when I publicise to Facebook, for those people using tablets or smartphones the hyperlink to the full post is very difficult to locate. If I post directly to Facebook (not using publicise) this isn’t a problem. It seems there’s very little to be gained from using the auto function, especially for Facebook.

  12. I was wondering that about publicize and the fact it post snippets on and most people can’t be bothered to click links!

    I’ve just started using hootsuite what do you think of multiple posting through this it seems not to post small snippets like publicize ? Hope your well?

    • It’s good to hear from you. Thanks so much for your well wishes. Here’s the deal. Sadly, nothing I have is curable and I’m not going to get better every day. I have two more serious conditions to cope with now. I’m learning how to prevent and/or cope with the bad times and I’m finding it very hard to make a living and blog too. I felt depression coming on awhile back and I started singing in a choir again. Music is a healing agent and singing is a must for me. Right now it’s far more important than blogging is.

      • Thank you for your candor. I imagine you are weighing out all kinds of things in your life, not just blogging. I am not interested in pushing any agenda on you or your life, I do believe in life lived abundantly though. I will be praying for you and if I can be a shoulder or a sounding board or anything else, I want you to know I would be that. Sing – fill your heart with Joy – blog or don’t, you are not alone either way.

        • You are right. I’m reconsidering all aspects of my life right now. Most of all, I’m doing things that make me feel good and I’m going to be okay. I know what’s happening with my breathing now. I have adult onset asthma and I have a puffer and I now know how use it next time. The heart condition is what it is and I can’t change it, so I must make peace with that both in my mind and in my body. That takes time and a commitment too. Thanks so much for including me in your prayers. {HUG} Love you

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for your comment. I don’t get much traffic from Bing or Yahoo either. I’m glad what I posted about Facebook and Twitter,etc. is new to you.

  13. I definitely agree that manual posting is better, especially when sharing posts with Twitter, as it means you can add appropriate hashtags to the Tweet first. I always share posts manually.

  14. This is very helpful. :-) It makes sense that unique snippets would catch more attention than redundancy. (I tried clicking the Pings for You link, but there seemed to be a problem.)

    • Hi Chris,
      Social promotion redundancy can lead to creating a bad impression. Autoposting the same stuff across multple domains is an an impersonal act that smacks of laziness and spamming so it’s no wonder that few will even click the links they see on more than one social network site.

      P.S. I fixed the link.Thanks.

      • I’m guilty of this, but hadn’t viewed it this way. I viewed it as a convenience to followers. If I post different stuff on each site, that seems inconvenient: Now the same person wants to read all of it, as it’s different, and feels compelled to keep track of me not only at WP, but also FB, TW, LI, PI, etc. Rather, I expect one follower to just follow me at one site. I auto-feed feeling that it offers convenience: Anyone can pick their favorite site, and not worry that they are missing out by not also checking several other sites. I could post just at WP (I used to), but why should I make someone who loves FB hop over to WP when that person could find my WP posts at FB? Of course, I don’t expect the same person to click the link to the same article at multiple sites; that’s crazy.

        I could post different content at each site. I’m still debating whether that’s better or worse. You have me reconsidering this. I’m not sure I see the advantages clearly (other than seeming lazy for auto-posting). It doesn’t seem reasonable to try and engage the same person on multiple sites: Why do I want to make my followers try to keep up with me at several sites, when one would be so much more efficient?



  15. I stopped auto posting because I wanted control of which picture Facebook used. I like to add my own hashtags on Google Plus and Tumblr. I personalize my Twitter and Linked In auto post. I don’t worry about Twiiter since it flies through everyone’s feed.
    How are you feeling?

    • Hi there Susie,
      It’s so good to hear from you. :)

      I think you are wise. We have no actual control over the images that Facebook chooses to display or when they choose to flush their image caches. Publicize sends them the URL of the post, and they hunt through that for the excerpt and images to include.

      I’m not feeling great but all things are subject to change and I’m remaining positively focused.

  16. Oh! That’s d reason that when it autoposted to my fb fan page it never got reader but when i share it to my fb profile it gets read. Thanx for d info. So shall i stop publicizing/auto posting?

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