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Birthday Weekend

There will be no work for me this weekend.  Here’s is why. After respiratory arrest and hospitalization just days ago, this weekend is a biggie for me.

♫ Happy Birthday to me! ♫


nancy-photos-132 I’m 65 and still alive! I’m loving every precious minute of this life I have to live. A hubby who still loves me after all these years – crazy friends who do too – lots of ♥, great food, music, and lots of fun in my life. Who could ask for anything more?


204 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend

  1. Oh, Time Thief–I don’t know you, but I am soooo glad you made it through your trauma and to your #65! I am a nurse and new blogger–again! And found your answer in the WP forum re: FB posting and decided to click on your avatar. Thanks for your answer and CONGRATS OUT LOUD! –Sylvia

  2. Happy 65th!!
    And I’m so glad to be seeing your blog again. Explanation: I am not in the habit of using the reader because I have tended to receive email notifications from bloggers that I follow. When I first started blogging 2 years ago, your words of wisdom were so helpful!! Somehow though your email notifications stopped coming (my mistake) and I’ve missed much. I really do need to find time to peruse the Reader as well as receive email notifications. You’d think after two years, I’d have that all figured out.

    Anyway, I babble.

    Thank you though!! and have a fabulous year!

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