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Green Lizard’s Blog

By Guest Author,  Lizard100, who blogs at
I started a blog a while ago but like all foolish bloggers I didn’t actually write it for some time. Since February 2014 that has changed. I am now blogging every day and really enjoying it.

woodsThe theme of my blog is environmental. It has two purposes. Firstly to share ideas with others for living in a greener way and secondly as a personal inspiration to recognise the green achievements and adjustments that we’ve made to our lives day by day. It’s self inspiring because my green commitment had slightly stagnated. Blogging has re-injected energy into my commitment. 

I guess that I started to blog merely as a mechanism for documenting those green things but this has definitely grown. But I also came to blogging because I’d established that writing was important to me and that I wasn’t finding a channel to write regularly.

The purpose was simple when I started to blog, ‘Write about green things’, but since then the purpose and structure has really developed. I hadn’t intended to write every day but that came about as a personal reinforcement. I needed to have good habits so daily blogging was necessary. I didn’t expect to have enough content but then realised that the more I wrote the more I ‘saw’ to write about. I was able to acknowledge more and more environmental niggles that has been dormant too. (Though I don’t see myself as a ‘ranting’ blogger.)

market1When that daily realisation came I did plan a day by day theme but haven’t stuck to it particularly closely. I think as time passes I may need that structure more.

I did a lot of work looking for other blogs around a range of topics that are associated with environmental issues. I wanted to broaden my own horizons. I did this with searches for a variety of blogs from food to frugal living to environmentally aware. 

I’m very surprised by three things about the blogging world.  How much I love it primarily! Then also by the way that connecting with other bloggers creates so much energy. There’s a great variety of people, topics, knowledge and support. As part of that I’m also surprised that connecting with people who blog gives me reassurance. The green life we lead is unusual and I know few people personally that have such a stance on the way they live but I’ve found greener friends from blogging which have provided a stimulus too. 

I sometimes wish I’d known the ‘rules’ for the naming of my blog and some of the techy good habits at the start. Some of that stuff needs a pinch of salt but some of it is very useful. I also wish I’d named all my images at the beginning.

Blogging has taught me to be more proud of what I’ve achieved and to acknowledge that I’m doing well. That’s a really strong benefit that I hadn’t anticipated. 

I’ve yet to face a blogging challenge (other than how to name all my photos now) but I am wary of content collapse. I fear running out of posts but in that awareness I keep finding more to write. So I intend to keep stretching my green muscles so that content is sustained and nurtured.

beeThe best part of blogging for me is threefold;  the writing – The more I write and the more I want to write. Meanwhile the friends I have met are a great inspiration and surprisingly I’m enjoying photos. I hadn’t seen them as so significant but I’m learning about creating better images too. 

Long term blogging plans aren’t something I’ve developed yet. I want to write every day for a year and so far I’m six and a half months in beyond that I’m not sure what my plan is. I’ll have to get working on it next I guess.

 Visit to get Lizard 100’s green perspective on living in The Netherlands and treating the planet well.

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10 thoughts on “Green Lizard’s Blog

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  2. I enjoy reading this post very much as it is such an honest perspective on blogging and reminded me of my own start on blogging journey. It is very true indeed that connections across blogosphere do a lot for one’s reassurance -:)! Happy blogging!

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  4. You are unearthing some gems TT. I’ll be hopping over there for a look right now, as you know, it is a way of living that we try to follow too.

    @ Lizard – did you mean captions for your photos or names? Do caption wherever you can, it adds so much more to a photo. Anyway I’ll visit your blog for a look. I’ve also met a number of blogging pals with similar interests, so they may well be interested in your blog. I think the idea of actually writing down what you do is a good one. I’ve never thought of it, but I might do it for a week to see how much we do/don’t do.

  5. I’m enjoying witnessing your blog emerging because you and I have overlapping interests. My hubby live a very simple life and we are likewise focused on green living. Thanks so much to allowing me to publish your guest post. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and your blog better.

    • Thanks very much. It’s a great feeling to see my words in another page. It’s a good way to recognise my own achievement and to learn from others. Thanks once again!

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