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Stories – Untapped treasures you need to share

datebookBy Guest Author, Judy Berman who blogs at

Imagine growing up listening to a spell-binding story-teller. What great fodder for a book.

My Dad shared some of his experiences on cassette tape so that I could write them up. He was an electronics engineer, made the first TV set we ever had and told stories filled with adventure, humor and danger.

But I just kept procrastinating.

One day, my Dad asked “what about the stories I gave you?”

Why hadn’t I written about them? They were an untapped treasure just sitting in a drawer.

My Dad, an excellent yarn-spinner, died in 2011. I wanted to share those stories. To work my way thru grief over losing him, I listened to his stories again. It was like he was still in the room with me. Such a comfort just to hear him speak.

Then I began a blog – – and shared Dad’s stories.

In time, I knew that I would move on to my own.

Three months after I started, I became very discouraged. One particular week, I only had 33 views. four “likes,” and two comments – counting my own response.

That’s when I began to question whether I wanted to continue writing a blog. But the bottom line was I loved to write, and I decided that’s what I’d do even though the readership was beyond anemic.

I’m glad I stuck with it. Two weeks later in December 2011, readership began to slowly blossom.

Beaver Lake Nature Center - Baldwinsville - July 2014 (25)

Judy Berman – Beaver Lake Nature Center – Baldwinsville – July 2014 (25)

Writing a blog revealed a few surprises. It’s not like Kevin Costner’s decision, in the movie “Field of Dreams,” to build a baseball diamond in the middle of a cornfield and expecting folks to flock to it to watch the game.

You may build it, but that doesn’t mean that folks will navigate the congested Internet terrain to discover you.

Patience is one skill I’m in short supply of. I certainly learned to develop that in the first two yeas of blogging.

In the meantime, I also found I enjoyed the creativity and I gained more confidence in my writing.

Now, I’ve also gotten to know many in the blogging community. Sometimes their comments are like a letter from a long lost friend. Like timethief, they’ve given me advice and support.

My third blogiversary will be in September. It’s been a pleasure to share my stories.

Every one has a story to tell. If you haven’t taken the plunge, go for it. Visit Judy’s blog at and read her stories.

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8 thoughts on “Stories – Untapped treasures you need to share

  1. I echo everything said above – thank you for sharing your story and for your inspiration too. I’ve been blogging to a very small number of people for almost three months and was wondering whether to continue. But your post reminded me that I actually enjoy the very effort of writing and so for that reason I shall carry on writing. I shall also look forward to following your blog now and hearing your Dad’s stories.

  2. Nothing beats a good story, especially one told with wit, energy, style, and good pacing. Hey, I think I just described the Judy Berman writing style!! Great post, Judy, always a pleasure! : )

  3. Loved reading your story and the emotional words as you describe your Dad and his stories. Looking forward to getting to know you better,

  4. What a truly wonderful way to honor your father and impart something to the blogging community at the same time. My Dad was always the life of the party with the way he delivered his tales. I am now wondering why I have nothing on tape and why I trusted myself to remember those stories on my own? Nowadays they’re all kind of blurred together – – And no Dad to ask for help sorting them out. I really admire you, having such a meaningful start to your blog and personal gratification as well. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Judy,
    The first year we blog can be a lonely one. It can be one where we wonder if we are doing something wrong, but as you observed, we just haven’t located or reached our target audience. Like you I learned that building a following takes time and patience. The most wonderful thing about stories is that they age well. Thanks so much for sharing your story about blogging here and for encouraging others to take the plunge.

    • Timethief … I appreciate your support and encouragement. It’s meant a lot. Sometimes when I close my eyes, those storytellers are right there in the room with me. Now if they’d only type down their stories, I’d be all set. ;-)

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