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Beginner Blogging and Gentle Stitches

a collection of  amigurumi owlsBy Guest Author, Gentle Stitches who blogs at

The spaghetti had really hit the fan when I started blogging. The wheels had fallen off and the well was completely dry. Not one to indulge in wallowing, I did what any suddenly single parent without a job due to their sudden poor health would do. I started up craft and mending classes, took in mending, wrote and sold patterns and concentrated on all that was good in the world. To do this I needed to promote myself with a web page but there was a small snare here. My IT skills were, to be kind, not good.

Enter Timethief. I met her initially when I was sobbing requesting assistance on the support forums but then found her blog and I and my blog have lived happily ever after. Timethief had a way of explaining things which I had literally read over and over until I was quite blue in the face and then I would read her version and go “OMG I GET IT! (sob)”. Forgive the histrionics but sometimes there is a place for them. I love that I can go to her site and use the search button and there is the information. Also Timethief does it all voluntarily which makes the blogging playing field just that bit move even for bloggers like me.

Well fast forward and things have improved greatly for Gentle Stitches. My blog has evolved, the tide has turned and I am now using my skills for humanitarian and craftivist activities as well as writing and publishing patterns on my Ravelry  shop. We don’t live a large life but our bills are paid and we are happy knowing we are doing our small bit to keep positivity and the ancient crafts alive. We are eating well and sharing food with others and it all started with our Timethief. I was one of the first people to put her button on my blog so other people could get blogging help. Now when I encounter a 404 error on a webpage I think ‘herumph! Don’t people check for broken links?” Fair dinkum it wasn’t long ago I couldn’t link anything and a broken link would have made me scratch my head and go “duh?”

Sharon PridmoreI hope to blog for a very long time and to follow other blogs for a very long time. I am delighted with not only the talent people have but also the generosity of spirit I encounter on a daily basis. Timethief, you bring people together the same as it has been for millennia. Our needs for community and expression haven’t changed. It is just the props that change and these days the props are often digital. :-)

Visit Sharon’s Gentle Stitches blog and her Ravelry store to take in her creative genius.

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11 thoughts on “Beginner Blogging and Gentle Stitches

    • I agree and I’ve been going through a box of Kleenex as I post these guest posts in between running back and forth for medical tests. My followers are gold. If I have to give this blog up then I used to crochet and knit so I’ll take both up again and become a craftivist too.

  1. Hi there Sharon,
    Getting to know you and your blog has been a pleasure and I’m humbled by your kind words about my attempts to help others. Your creations are adorable. Best wishes to you re: your blog and your Ravelry site too.

  2. A beautiful post. Congratulations to the success of your blog and for writing so eloquently about our blogging friend Timethief – she saved many of us from our IT frustrations in blogsphere and beyond.

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