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Meet a Bilingual International Blogger

wpid-sfondocateBy guest blogger catezapp who blogs at

Hi there readers.I am a member of one cool site for quite a while now. I am Italian but have an English mum and have traveled quite a lot. In my blog which now I have had several years, I post in both Italian and English because I have both readers.

When I began blogging, I started with Blogger because it was easier and moved here when I had more experience. In my blog, which is closed and available only to a small community, I blog about everything from my travels to what I have been doing. I post photos and I have guests, but the blog can vary to include other subjects as well.

worldstampsI live in two countries and that also inspires me for the blog. I live between Italy and Belgium and this  has also helped me in my choice of blogging subjects. I have little nieces ages 2 and 5 and a half, who speak three languages fluently.

I like blogging. Blogging has made me less shy, friendlier. I have learned how to comment and in the comments I receive and I get a lot of praise. I don’t mind negative comments,as long as they are not offensive.

For my blog I use photography themes, such as Hatch, Portfolio and Illustratr.

When I began blogging I did not have any plans or expectations,but over the years the community grew, we all became friends and I don’t see an end to it up until now.

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17 thoughts on “Meet a Bilingual International Blogger

  1. I’ve often thought about blogging in Spanish, initially on my dog blog, there was quite a bit of interest at the time, but I’ve taken the lazy route, and just stick in a few words of Spanish de vez en cuando. Spanish has taken over from French as my main second language. When I first came to Gibraltar I was quite snooty about the way some Gibraltarians spoke English, now I admire them for being able to switch languages without missing a beat. Oddly although brought up to speak both languages (Spanish and English) plus llanito, not everyone can read and write Spanish. My partner had to sort some woman’s mobile ‘phone for her as she couldn’t understand the Spanish settings.

    Private blogs can be good when you want to share more personal info. I’ve had one but it didn’t really suit me, I do read a couple of private ones though. My private one was with Blogger, as I also started over ‘there’. I lived in Italy for a while, Moncalieri, near Torino.

  2. I can’t imagine maintaining a blog in two languages. Like so many Americans, I find it hard to imagine being bilingual. I took 4 years of Latin in high school and 3 years of Spanish, but all I retained was some vocabulary.

  3. @catezapp
    As I answer a lot of support forum questions I have become aware of how many successful private blogs there are at Some are for family members and close friends only. Others are for colleagues who work together and need to consult privately. Some are for organizations and companies who have employee only blogs.

    I’m happy to know that you have found my blogging tips to be useful and I’m thankful for your comments on my posts too. I’m wishing you all the best with your private blog and trusting your travels back and forth between Italy and Belgium will continue to be safe and enjoyable too.

  4. Blogging in two languages is very impressive! And I imagine it’s a great way to retain and refine your second language. It’s a shame I seem to have forgotten the languages I learnt at school.

  5. Thanks so much for submitting this guest post. It’s wonderful to know you blog in two languages. I wish I have more than one language. Learning another one has always been on my list of things to do.

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