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Introducing Mrs. Fringe: A Peripheral Life

By Guest Blogger Mrs Fringe, who blogs at

Sometimes the fringe falls just right. I’ve been thinking about writing a post on blogging; I recently had a discussion with a few other bloggers and I just passed my two year blogoversary on Mrs Fringe.   Then I saw Time Thief’s post on One Cool Site, asking for submissions while she recuperates.  mrsfringe1I don’t generally do guest posts, but… Time Thief is one of the first bloggers I “met,” she’s incredibly giving of her time and assistance on the forums, she runs two of my favorite blogs—One Cool Site and This Time-This Space, she’s a regular reader and commenter on my blog, and how would I not love someone with a salt and pepper icon?

I did not begin blogging with a well-defined plan.  In fact, if you read the guidelines and suggested “rules” of the blogosphere, the blog should have fizzled inside of 4 months.  No definite plan, no clear-cut subject matter, and nothing remotely resembling a regular posting schedule.  What I had was the desire to have a space to be honest, and an interest in making connections, having conversations with readers and other bloggers.

Sociology 101, we all wear many hats, play different roles.  Mrs Fringe is my spot to be and wear all of them.  Yanno, almost like a complete person.  If I have a “theme” to the blog, it’s what it is to live and raise a family on the economic fringe of NYC.  All of it—dog walking, parenting, budgeting, being a woman of more than 40,000 years, reefing (coral reef keeping), writing, backaches, crying, the occasional political rant and more than occasional silliness.   If you’re wondering, I am indeed the old lady who lives in a shoe.

And photos.  When I first started, I used stock photos, just a few of my own sprinkled in, now it’s the other way around.  I’ve discovered I love walking up and down the subway steps with the added weight of my camera, finding just the right oddity to  to shoot and post.  It’s changed how I look as I walk down the street, what does or doesn’t catch my eye.  I’m no photographer, but I have fun with it.


Very early on in the blog, one of my posts was “Freshly Pressed.”  That was fantastic, but I wish it had been a bit later on.  I didn’t have much in the way of archives (seriously, I think I had only been blogging for a few weeks), and was still settling into my voice as Mrs Fringe.  Now would be perfect to be FP’ed, so of course, now is when it won’t happen.On the writer’s forum I frequent, a regular question that pops up is how to “drive” traffic to your blog, and attract subscribers.  I dunno.  I consider Mrs Fringe a small success and I enjoy it tremendously, but I don’t have a huge readership.  What I do have is an ever-growing readership (albeit slowly), and fabulous people who engage in conversation through the comment section.  Why? Because when someone posts a comment, I reply.  Again, blogging is, for me, all about the human connections and conversations.

Visit Mrs Fringe’s unique blog at and join the conversation.

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14 thoughts on “Introducing Mrs. Fringe: A Peripheral Life

  1. TT, I just want to say how great this is (though I’m sorry for what prompted the opportunity), I’m seeing several blogs/bloggers I’m happy to find. <3

  2. This was a heartfelt, eloquent post and I’m off to your blog now. For what it’s worth, the one and only time I was FP’d, we were fleeing our home from a huge fire and I never got to enjoy it. Ahh timing… Gotta love it. Take care and thanks for guest-blogging here so I can follow the bread crumbs back to you!

  3. Thank you for the kind words, rough seas :) TT, I’m so happy to see that you are feeling supported. I feel certain I’m only one in a crowd that is glad for the opportunity to offer something back to you and One Cool Site. <3

    PS: I have picked up some new followers, thank you–and I suspect on my way to a couple of new friendships ;)

    • I’m enjoying them too and every one I receive is making me tear up. Wow! What a great blogging community one cool site has. I feel both humbled and uplifted by the support I’m receiving.

      • I think the wide reach this blog has, plus the less personal aspect of it, works well for these posts. Wouldn’t work for your other TTTS, certainly wouldn’t work for roughseas, although I did get a great guest blogging post on my dogblog. He offered, and I thought it worked really well. Not sure that he got anything out of it :( but I really appreciated his post, and so did my dogblog readers.

        Looks like Ellen has picked up new followers and hopefully Mrs Fringe will do too.

        Sending you… Well you know. We’re in the same place from different positions.

        • Agreed.
          My dogs aren’t chatty, though they do bark too much.;)
          I’m hoping every one of my guest bloggers will get lots of visits and new followers too.
          I’m reciprocating and sending you all my best always.

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