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Another update

tea timeHi there Readers,

I was hospitalized this weekend. I was in respiratory distress and I’m currently recovering at home. I could use some help and would appreciate you considering giving me some.

If you are a subscriber and regular commenter on this blog and you would like to have me publish a guest post relating to your blogging experiences then see here please What I’m offering here is a way of benefiting your blog and the blogs of the other guest authors who enter the guest post contract with me. And the reason I’m doing this is because I’m ill and I may have to close down this blog very soon, so I want to gift my faithful readers and commenters with backlinks before that comes to pass.

Important note: I am a Canadian and my email address is not a address. It is a address.


Prompts you can consider using in a guest post:

1.   If you were to describe the primary themes you blog about to someone who did not have internet access, how would you describe your blog?

2.   Set the scene for us so we know how you came to know about blogging and what prompted you to begin your own blog.

3.  Did you start blogging with a well defined purpose and plan for your blog? Or was your blog development approach an informal one?

4.  How did you locate related blogs that influence your own blogging?

5.  What surprised you most about blogging?

6.  If you could change one thing about your blog or blogging experience what would it be?

7.  What has blogging taught you about yourself?

8.  What’s the greatest blogging challenge you either have faced or are facing now, and how did or do you plan to overcome it?

9.  What’s the best part of blogging for you?

10. Paint a picture of your blogging future for us by sharing the long term plans you have for your blog.


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