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Quick update

sketchI’m recovering.  The swelling is subsiding and the pain is greatly reduced. I have full mobility again!  I’m expecting to know what the results of my last scans will be later today and I’m feeling positive about what they will show.

Regardless of what the results are, I have benefited from being offline in the evenings and keeping my feet above my heart because I have caught up on my reading.

I’m not sure what I want to publish about as I’ve been lost in the fog of pain but I’m considering posting on the importance of originality when blogging. Do you my beloved Readers have any special requests?

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

I got the last of my results back today. The one I was worried about most of all is okay. Alleluia!

I love you Readers and I`ll trust that you will understand why talking about my health issues is stressful and I need to avoid all stress. I have avoided getting personal in this blog for years but now is different than then. I have chronic and incurable conditions and syndromes. From time to time I will be very ill and then I will recover. When I can do so I will publish twice weekly. When I cannot do that I will have to recover first.

In the future I may not choose to openly share that I am ill because when I do my blog is deluged with spam and content thieves become active. Their behavior causes me even more work at a time when I`m least able to cope with it.

Know that I read every comment and that I so thank each and every one of you for your well wishes. With your support I will choose to blog on.

May you all be well and happy too.


133 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. I don’t know what prompted me to pull this particular post up, but it seems I missed it during a flare of CFS/ME I was having about the same time your problem hit you. I was so very, very anxious to finish up the new Gallery, but it went on hold for weeks while I recovered. Judging by your comment, it sounds like you’re back and I was very glad to see that. Hope your boat trip was just exactly what you needed!

      • Oh no! It was supposed to be a restful, relaxation thing, but good that you’re better now! Hope you manage to stay healthy now. I’ll be sending good thoughts your way.

  2. Dear TT: I just found wordpress and am still eager to learn. Thank you for responding to my cry for help. Would you believe that you were the only one who felt my pain? It’s tough being an older citizen with no IT training if the provider/source/you guys does not provide any voice support. Ah, well.. you heard me and I say thanks.
    .. I have a little contribution for you. Sounds like you may have a disability, depending on how long your back problem lasts. You may be a candidate for Rehabiitation Services. Here in Texas is called the Division of Assistive and Rehabiitative Services, for which agency I am a Contract Service Provider. If you need it, they can provide you with training and assistive devices, a new tablet, an üpside down worktable, or whatever else you need. Let me know if this info helps in any way. I care. Beth

    • Thanks so much for your concern about my health, Beth. I’m a Canadian and very grateful that I am as our medical system is there for me. I do wish you well with your blog and the good work you do too. I want to remind you and me too that ageing does not hamper our ability to learn new skills.

  3. Hi Time Thief, I had no idea you were going through so much. I have to admit that I have not read many of your posts, I get the notification when you post but I admit that if the content is not what I’m looking for then I skip past and I’m ashamed to say I must have missed a lot. Thank you for sharing about your illness, I know it’s never easy to talk about personal issues on a forum such as this and it takes great courage. My heartfelt best wishes go out to you and your family. Take the time to rest and I will look forward to seeing your posts in the future.

    • Your approach makes perfect sense tome. I choose post titles that communicate exactly what the post content is and also try to create strong introduction that communicate the intent to my followers so they can be selective. Thanks for your well wishes.

    • Hi Joanna,
      Things didn’t go as I planned last weekend (understatement) but I’m happy to be here and able to reply to your comment today.

    • The foot and leg swelling subsided and the pain along with it and I was packed and ready to sail off when the fickle finger of fate got me. I couldn’t breathe and it was terrifying experience that made the other stuff pale in comparison. Those who cannot breathe are dead and not experiencing the pain of swelling or aching joints. Luckily I’m tough stuff and the paramedics were superb, so there will be another time when I can have a weekend away.

  4. Hi TT. So glad that your tests were good. Take a break, relax. You have created a huge body of very valuable information and you deserve a break. Your health is your most important possession. We will miss you but we will know you are recovering and that’s the best news.

  5. What about sitting on top of the new dishwasher when it’s running, so you get a gentle massage? No? Well, just an idea… : )

    Glad you’re feeling better. I think you draw strength from blogging and reader engagement, but don’t overdo. The cyber world can be draining. It can also steal our life away.

    Thanks for the update. You’re an inspiration. Don’t press Delete while the dishwasher is running– you can lose a lotta dishes that way… : )

    • Hi Nancy,
      I’m much better now and feel like I’m managing well now. I’m looking forward to getting way for a short break and recovering when I do. Thanks so much for caring how I’m doing.

  6. Timethief – I’m sending you my warmest wishes and best vibes. We’ll enjoy your posts whenever it’s the right time for you to write and publish. Thank you for sharing your situation. I care about my internet friends exactly the same way as those I befriend in person. Take care.

  7. Positive thoughts always streaming at you. We need to work on a system that lets you safely use a laptop or tablet upside down. :D Nah, you deserve the rest, my friend. Hang in there.

    • Hey there,
      It’s always good to hear from you, Lorelle. I have to accept the reality that I can no longer spend hours with my legs hanging down using a desktop, so a laptop or a tablet are definitely what I dream about having. Though I’ve never had a Mac, I’m not to old learn how to use one. So I dream of having either a MacBook Pro with Retina display, or if I can’t have that, then I dream of having a Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

      We are low income earners who don’t buy each other birthday or xmas gifts, so I’m not holding my breath. But I’m a dreamer Lorelle, and sometimes dreams come true.

      Example: Washing dishes while sitting on a bar stool was no fun at all and that’s an understatement, because even navigating across the room and getting on it, without tipping over was a challenge. My hubby can’t be here every minute so he insisted I not take any tipping over risks while he’s away. That makes sense because who would find me and when would they find me came to mind. However, the good news is that my last dream was fulfilled yesterday. Delivery van doors opened and I saw that I have a brand new dishwasher. How cool is that?

      I’m thinking positively about continuing to blog despite the fact the hours I have to sit in front of a desktop are severely reduced. I have decided to blog on and blogging on is what I shall do. :)

        • Good idea and when my wish is fulfilled I may do that.

          I can accept cyber hugs but actual hugs mean I am at risk for dislocating my vertebrae again so I have to take a pass on those for the next little while.

          Thank you for being such a good friend.

  8. Some people have no conscience – stealing when you’re crook. On the other hand, maybe you should celebrate that you have content worth stealing.

    Years ago, after being seriously plagiarised professionally, I was reassured by a colleague that I will always have more words and ideas. The plagiarist, however, will not.

    On top of that, modern research has established solid health benefits of being creative. Again, you win, the mindless thieves with no ideas of their own, will lose.

    • Hi there,
      That’s so true. It amazes me but some people feel no guilt at all about helping themselves and trying to pass the work of others off as their own.

      You’re last sentence heartens me. Thanks so much for wading in here.

  9. This connection serves so many purposes, one of which is the calling out to your faithful blogging friends and followers when quite unexpected the pain and need is there. Happy that you’ve shared what you have and could so we can send you our prayers and positive thoughts, I’m hoping to receive the best news yet! I hope you have a lovely boat excursion this weekend and are able to thoroughly enjoy and celebrate ~

    • Hi Mary,
      I have avoided using this blog to communicate with Readers on a personal level frequently but this time I felt the need to reach out. I’m ready to hit the high seas later today and I’m so happy to be sailing off into the blue for the weekend.

  10. So happy to hear you will be going on that long weekend with your hubby. I’ve kept in the background, but have also kept you in my thoughts since the day you told us you were not feeling 100%. I’m sending continued prayers and positive thoughts. WP will be here for you, as will your loyal readers & followers, when you are ready to dive back in. Have a wonderful weekend.


    • Hi Margaret,
      I’m feeling so much better physically and I’m in tip top shape mentally and emotionally. I can’t wait to get away and just relax.

    • I’m well on my way now and so happy this bout is reaching an end. Coping with this is so draining. I intend to recharge my batteries on the open sea in the sunshine this weekend.

  11. Hi timethief,
    All best wishes for a continued recovery. A boat trip sounds like the perfect medicine – enjoy! As with everyone else who has commented I’ll be around when you are ready to publish again.

    • Thank you so much. I’m so looking forward to hubby and I being together in a context that doesn’t involve work or ill health. I’m sure we will have a lovely time.

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