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I love WordPress

I love WordPress

My introduction to the open source community and WordPress software became a love affair that’s ongoing. Eight years ago I received an invitation to become a blogger.  I accepted and discovered WordPress software and the community are the perfect fit for me.

You will find the 7 Reasons Why I Like Hosting outline why I host my blogs where I do today. While searching for tutorials I discovered both old gold and some shiny new WordPress educational videos and WordPress.TV shows to share with my followers and their followers. vs.

My first choice is an 8 minute side-by-side comparison of and aimed at assisting bloggers to make an informed decision as to which WordPress product is the right fit for them. The video is based on Sarah Goodings’ article titled vs A Definitive Guide For 2013.  For a bare bones summary in table form view the and support doc comparison.

Mel Choyce: Getting the Most Out of

The basics of using WordPress itself, and what specifically can offer you as a beginning blogger.   Watch on WordPress.TV.

Billie Hillier: How to Make Readers & Search Engines Love Your Content

In this presentation learn the key components most articles should include which will keep readers on the page, increase page views, and rank with the search engines. Watch on WordPress.TV

Scott Berkun: Write or Die

A masterclass in writing well. Scott offers no-nonsense advice about the forgotten core of what makes a blog succeed: good writing. Watch on WordPress.TV.

David Hamilton: Blog Like A Journalist

This presentation explains how a writer can maintain a high commitment to journalism, while also employing storytelling styles which are more compatible with blogs and their audiences. Watch on WordPressTV.


Do you think WordPress software and the community are the perfect fit for you?

33 thoughts on “ Video Tutorial Collection

  1. After my first year blogging, I thought about switching from to I believe I turned to you for advice before making any moves. I’m glad I stuck with It was the best choice for me. Thank you, always, for your support. ;-)

  2. This is something I mulled over about two years ago. I believe I did turn to your blog for information and decided to stick with It was the best choice for my needs. Thanks for providing this very informative video.

  3. Your site is very helpful…half the time I’m not sure what I’m doing. I would like to find bloggers involved in home projects, decorating etc. I follow some on blogger but cannot find the same types on wordpress…am I in the wrong place?
    And if this is an “not my type question” please forgive.

  4. I didn’t know WordPress TV existed. Thanks!
    As for WP & community being the perfect fit for me … it’s not perfect. Nothing ever is. But it’s by far the best I’ve found so far.

    • Perfect is a high standard and that’s for sure. Maybe I ought to have said the best fit for me, rather than the perfect fit.

      I discovered the site some time ago now and when I have time which is usually when I’m using hubby’s computer I watch the WordCamp presentations.

    • Ditto from me. When i first started I looked at other places then just took a big leap into WP – and it’s been pretty amazing and comfortable around here.

      There are resources that really help (your site being one). Will Check out WP TV. Timeless topics. Very Cool

  5. Thanks so much TimeThief for the time and energy you have spent to provide incredibly helpful support and information on making this technology work better for us bloggers.

  6. Oh wow…So much good information here. The WordPress TV is something new to me. Also, WordPress SEO. Thank you for posting this valuable info!

  7. I am new to this blogging world and besides that I’m a slow learner…but it seems to me that more of the diy and home decorating blogs that I enjoy are on blogger. Is that a true statement or am I lost here….I enjoy your blog and find it very helpful.

  8. I had used blogger. Just landed few days back to WordPress. I hope this journey will be awesome. Bookmarked it to read it later in my couch.

      • I thought you’d want to know :) Thanks so much for another post jam-packed with useful links and tips. I watched the Billie Hillier video from beginning to end, too. Lots of food for thought there. I’ll be back to check-out the others.

  9. I observe there is no link to my new ‘front-end’ saying “and, of course, M-R’s own workaround for setting up image icons at the head of her site that act as Tables of Content is another commendable discovery” … [grin]

  10. Thank you. You have been very helpful to those of us who have needed the help – and that’s everyone, right? :)

    You’re first link, 7 reasons… isn’t working though.

      • No need. We all do it, I’m just pleased when people point it out. Not everyone clicks on links, but if they do, I’d rather it be right. No time to listen to all the vids as they are quite long, but did preview a couple of them. I’ll work my way through the ones I’ve chosen.

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