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Google+ Updates

google plus iconAre you aware that Google is removing Authorship photos from its results? Are you wondering how to add rel=”publisher” markup to link link your blog to a Google+ Page?

Here are two very interesting updates to read:

Google introduced authorship a year or two ago, and I for one have been influenced to look at an article or take up a recommendation by seeing someone I know endorsing the article or recommendation. – Google Authorship Photos To End

I didn’t realize the user could not add the badge because of the javascript – I’ll look for another solution, Google is okay with an invisible link in the according to the updated support page, I’ll offer this solution. – How to add rel=”publisher” to my site to connect my Google+ Page

17 thoughts on “Google+ Updates

  1. I dropped G+ as soon as they started interconnecting all their various services. I don’t want to be interconnected. I have different identities in different places for a reason.

  2. I no longer use Google when I try to copy a photo from a source that allows it … or when I try to print out a story – including mine from my blog. Google must be trying to protect copyrights because it leaves out whole lines or words from a story. When I sent a photo that I took from my iPhone to Picassa on my computer, it put it’s little “G” stamp on the photo. I immediately killed it out, went on Internet Explorer and got my photo without a hassle. Not a fan of “Google.”

  3. (1) No. (2) No. [grin]
    irritating, ain’t I, Titi ?
    I just came on board to ask how the gargling is going …?

        • I am a Mezzo-soprano but I have good range so I can sing in the soprano range and the alto range and I love switch hitting. Better still I like tossing the music score in the trash and scat singing. In this case I’m in a choir and sticking to the score and singing mostly the soprano parts. So here’s my confession. I sing in choirs and groups because I have terrible stage fright ie. fear that paralyzes and silences me.

          Many pop singers are mezzo-sopranos, although the vocal subcategories used in opera are not applied to them. Examples include Madonna, Beyonce, Patti Lupone, Ethel Merman, Tori Amos, Mary J. Blige, Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Hudson, Whitney Houston (since the mid-1990s), Enya, Janet Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Alanis Morissette, and Sarah McLachlan.

          • I would give quids to find a choir that sings music I like, rather than hideous semi-modern crap.
            I suspect your stage-fright is why you turned to being a supporting person ! – next-best thing. :-)
            Some marvellous mezzos around in the time Stringer and I were stalking Domingo.

          • All the tunes we are singing are pop tunes from the 70’s and this choir is full of great women and men, who can sing and harmonize to create a great sound. Woo hoo! I have missed this so much. It’s so good to be singing again.

          • Singing now then ? – I loved that Ash was so tickled by your saying you were singing, the other day … [grin]

    • I don’t use either of them, however, many of my subscribers do. I sure some will be assisted by the former update and some others will be unhappy about the latter update.

  4. [ Sighs ] I am a little displeased to hear that Google plans on removing authorship photos.

    For the longest longest while, I have been trying to get it to show for my other blog on Google Blogger.

    Honestly speaking, I think that Google is ruining a good thing.

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