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Blog Abandonment is not your only Choice

peopleYesterday was the day I reserved  for my bi-annual Blogs I Follow clean-up. I’m sad that I found so many abandoned blogs that I had to unfollow. Do you know “Why Do 95% Of Bloggers Give Up? Most bloggers – maybe even 95% of bloggers – have no idea what they’re doing.”

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Based on a decade of observation, there’s little doubt in my mind  that most bloggers dive into blogging without:

There’s little doubt that those who who take the field of dreams  ‘build a blog and they will come’ approach to blogging will be disappointed. In reality attracting a high enough traffic flow to cultivate engaged subscribers, who comment, is not an easy feat.

google magnifying glassGetting your content indexed

Focus on creating a collection of high quality content but don’t expect Google to become your blog’s best friend best friend instantly, publish a post or two, and rush to the support forums shouting OMG! I can’t find my blog on Google.

It takes weeks for search engines to index content in a new blog and/or to re-index content under a new URL. What attracts search engines is unique content  in posts (not pages), content that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. You may need to publish original content posts frequently two or even three times weekly for the first 6 months to a year, or even longer to establish your blog in its niche, and attract regular readers.

Increasing Traffic

Don’t listen to anyone who professes there are passive ways of increasing traffic. Increasing traffic to your blog means becoming active not only by publishing fresh and interesting content frequently, but also by responding to every comment you get, commenting meaningfully and frequently on blogs with similar content, and/or being active on social networking sites. Becoming active results in your own blog getting more views and traffic. For more tips download this reference PDF file Ebook: Grow Your Traffic, Build Your Blog.

moneyMaking money

Those who expect to make a million as MLM bloggers, and those who expect to make an easy living from affiliate blogging and don’t succeed when it comes to cost recovery are legion. Those who expect to make significant income from advertising revenue are more likely to discover making enough to cover their expenses and a bit of pocket change is their reality. provides the optional Business plan upgrade which is the only plan that provides eCommerce capability.  Otherwise you can sell products you personally create or services that you personally provide, and if you have a shopping cart set up for your own products or services elsewhere online you can create a custom menu and include a custom link to it in the menu. (Alternatively, you can use PayPal.)

The majority who use a blog to flog merchandise or services will suffer deep disappointment too, If they buy into the ‘build a blog and they will come’ model. Assuming what’s being blog flogged is of high quality, what is takes to succeed is still the same.

Becoming a highly skilled writer and marketer, capable of writing effectively for the web, and adept at relationship building, takes hours of active online time, and that’s what’s required to cultivate an ever growing  consumer group.

Sadly, most people quit about nine months in. Blogging is hard work…and commitments like job, family or other reasons can overtake your blog. That happens. This is why it is so important to count the costs before starting a blog… because in the end giving up on your blog will kill every post you’ve ever written… and success will not come. – 12 Things That Will Kill Your Blog Post Every Time | SEOmoz.


BLOG (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)

Reality check

Most bloggers are hobby bloggers. They are passionate about their subject matter, but not willing to devote any more time and attention to their blogging than one does to any hobby, sport or leisure activity.

What’s needed to become a long term blogger in any niche is the 5 P’s: Passion, Purpose, Productivity, People skills, and Persistence.

Successful bloggers are flexible, resilient and adept at making changes. They understand every failure is a lesson in how to succeed in the future and they make the adjustments required to achieve success.


As it will help me with my content development choices for this blog,  I’d welcome your answers to the 5 following questions:

1.   Does the “hobby blogger” term describe you or not? If not, then please describe what term best suits you.

2.   Have your blogging expectations been met or not?

3.   Is your interest in blogging waxing or waning?

4.   Are you blogging on after the thrill has gone?

5.  Are you considering abandoning a blog? If you are then please do be sure to comment and let me and my readers know what you think would turn things around for you.

I usually respond to each comment individually but this time I’m not going to do that. This time I’ll tell you a little more about one of my related blogging experiences in an aside. Please read When Enough was Enough.

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  1. My blog is mainly to have somewhere to write my stories where people can read them and enjoy them. I don’t want to give up, I have two followers, which I feel is all right for just five months of having my blog.

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