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Blogging: Publication Frequency

 Your blog posts should be directed to a specific audience and interesting enough to encourage them to return to read more. But don’t expect a growing readership unless you provide new fresh content frequently.

When I first began to blog many recommended publishing daily. Granted the more often you write, the better you get at it, and the quicker and easier it gets, but I had too much going on in my offline life to consider publishing daily then, and that hasn’t changed.

Microblogging was not possible in 2005 but we have come a long way. Today we bloggers can use post formats to increase frequency of publication, so all of us can easily publish something almost every day without much increase in effort. However, in these days of digital overwhelm, there is a balancing act in play when it comes to keeping reader attention and driving readers off.

I aim to publish twice weekly. I favor organized blogging  and schedule my blogging time because using an editorial calendar works best for me. The challenges are to:

And,  I’m not convinced  that blogging daily will result in publishing more valuable content than blogging without obligation does. I believe many of my best posts get buried and aren’t front and center for new readers so I include deep links to my evergreen content in newer posts.  I think what’s critical is that your readers know how frequently you publish, and when to expect your next post to be ready to read. Review:  8 Tips for Effective Blogging


How do you determine how frequently you will publish new content?

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67 thoughts on “Blogging: Publication Frequency

  1. I used to post daily and have since cut back to 5 days a week.

    But the 5 days of blogging are actually more grueling than the daily blogging because I have made a commitment to quality writing.

    Recently I happen to write something very on trend and saw an exponential growth in traffic, but I’m clear that that’s a sudden piece of luck and will not happen every day. That I even write about it at all was because I was spending massive amounts of time social networking and happen upon the topic as a result.

    Time management is something I am trying to grasp still but with the time I spent on researching and preparing the article, 5 posts a week is not something sustainable long term.

  2. I decided right from the start that I needed to have a schedule and I post on both blogs once a week and then I do the weekly photo challenge on both blogs on the weekend. That makes four posts altogether which is as much as I can manage. I like doing the photo challenge because it gives me a way to use great photos that don’t really lend themselves to a long story.

    • The organized approach is the best one, for sure. That said, know that I do allow myself some mental leeway. There are times when I may not be able to publish or I may not want to. I think it’s important not to become a slave to my own schedule because I know it will squelch my passion if I do.

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  4. Thanks for sharing these tips. Though mine is a photo blog, your generic blogging tips have helped me a lot, especially when I was starting up. Thanks again :)

  5. For me I post once a month and that the nature of my message, i need time to get the picture ready, and since my blog is all about my brand and person.

    • Hi George,
      I think how often one posts is not as important as most say it is. I think what’s important is consistency so readers know when to expect your next post.

  6. I have been sticking to a weekly publishing schedule for the two years I’ve been blogging, but due to recent work and other obligations, I’m having a bit of a hard time sticking to that. Last week was the first missed date I’ve had without notifying my readers. I feel bad about it :(

  7. Publishing frequently or on a regular schedule is something I have a hard time achieving. In all honesty, the act of writing to me is being so moved by something I’ve seen or felt, that I’m inspired to sit down and blog about it. Whether it’s of a deeply personal nature or something I find extremely amusing, If I don’t feel it, the writing can’t be forced.

    I know that the benefits of publishing on a frequent & regular timetable are numerous, but for me, inspiration will always be my motivating factor, not time.

  8. Timethief, I agree. Content over frequency and to strike a balance that works for the individual. For me, once a week is fine. It usually gives me time to allow ideas to percolate and then form.

  9. I haven’t been able to commit to a posting routine and by now I have had to accept that it’s just not going to happen. As a subscriber, on the other hand, it is sometimes a question of keeping up or catching up and I thoroughly agree with you TiTi on the need for solitude and going offline. It’s good for everyone!

    • Hi Patti,
      I would crack right up if I did not walk away from my contracted work and blogging at least once weekly. I just announce when I’m doing so and that prevents my blog getting hammered by spammers.

  10. I’m probably slothful compared to many here–I blog once a month. Twice a month is a rarity so far. Given the topics I’ve written on some blog posts, some of them do require effort to untangle something complicated, potentially confusing to readers who haven’t experienced the same stuff as I may have.

    I also have probably more photos per blog post. It takes time for me to even find the right set of photos…which means organizing photo collection. (What a thought.)

    • You aren’t slothful.You are measured and every post you publish is a unique work of good writing and fabulous photography. Don’t sweat publication frequency, Jean. Leave that sweating for the poor mistaken sods, who think they will make a million on blogging from ad revenues (as if!).

  11. I have a question TT, Should I be a known person to have a personal blog?? And If no, Should I name that blog with my name or username like on tumblr or with a name I choose like “My thinkings”, or any other name.

    PS. I will not that name, I fell it as a book name or celebrity’s dairy :)

  12. Cheers for that last paragraph (above “Discussion”) Constant publishing can irritate readers and really good posts do get buried and don’t get attention deserved. A couple of solid interesting posts a week should be enough to drive a blog.

    Doing WP Writing101, but the daily posting is getting annoying – not sure post is given enough time to be well crafted/edited as I like, and there’s little time for reading other blogs. And you need time away from screens. Exactly the reasons I haven’t done “challenges” before. But it’s summer and good time to try stuff.

    • Hi Phil,
      I cry a river when good posts get buried.Then I mop up my tears and come up with away to draw attention to them in newer posts.

      I bombed out of the first zero to hero challenge and I never got up and running in writing 101. I waited until the last minute to join, but sure enough I got late entry contract so that was that on that. I’m thinking that maybe challenges aren’t the right fit for me.

      I don’t have any trouble cranking my technical stuff out but daily blogging would feel like work to me and I never want that to happen or I’ll shut down.I’ve tried that years ago and daily blogging led to writer’s block.

  13. I try to publish once a week (because of one of your previous posts encouraging a schedule) and it’s working well for me. Any more often than that and I may come to resent my blog rather than it being just for fun.

    Also, recently we were watching a David Attenborough programme where they looked at some cave drawings. My daughter who is 4 years old asked why cavemen didn’t wear clothes. Her twin brother replied ‘because they were too busy writing their blogs’.

    • Hi Olivia,
      I love your son’s come back. :D

      I have blogged for years and you are right on when it comes to preserving the fun of blogging, rather than becoming a content creation machine. It’s important to protect and preserve our passion for blogging, just as we do for other aspects of our lives.

  14. I use the phrase quality over quantity. Sure readers if they like you are eager to see the next post but not overfeeding them is a good thing which is why variety is good and using post formats like you say. I am probably posting daily if not twice sometimes but always it is something different so maybe appeal to one and not another I generally blog what i like and would imagine that those who read or follow me like the things that i like hence they want to see more. My living in east sheen one is different as I am not so emotionally attached to this, itis more journalistic so i can schedule better with this rather than my spontaneous bursts with eclectic xx

    • Hi Justine,
      I like your emphasis on quality over quantity. As neither of us blog for bucks we don’t have that publish every day pressure.

      • yes true, however i do seem to post daily, with living in east sheen however, I am hoping eventually to earn some bucks, really need to help buffer the bank account!

    • Hi Cate,
      I sense that you have a good posting rhythm going. What’s important is that your followers know what to expect and when to expect it.

  15. Oddly I’ve written a reply to someone on this on my blog. She copied and posted.

    Daily blogs can be a pain for readers. I am not commenting on the same blog every day. I might read. I might not even read.

    That’s one of the reasons I’ve never posted daily on the same blog. If it racks me off as a reader and I can’t be the only one.

    The idea of blogging every Monday and Friday (for example) would drive me up the wall. But twice a week is ok, I’m not so tied by that.

    In practice it’s when I’ve got something I MUST say, or when I think there are too many comments, or it’s a few days since I’ve written. Oh and if I have a decent photo other than my dogs.

    I could easily split my posts up? But why? If someone’s not interested in football or book reviews or editing or dogs or broken ankles they can always skip to the bit they are interested in. The disparate topics are tied together in my head, and suit my style that has evolved.

    How often we blog is partly about our style. OCS is very specific and focused and suits scheduled blogging. TTTS is more personal and I doubt people expect regular posts on Wednesday at 12 noon.

    But commenting is as important. I’ve just read three or four comments on mine from people who have put up new posts. Sometimes I rely on the comments I receive to update myself on other blog posts. I know. That’s not part of the rules :D

    • Please don’t make any changes at all to your publication scheduling.I read every post though as you notice I’m a reluctant commenter.

      You are right about my personal blog TTTS. I began aiming to publish 2 posts weekly but I now publish there without obligation ie. if I don’t have something meaningful to say then I don’t publish.

      • Interestingly most of your commenters prefer the twice weekly (more or less) routine. Maybe I’ll try and remember to do a poll at some point, see what my readers say.

        The last one on do I reintroduce the like button was quite interesting.

        Publication scheduling? There is definitely no schedule!

        I don’t mind that people don’t comment all the time, because I don’t either. Certainly not on daily blogs, or every other day ones. But it’s always nice to know that people are still reading :)

        I do enjoy TTTS. I’m happy to read as and when you post.

  16. I have not done well with regularity recently. We were without internet for two weeks, and then I traveled to the US for nearly another two. I generally aim for one well-written post each week.

    Sorry to have been away from the blogosphere recently. I’ve missed your posts!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • I noticed the publication break Kathy. I wrongly assumed you took a digital detox and re-energize vacation. All of your posts are well written and one per week suits me fine.You can’t get rid of me.

  17. I no longer follow bloggers who post daily (or more). It’s too much to keep up with. I prefer to see a quality read once or twice a week, possible three times if one is short, like a photo challenge.

  18. Oh, this is a tough one for me! I need awhile to really think about my posts, and only will post when it’s really thought out and edited. I was generally running every 2-3 weeks. I was bummed about not being able to post more frequently, but a friend mentioned to me that after awhile, my readers will get used to the rhythm of my schedule and it’ll work fine. I did find that to be the case. I just took a new job a few months ago and now I’m really overdue and a little stressed I’m out of date, but I figure I’d rather be lapsed than put something not-very-interesting out and have people lose interest because the post was bad…. I guess it slows down my growth a bit–but that’s ok with me. Will check out the links you posted–thank you!

  19. I can see that litbloggers who publish more frequently than I do – around 5 times a week – bet more hits. But I can’t read and create good posts that frequently, and I don’t want to just think up extra things e.g. posts linking to other info etc just to have more posts to get more hits. The number of hits isn’t THAT critical to me though it’s nice to have followers. SO, I post every Monday in a special series I have and then aim for two others a week – usually Wednesday and Saturday but sometimes Wednesday ends up being Friday and Saturday becomes Sunday, or sometimes I only do one more in the week. I assume most readers subscribe or follow and will come when they are notified.

    • Publishing 5 times weekly is right over the top for me as both a blogger and as a subscriber. I find it hard to believe that anyone can have a vibrant offline life and still have enough time to create and publish 5 high quality posts every week. Perhaps they don`t work and they don`t have gardens or yards to keep up, and that`s not to mention relationship time with family and friends. Two or three posts weekly is my breaking point.

      • Exactly time thief … I can’t really keep up with reading that level of posting from bloggers so I pick and choose which ones I’ll read. I’m now retired but I do have spouse, parents nearby, friends, occasional contract work, not to mention housework AND just the need not to be sitting all day!

  20. When I first started blogging and knew nothing, I tried to post weekly – I was so excited. Now I’ve evolved into a calmer blogger. I need to have a valid project to show. So far I haven’t run out of projects even when I think I will and it works out roughly every two weeks or so. I even get physically antsy at about the 2 week mark, so I know it’s time to whip out the supplies and get busy!

  21. I usually try to post once or twice a week, but have never been rigid about this. I don’t like blogs that publish very frequently as they demand too much of my time to follow and I end up not reading their posts properly or at all, which rather negates their purpose in publishing them. :-) A blogger has to be a very good writer and have a unique approach for me to read them every day and I’ve only found one of whom that is true for me.

    • Hi there,
      I feel the same way about subscribing to blogs where publishing daily is the status quo. I know can`t keep up with reading them so I don`t subscribe.

  22. I publish twice a week, same days each week, almost always within a 3 hour window after I get home from work. I don’t go for daily publishing because I don’t have time for it, and I aim for quality over quantity because a s a photography blogger, I believe (regularly) publishing not-so-good photos may damage my “brand”.

    • Hi there,
      Your scheduling sounds very close to mine. I too aim for quality and I agree 100% with your comment re: quality output and branding.

  23. Thanks for this overview. I really do value what you have to say in these posts of yours.

    Publishing frequency depends on the type of content. I work with people who aim for anything from daily to monthly, to ‘when something happens’. It all depends on who their community (the new word for audience) is. If we see blogs as micro-magazines, then the most important thing is a regular schedule that people can rely on. This applies particularly to regular features (e.g. the ‘wordless wednesday’ series). If we see blogs as something else, then pre-decided frequency is less of an issue.

    As for me and my little cooking blog, since it’s really for one person (a daughter who is leaving home), a few family members and friends, and whoever else likes the food, the only pressing need is to get as much published as I can before my daughter needs it. That in itself has imposed an almost-daily schedule.

  24. This is definitely something I struggle with – I’m the here today and gone tomorrow blogger, which I know isn’t ideal. I’d love to get my schedule on track for an even 2 posts a week as you mention above. I have to prioritize a bit better – Speaking of which, I’m checking out your 8 tips for effective blogging now! :)
    ~ Andrea <3

    • I don`t think there is any ideal number of posts per week for any site. I think it`s all about establishing a fine balance between posting frequently enough to hold your existing readers and not so frequently as to have them unsubscribe.

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