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The Importance of Links to Related Sites

linkIn past years blogrolls comprised of links to directly related sites were useful traffic driving tools. Then each blogroll your blog was listed in increased  the possibility that readers of blogs with similar content would click in and and visit your blog too.

Over time these blogrolls became miles long and lost their niche focus, as many consisted links to unrelated blogs, so their usefulness as traffic drivers to related sites diminished. Worse still the longer they were the longer it took for sites to load. Today’s trend is towards creating a   Links page rather than a Blogroll.

The Keys To Good Backlinks

You need relevant blogs to link to your blog. A relevant blog or website would be one that occupies the same niche that your blog occupies.  If you blog about fashion then you would want a link pointing to your site that also blogged about fashion.  Of course there are hundreds of variations on the fashion theme.  For instance you can get links from sites that talked about fashion magazines, fashion designers, fashion stylist, the rules of  fashion, and on and on.  You would not run out of possible sites that would be relevant to what you are blogging about.

Getting links to your fashion blog from a site that was all about plumbing would not be ideal.   It is not the high quality link that you really want.   Any link is better than no link, but not much better.  You really want to stick to getting links from sites with similar content  that can give you a relevant backlink. – How Backlinks Will Make Google Your Blogs Best Friend

Today each time you site or posts are “liked” or “shared” on social networking sites increases the possibility that readers of blogs with similar content will click in and and visit your blog too.


I eliminated my Blogroll in 2009 and created a Links page instead of a Blogroll for four reasons.

How do your display your Links?

What is your blogroll linking strategy?

Do you have a Blogroll or a Links page?

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16 thoughts on “The Importance of Links to Related Sites

  1. I’ve never liked blogrolls, and have never had one on my blog. As you said, many of them are long, and I try to eliminate any extraneous items that would increase my blog’s load-time (which should be a principal concern for all bloggers, IMHO). Also: blogrolls become one more thing to maintain, and I suspect (but don’t know for a fact) that many contain links that no longer work.

    FWIW: I’ve noticed that visitors to my blog will sometimes click on a commenter to visit their blog. The comment has sparked interest, and/or given the commenter credibility– which is another good reason to leave comments.

    • You points are well made Mark. It’s my experience that many of the blogroll links on blogs I visit are either 404 (page not found) links or are to blogs that have been abandoned. I have also noted that many bloggers simply do not get it – I link to you in my blog roll and you link to me in your blogroll ie. reciprocal links lack value.

      I agree that credible commenting is still a primary traffic driver on many blogs. Learning how to compose meaningful comments will reward any blogger with clicks that lead back to your own site.

  2. Wow, this post is important. Clearly, I have not given enough attention to my blogroll. I even forget to update it. Maybe your idea is a better option. Thanks, TT.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  3. I started a blog roll but I’ve let it get away from me. I started a links page but not really sure what to do with it or how to set it up, so I’ve pretty much abandoned it for now. I’ve looked at yours and see more of what to do. Did you make that all as one post?

  4. I just have a very short blogroll list. My links page is not other people’s blogs. Just an index page.

    I haven’t thought through on elevating/improving my blogroll or having a links page. Blogroll just has my partner’s cycling blogs and an external link to a Canadian based magazine on urban cycling.

    Come to think of it, I’m not sure I will. There’s a lot of cycling blogs out there.. Then to complicate things, my blog is on other topics that shoot off from cycling –food, culture, art, travel. It would be a hodge-podge links list.

  5. Whenever I repost someone’s article I remove Likes and Comments, because they have no place on my site but only on the original.

    • I don’t understand why you would repost someone else’s article.Do you mean reblogging? If you do then know avoid doing that at all. If the post is important enough to link to then you must have something to say about it that wasn’t posted into the comments on the original post, and that means you can create a post and backlink to the article instead. If you don’t have anything important to add then I advise sharing the link to the original post on a social networks site instead.

  6. I actually really dont like blogrolls. I understand the concept of share, share back, link on etc. i do link to other peoples blogs through my own posts, but a, I find a lot of blog rolls have dead links so its annoying but moreso I think they are messy looking and completely distract the reader from the content of a post with all the bright squares down the side so never been a goer for me x

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