Firefox 30 Update

Firefox 30 is a minor update in terms of functionality that has been added or changed in the browser.   Click Mozilla link or use the Get Firefox link to be redirected directly to the page where the latest official version of Firefox can be downloaded.

What’s new in Firefox?

5 thoughts on “Firefox 30 Update

  1. If it’s minor, is it worth updating, Titi ?

    1. Hi,
      Yes.if you don’t upgrade you will experience issues so I upgrade.

      P.S. I’m sorry it took so long to reply.I broke a tooth again. This time it was in my bridge to I had to travel to the big island to the dentist, leave it for repair and I won’t get it back until Saturday. :(

      1. No worries: I was at my podiatrist, anyway.
        Bad news about the bridge – bloody expensive, too ! :-(

        1. No kidding! Yesterday I had my one of my little dog’s dental work done and that was a $500. enterprise. The bridge will be repaired for less than that but I have to get a new bridge soon anyway to replace it because it’s so old and has been repaired so many times. :( I hope when I get up in the morning nothing else negative happens. On the up side the sciatica is gone and at this stage I’m clinging to every little positive thing I can cling to.

          1. One must, or fold, I often think …

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