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10 Blogging Traps to Avoid

top 10 Whether you plan to blog as a hobby, for an income, for a business, or as a professional, it’s critical to understand writing for the web is not the same as writing for print media.

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If you don’t know Writing is not Blogging  and you don’t have a clear vision of where you want your blog to be, then you won’t be able to plan how to get there.

This is where many print writers utterly fail to become bloggers – they simply post material written in their usual print style for stand-alone, one-way consumption by readers, and make no effort whatsoever to leverage the context of the Internet.

Top 10 Beginner Blogger Blunders is a short list of 10 mistakes beginner bloggers tend to make when writing for the web and how to avoid making them.

10 Guidelines for Writing Engaging Posts will help you improve your writing for the web.


I shared my advice and now it’s time to share yours.

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32 thoughts on “10 Blogging Traps to Avoid

    • I love your blog and I’m sad that I have been too busy to visit and read your great recipes lately. I’m hoping the upcoming week will be less hectic.

  1. I always aware a Blogger are not always a Good Author,and some Bloggers definitely maybe only make some copy pastes in their mind,then they blogging the things and make it’s seem some new things (ups sorry,it’s true!). A Good Author should writing some things that really pure and off course interesting,but that’s difficult and hard for us who living in the Modern World that always Busy ^_^

    • Thanks so much for commenting here.Yes, it’s very difficult to make time to blog when one works for a living as you and I do. That’s why it’s important for bloggers who are creating original content to be organized and remain focused when we are creating content. Your point about creating interesting content is also important.I tend to be a serious person and I am a technical writer accustomed to informative writing. It’s easy for me to slip into the groove of creating very dry and boring text. I try to place myself in the reader’s position, and I hope I succeed at making what I publish interesting enough to hold the attention of my readers.

  2. Hi there Readers,
    This is to let everyone know I have returned from my 14 hour journey to go to appointments on the big island and I’m to exhausted to think. I’ll respond to your comments as soon as I can tomorrow. Thanks so much for submitting them. Love you guys.

    • Also, I have a question (not related but . . . )

      I was able to post a comment even though I block third party cookies (I still have to enter my name and e-mail, but that’s fine).

      Most blogs with their own domain names won’t let me post. WordPress support says I have to enable third party cookies, but that is obviously not the case here.

      I do have an exception for, but that obviously does not work on most blogs. Yours is one of the few blogs I can comment on.

      If you don’t mind me asking, what comment setting do you use?

      I also suspect that the third party cookies relate to ads (hence why I don’t want them on) , but I don’t know.

      • This isn’t about enabling third party cookies due to advertising advertsising at all.

        Go to > Settings >Discussion
        My comment settings are:
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        RE: other hosted blogs

        If the bloggers have chosen to enable the setting which is immediately below the one above then, yes you do have to enable both third party cookie and JavaScript on your browser and you must be a registered user who is logged into
        __ Comment author must fill out name and e-mail
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        • It still seems to be haphazard in its implementation. You reference what I had figured out, but I’ve been conversing with some bloggers regarding this issue, and they say they have switched off the “Users must be registered…” option, and I still can’t post a comment when the 3rd party cookies are enabled.

          Anyway, not a big deal. My new policy is I try a few times, make exceptions for their blog, and if it still does not work, they will just have to live without the benefit of my tremendous wisdom and dry wit.


          • The other result of not having 3rd party cookies on is that, depending on settings, my comments go to moderation. I keep that off on my blog, but I understand some people want to approve commenters if they appear as first-time readers.

            . . . all sorts of crazies out there, me included (some say) . . .

  3. This is filled with great links that I’ve never seen. I am in love with the graphic “How to Focus in the Age of Distraction!” That is just classically superb!

    Question on #6 on Blogging Blunders – – how does one gauge how slowly a post takes to open due to having too many images? Wouldn’t that vary from computer to phone to laptop? I always vacillate on how many to put in a post (or does it have more to do with size? Will thumbnails help your blog to open quicker?) so I wish there was a rule of thumb.

    Like they say when you get dressed up to go out, remove one piece of jewelry and then you’ll be just fine – – lol. So is there a guideline for every certain number of words, break it up with an image? Or am I being silly asking this?

    • Hi Stephanie,
      Question on #6 on Blogging Blunders
      Yes, smaller images load more quickly than larger ones do and post with fewer images load more quickly then those with many. There will be a personal tolerance variation form reader to reader when it comes to numbers of images, their sizes and the use of smaller devices. Here’s a link to a tool I use How many images and how large is judgment call all bloggers have to make post by post.

      I like jewelry advice – it’s applicable. :)

  4. A good list, Titi – I could wish it were known and understood by all. Which isn’t to say that I find myself above criticism, I assure you ! But at least I haven’t needed to have to learn to deal with adverse comments, thus far. :-)

    • It’s significant when it comes to SEO and increasing traffic. Without doubt your blog’s ability to attract more traffic is affected by the inclusion of ALT text.

  5. Three things to do that I find helpful: Make your About page the mission and focus of your blog. Post consistently. And make sure you’re blog is easy on the eyes. The first two I always check before following a blog. The last one: If I have a hard time viewing reading a post and have to work to see the material, I won’t be back.

    • Thanks, Don. I think all of your points are right on. I’m visually challenged and readability is extremely important to me. Web designers design themes with readability in mind but some bloggers destroy it. When any blogger uses headings inappropriately to increase font size, and/or makes all the text bold or italicizes it, and/or uses multiple fonts styles and colors that makes my click right out – never to return. Your are correct about the impact of blog descriptions too. It’s critical for me as a reader to know what the purpose of the blog is. I want to read a clear, concise blog description on the About page. If there isn’t one provided the likelihood that I will follow the blog disappears into the mist.

  6. My advice for good posts….not too long. I find if it goes on and on, I tend to tune out and go elsewhere. Also not too many photos. The best photos for the story, that relate just to the text and placed perfectly, do the job nicely, without having to wade through dozens all in a row. That’s just my personal preference and it’s how I try to create my posts.

    • @the eternal traveller
      We are in agreement on both of those. I also like posts with images in them that help tell a story. I will bookmark longer posts for later reading, but if the post is one that’s just full of images and lacks explanatory text and/or informative image captions, then I view a few and click out.

  7. Read all and links and very good too much to mention that’s of use lol! I always want to trash my old posts and to go back and fix too time consuming what would you dd!

    • Hi there Justine,
      I edit my old posts and update them. Sometimes it takes longer to do that then it does to compose and publish new ones. I also delete posts that weren’t that good when looking back on them. If they didn’t attract any or very much attention I assess whether or not to eliminate them.

  8. When I started my blog I used it simply as an easy place for friends and family back to go to in order to look at my photos… but I grew over the years, and so did my blog. In some ways I wish I’d known better when I started out, but in some ways it’s also quite nice to see how my blog has grown over the years.
    Thanks for the advice :)
    P.S – have you got my flag yet ;)

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