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BC Supreme Court Okays Class Action Suit Against Facebook

facebook eyeThe BC Supreme Court  has given the go ahead today to a class action suit against Facebook. The BC class action lawsuit covers the period from January 1, 2011 to today. Unless they opt out of the lawsuit, anyone covered by the criteria is included in the class action.

The allegations are that Facebook breached the province’s Privacy Act by using the names and images of Facebook members in Sponsored Stories without their consent.  CTV News reports it too:

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Susan Griffin said in a ruling posted online Friday that enough evidence exists to support allegations made by Louise Douez that the Facebook product titled Sponsored Stories used the names and images of members without their consent. – B.C. court approves lawsuit against Facebook

Sponsored Stories ads were launched in 2011 and eliminated  in April 2013 following a legal suit settled for $20 million. With a Sponsored Story, a Facebook user was served an ad due to actions a friend had taken.The friend clicked a like button on a product page and his or her friends were served the ads in a sponsored story form.

Suppose you had to click a like button to open a page to get more information on products and/or services, and when the page opened you rejected what you saw. Well, suppose you found your image and name being used to promote what you had rejected? Read the background  CBC article B.C. woman sues Facebook for using her photo.  Ads began appearing after she clicked the ‘Like’ button for a group


26 thoughts on “BC Supreme Court Okays Class Action Suit Against Facebook

  1. This is to let everyone know I have appointments on the big island and will not be available today. I’ll respond to your comments as soon as I can tomorrow. Thanks so much for submitting them.

  2. What about their nasty habit of auto-creating FB profiles for any name or email they can get a hold of? I have a second email, never used or connected to my own FB account, for which I suddenly received notice of an account and about 50 spam emails telling me so and so liked my photos, etc etc etc. On FB, the page is blank except name and shadow “profile pic”. I can do nothing about it, since I didn’t create it, don’t have rights to it, nothing. When I clicked the link “to stop receiving these messages” in my mail box – surprise surprise, I get a 404 error page. There goes the value and control of my name/brand for working on the internet.

  3. You know I find the problem with Facebook…is called Facebook. The real amusing part of this is, after going to the article I needed Facebook to comment on the article?

  4. Food for thought.. is it the beginning of the end or the beginning of web wide litigation… if you put your image in the public domain why would people be surprised when it is hijacked? Is this good or bad. I am not informed enough to know.. interesting.. c

    • It’s using your name and image to try and sell products to your “friends” without your permission. That sets my privacy radar off.

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