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Tweets of the Week

twitter bird imageI’m a busy blogger on a tight time schedule trying to maintain a healthy online and offline life balance. Joining Spybook ie. Facebook doesn’t appeal and Google + is only mildly interesting to me. The time I have for social networking is spent on Twitter. Where do you invest your social networking time?

Twitter announced a new profile design and have been slowly being rolled out to regular users. New profiles will be turned on for everyone May 28th.Profile photos are bigger. Headers are page wide. Images are automatically resized. New features are: Best Tweets, Pinned Tweets and Featured Tweets. .  Click the “Get it now” button to get you new profile.

Twitter also announced the introduction of the mute feature. Mute gives you more control over the content you see as you can stealthily remove a user’s content from parts of your Twitter experience.

Love your job? Or hate it? The Danish concept of arbejdsglæde means happiness at work.  Studies have uncovered some interesting systemic and cultural differences 5 Simple Office Policies That Make Danish Workers Way More Happy Than Americans.

panda 4 tweet

Google’s Matt Cutts announced on Twitter that they have released version 4.0 of the Google Panda algorithm. Google’s Panda algorithm is designed to prevent sites with poor quality content from working their way into Google’s top search results. Here are the Panda 4 winners and losers.

Since Twitter became public it has had three other five-day losing streak.Twitter shares are down more than 8%. Read about the current losing streak in Twitter Adrift: Stock Stuck In Nine-Day Losing Streak.

For the first time Twitter has used its “ban specific content in specific countries” policy in Pakistan, and has recently complied with more removal requests in Russia, too. Russia, one of the largest countries in the world is persecuting bloggers. Lorelle has provided a summary in the ClarkWP Magazine site produced by my Clark College WordPress students, “The New Blogger’s Law in Russia.”

Twitter is Experimenting With a New Video-Sharing Feature that makes it easy to embed, share, and play video. Pick up an iPhone, open the Twitter app check it out.

Sometimes, Twitter notifications are great but other times, they’re annoyances. Read Christina Warren`s How to Tame Twitter’s Annoying Mobile Notifications to fine tune your settings.

The #YesAllWomen hashtag making the rounds on Twitter right now in  a very big way.  #YesAllWomen is the hashtag both men and women are using to condemn sexist objectification and intimidation, and to express support for women’s rights – as well as to demand an end to sexual harassment, abuse and rape culture.

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47 thoughts on “Tweets of the Week

  1. Pretty sobering report on Russia quashing internet freedoms– I had no idea it was that bad. Freedom of the press still terrifies tyrants. What’s really scary is when a free press restricts its own freedom to support the State– but I mustn’t get on my soapbox, I’ll be working my toes into a lather… : )

    Please tell me you and your medical tests are OK.

  2. I don’t like and need the Facebook in my Life,but i must to say “Thank You” to Facebook,because it was learn to me some basics for blogging things :) Warning! Facebook is tend Dangerously to us,sign out forever from your account Facebook is a Good Idea. I was a Facebooker in circa June 2009,then in circa
    July 2011,i sign out forever from my account Facebook.

  3. I opened my business in 2006 and my Facebook account in 2010. I have my personal page and my business page. I actually DO NOT LIKE Facebook. It was okay until they changed everything and now they want businesses to pay for the amount of people that actually see our post.They started this about 1-1/2 yrs ago and it has gone down hill ever since.Everyone complains about it because it honestly is not good for business anymore.

    I started Google+ about 2 months ago I find I get a lot of views not many comments. I am still new to this and learning more day by day.

    I use Pinterest I like it and my portraits seem to get pinned quite often. I started a second account for my landscapes and nature photography. I actually love Pinterest.

    I opened a Twitter account and never fully activated it. I opened a LinkedIn account and never used it. I think it gets a bit overwhelming after awhile you just have to pick what you like best and stick to it because I seriously doubt anyone could do them all on a regular basis.

    • Hi there,
      Thanks you so much for your valuable feedback Sonia. I sincerely apologize for not responding sooner. I’ve had a succession of medical appointments I had to travel to on big island. Hopefully, I won’t need to have more.

      Your advice is the same as mine. Remarkably, I find many bloggers are auto-posting all their posts to multiple social networks. I don’t advise doing that . I advise doing what you do ie. being selective about which social networks you choose to join and to post to.

  4. I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t use Twitter often enough (for my partner’s blog) that I forget how to get in. Anyway, WordPress is enough for me. I would agree that if Twitter had extended their max. character length to ie. 180 characters, that might be a help.

  5. I don’t use social networking at all (no privacy) unless you count publicizing my blog on Facebook and Twitter. The phone, email, and instant messaging are all I need to keep in touch with those I care about.

  6. I’m on twitter, but I don’t like it much. I just can’t say what I want to say in such a limited format. My favorite is facebook. Yes, I know it uses my data and gives it to the government too. Everything you put online is being (mis)used that way! I’m not ready to get off the grid. They want my information, they’re going to get it somehow, what’s the use of trying to keep it secret???

    • Hi there,
      Oh so you like Facebook, do you. Well, to each their own. :)

      I don’t have anything to hide. I choose what to share online and I’m always conscious that it will probably remain online forevermore.

      • It’s not that I really have anything to hide. I do think everyone needs some privacy tho and I don’t like it that we don’t have any anymore. Internet is just one place it’s all disappeared.

        Yes, I know everything I ever put on a computer will be in the ether to be gathered up anytime anyone is really interested in it. Too bad. That sucks. What can we do about it other than go back to pen and paper?

        I would love it for the things I put out there to ONLY go to the people I WANT it to. The ones I purposely send it to. I don’t think that really happens anywhere anymore. :-(

  7. I don’t do the social media stuff – once in a while I contribute some help to a boating forum – but that is about all so far – sometimes someone will put a link to my site on their FacePlant page

    It will be interesting to see what the Google update does to my traffic or if I can see any difference – but looking at some of the big losers – it will be great if the yellow pages and other sites that just list site names go into the basement – sucks trying to find a company web site and all the listings are for junk list sites

    • Hi Mike,
      Back in the day when I was heavily into environmental and political organizational work and lobbying I spent hours every day on list serves and email lists and now I don’t. I walked away from all that and decided to blog instead. I feel no draw at all to networks other than Twitter and Pinterest and it’s hard to imagine myself upping my social networking time. I’m more drawn to gardening, reading, singing and visiting with friends than to socializing online.

      I can tell you feel the same way about Faceplant as I do. Never ever will I volunteer to become a member of Spybook and have a profile page at that datamine.

  8. I over-use Fbook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest. Trying to get smarter about that. Help me by telling me the difference between a Fbook Fan Page and Fbook Business Page or are they the same?

    I love Pinterest, it is like having access to the world’s library if you curate what you follow. I like that I can send pins to Facebook and to Twitter but that is probably one of the sources of my over done social media.

    I will never give up Fbook as it has allowed me to stay in touch or renew touch with many people who I care for and value. Moreover, I am not sure a better separation will help as most of my likes and shares are from my personal Facebook page.

    We all need to do our best to protect our privacy. At the same time, I also think it is a brute fact that information more shareable and collected than any of us likes to admit. Use a credit card? Of course. A library card, Yes. Comment on webpages. Yes. The list goes on and so do the opportunities for mis-use.

    I think the trick is to start assuming nothing is private and move on from there.

    So grateful for the information you supply. Thank you.

  9. I don’t use Twitter, but my husband does. It’s very handy for him for business connections. I spend far too much time on Facebook. My students say they don’t use that or Twitter. They’re on Instagram. I just can’t keep up. ;-)

  10. I’m definitely a Twitterphile. One thing they overlooked in their recent revision, though – they didn’t extend the 160-character profile limit. If my TL feedback was at all typical, that would have been more popular than almost any other aspect.

    The most common gripe? It’s getting too like FB. Which I no longer use except as a log-in facility for a few blogs and websites that require it.

    • Wow! I’m surprised you think Twitter is becoming more like Facebook, Ron. Then again, I don’t do Spybook so I can’t compare the two.

  11. Just WordPress is (time-consuming) enough for me. I have my friends here with whom I exchange thoughts, whose blogs I follow – to get different views and ideas – and who follow mine. Quite a smallish community, but enough for me. I enjoy it.

    Happy Memorial day weekend,

    P.S.: Facebook? Never ever! Even if it was the only social network on earth.

    • Hi Pit,
      Just blogging is time consuming. I wish I had more time to devote to it.

      Facebook? Never ever! Even if it was the only social network on earth.

      That made me lol :D

      I’m sorry about the delayed response.I do hope your weekend was a good one. Mine was busy and good too. Hope you have a great week.

  12. I avoid all social networking sites. I get plenty of interaction with followers at my blog and best of all friends who still use the phone or email. :D

  13. Good day TT. Agreed on Twitter. Facebook is buggy. I had set blog to publish to my business page but Facebook posted the blog posts to both my business page and my main page. Don’t need software like that.

    • Hi Peter,
      Facebook software is more than buggy. It is aimed at spying on members and siphoning their private information to marketers. If one has a fan page for their business that’s quite enough. One doesn’t need to have a profile page and share anything personal.

    • Hi Olivia,
      Thanks for the positive response. Most bloggers are members of multiple social networks. I am not. I have 2 Twitter accounts (two blogs on different subjects) and a Pinterest account.

      Once my body is back to normal I’ll be doing more pinning. Right now I just don’t have the time to devote to much more than keeping the house, property, business and my contracted work on track.

      • I’m enjoying giving everything a whirl. Facebook had a good reach – it has really declined since I started my blog roughly 6 months ago. I’m entirely new to twitter and i’m enjoying figuring it out. Pinterest is next on my list. Hope you feel more like your old self soon. Thank you for retweeting my post on motherhood. I really appreciate it :) x

  14. Hello Timethief,

    My nickname for Facebook is Fakebook. :D

    Thank you for sharing this post, I heard about the Twitter updates in some news articles, but I had not heard about the Google Panda Algorithm. :)

    I do not have have any social networking accounts other than a Google+ account (only because you almost have to have an account now that Google seems to be trying to integrate most of their services with it), but I do not use it other than letting my Posts automatically get shared there.

    Also it is nice to see you using another theme again, the good old Twenty Eleven theme again, and you have it nicely customized. ;)

    -John Jr

    • Oh really? My nickname for Facebbook is usually Faceplant, but I couldn’t resist using Spybook above. It’s a huge data mining operation. What part of that don’t people get? When I hear “It’s how I keep in touch with family members and friends” I wonder why they don’t use email and keep their private stuff private.

      P.S. I’m theme fickle and currently trialing Untitled and Sight too.

      • Hello Timethief,

        I made that nickname years ago when I tried Facebook a few times for a few months in several different years and when the people that I know did not really do much if any communicating with me or on any other services that I had linked with/to my Facebook account even as I tried communicating with them, it was like a walled garden that they hid behind ignoring most other services and people who they do not care about I guess, and it is not a book and to me it seemed pointless to use a social network where there was no real social networking going on for/with/to me; and so I came up with the nickname Fakebook, and I deleted my Facebook account. :D

        Spybook is a good name as well, like an increasing number of websites/services/et cetera online and offline, data mining is one of the things that it and others are also used for among other things; and Facebook just happens to be one of the most popular among many possible services/websites/et cetera used for data mining among other things.

        I tried for years to get people I know to use email, instant messaging, and many other communication methods; but pretty much all of them seem to ignore using email and mostly everything else now-a-days while they hide behind the walls of Facebook/et cetera, and so I mostly stopped wasting my time trying to communicate with people who mostly ignore me a few years ago.

        I wonder why they will not use email/et cetera anymore as well, who knows?

        I see nothing wrong with trying new themes often, in fact from what I have seen of this blog over the years I change themes more often than you :D, but this year has been slower for me because my options are limited because of the many bugs that I keep finding and reporting that have not been fixed yet among various new and old themes; and the annoyances being added to new themes and in old themes that keep me from using them.

        Good luck trying new themes Timethief ;),
        -John Jr

        • Hi again John,
          Thanks for the response. Thanks also for the bug reports and when they are reported and fixed we all benefit. I really appreciate the fact you are so willing to work through themes and report back what you find.

          • Hello Timethief,

            You are welcome, I just hope that they start fixing more of the bugs that I report because most bugs that I have reported since the end of last year have not been fixed yet (especially Widget bugs), and I am losing inspiration/options/et cetera on (why report bugs if most are not going to be fixed) and I am not sure how much longer I will continue blogging if this continues to get worse to where the amount of themes and widgets and features that I can use gets smaller and smaller because of bugs and other annoyances; and right now I am blogging everyday mostly out of habit, and because blogging my dreams seem(s) to help me in various ways.

            Anyway thank you and keep up the good work Timethief :),
            -John Jr

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