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Create a Business Blog, Website or Both?

skyscraperThe new age of marketing has dawned, and it’s a fact that people need to feel a personal connection to your business before they are willing to get on board with your product or service. That’s why creating a frequently updated blog rather than a static website is the way to go.


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A blog does something a website doesn’t do.  A blog allows you to personally reach and interact with far more potential and existing clients than you can reach by any other means. You can use your blog to update and communicate any time and in real time with your clients, if you so choose. You can log in and publish a post from your computer in your office or home, from your laptop, by email or from your smartphone.

Blogs create the blogosphere, while websites are like standalone islands. The Internet provides also powerful social networking opportunities that allow users to effectively target their audience and connect with them on to social sites like Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

Business  Blogs Staff have provided a support documentation entry for those who want to structure a blog like a website  (Note: Only the optional Business plan provides eCommerce capability. ) What’s critical is to understand when prior to creating a website structure are the following:

The differences between posts and pages;
The impact of creating a static front page;
The SEO implications of creating a page based structure.

5 Blog and Website Differences

1.   The main difference between a blog and website is the communication style. A website has a noticeboard communication style. A blog is a website designed for interactive communication. Collectively blogs create the blogosphere, while websites are like standalone islands.

2.   Blogs encourage conversation, websites do not and that’s why businesses with websites are adding blogs, and sometimes forums and wikis to them for complaint handling, customer feedback purposes and for collaborative purposes.

3.  Blogs feature dynamic content and position it front and center. The entries have date and time stamps, and blog entries are customarily displayed on the front page in reverse chronological order. Most most websites do not have dynamic content on their front pages. Many websites have static front pages. The information most websites provide is static, rarely updated, and the sites are often poorly maintained.

4.  Blogs have RSS feeds, websites ALONE do not.

5.  Usually but not always, blogs rank higher in Google and as “freshness” is extremely important when it comes to content appearing in the SERPs (search engine page results).

Business Opportunities

You can sell products you personally create or services that you personally provide on any blog.  If you have a shopping cart set up for your own products or services elsewhere online you can create a custom menu and include a custom link to it in the menu. Alternatively, you can use this guide for PayPal and this contact form.

Many business people are taking advantage of marketing opportunities that blogs and social networks provide  to assert their business presence online, and to reach more potential customers, business partners and employees. Without doubt, in the future most businesses will have a blog, so now is a good time to register one. If you are ready to create a business blog at don’t hesitate to use my guide titled: Create a WordPress Website Step By Step

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32 thoughts on “Create a Business Blog, Website or Both?

  1. Trés excellent, as I say when I’m in a French mood. I especially appreciate the support links for adding a Custom Menu and/or a Contact Form. Those are two things I’ve been meaning to experiment with for some time. Do you have a cure for sloth and laziness? No, never mind, I’ll have to work on that myself… : )

  2. I had a website for years for my portrait business and I found out that the clients or potential clients liked the blog better.I did away with the website almost 2 -years ago. After starting the one blog for my portraits I decided a year later to star the other one for my landscape and nature pictures. To me blogs are more personable than websites. Great information.

    • Hi there,
      It’s good of you to share your experience here. And, I’m glad you made the switch as I enjoy viewing your photos and wouldn’t have met you if you hadn’t become a blogger.

      • I have met some of the most wonderful people since I began blogging on WordPress. If you only have a website you miss out on so much interaction with other people. Thank you I am glad you like my pictures.

  3. Hi TT. Yup, Expound is an excellent theme. I favour themes that display excerpts on the home page. I’m not a fan of endless scrolling. Some of us live in countries where browsing and banking transactions are delivered quicker by carrier pigeon. Expound works well for me for a composite business information website and blog. And guess where I first saw it in action ?

  4. I’ll be providing this post link to my partner. I’m not clear but I think someone has set up a website for his son’s business with an embedded blog. He was working with Shopify, wordpress’ e-commerce platform for the business. It’ll be set up and made public in a few wks.

    • All the themes I choose to use are responsive layout themes. I’m happy to know you like the way Twenty Eleven displays my content.

  5. Hello timethief,
    I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it. I am in the process of building a website with a blog roll for business opportunity and I feel I will come pay you visit often and take advantage of the the great info you are providing!

  6. I an so glad I have found this. I am in the process of moving to a slightly swisher theme and getting rid of the ads on my blog. Whilst planning my updates, I had convinced myself a static front page would add a bit of a professional type clout to the blog. Time for a rethink! Thank you for saving me a lot of time.

    • Hi Abby,
      It’s good to know this was helpful. I do apologize for not visiting as frequently as I’d like to but now I’m better again that will change.

      Stataic front pages can kill traffic if your aren’t on top of designing theme extremely well and providing click through navigation links so returning visitors can reach your most recent published content quickly.

      • Oh please don’t apologise! As much as i love the old blog, it is just that at the end of the day ;-)

        I am just utterly delighted that your posts keep pinpointing the blogging thoughts I am having, on the techy side of things. It is most uncanny and most appreciated. Hope you are much better.

    • I’m not sure I’ll stick with Untitled. As you know I’m “theme fickle” but I wanted to give the theme a a tryout and not just in my test blog. I like the ability to either use or not use the post slider and I like the Mini Carousel for Single Pages. We shall see what my followers think of it and how they use it.

    • Yes I do believe the sciatica is history.I’m tired and so far behind but I am well again. Thank goodness.
      I’m trying out a new theme that has a featured post slider at the top. Please feel free to tell me what you think of this Untitled theme.

        • Hi there,
          Yes I used to use twenty eleven prior to using Expound. The feature I have been looking for is the ability to feature links older content on the front page of the blog. I have been trying out Twenty Eleven, Sight and Untitled lately and they all have front page featured post sliders. I’m still not sure which one I like best. maybe I should publish a review of my experiences with each and include a reader’s poll in it. The downside of that would be loss of control. In case it’s not evident I’m a control freak so opening myself up to using a reader’s poll to select a theme is a scary idea. Worse still, I’m theme fickle and cannot be satisfied with any theme for long and that’s why I don’t buy a premium theme.

          • I’m totally with you on “fickle” and “losing control.” Lol. I’ve been toying with the idea of buying a premium theme or even getting my own domain, but just not sure what I want. I change my mind daily. I’ve been eyeing the free “Oxygen.” Clean and well-organized. The only problem is that it cuts my photos horizontally, but for your site it shouldn’t be a problem. Take a look and let me know what you think.

  7. One question: 4. Blogs have RSS feeds, websites ALONE do not. What is it? Can you elaborate. i don’t know of it.
    One more point to add to your post:
    Blogging gives you feedback how well your ideas are for the world, and the responses tell you if you should go with business or not.

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