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Free Online Image Editing Programs – FotoFlexer

I’m not technically inclined and don’t choose to learn how to use perplexing photo editing programs. Instead I use several free online image editing programs frequently.  If GIMP gives you headaches and photshop confuses you, try FotoFlexer. The ease of use and the variety of features brings me back to FotoFlexer time and again.

When I first began blogging I downloaded photoshop, Irfanview and GIMP. It didn’t take me long to become annoyed at my own ineptitude. The length of time it took me how to figure out how to accomplish the most simple image edits exceeded the time it took for me to create and post, edit it, and have it ready to go sans images. I was so annoyed I jettisoned all three programs I downloaded and began to search for easy to use online image editing software.


basic editing toolbar

These are the tools I most commonly use.


Effects toolbar 1Effects toolbar 2Effects toolbar 3

I have tried all these out and had some fun doing so. I particularly like the Sketch and Soften effects.


Decorate toolbar


Animations toolbar


Beautify toolbar


Distort toolbar


Layers toolbar


Geek toolbar


FotoFlexer was one of the first online image editing programs I tried out. No registration required. I could upload images from my computer and the program was so easy to use that I could accomplish what I wanted to quickly and easily.

That was a real boost to my self esteem because the Gimp and photoshop programs I downloaded made me feel like an idiot, and due to the head injuries I have suffered and testing I have undergone I’m well aware that my IQ is still in the gifted range. I was spitting mad by the time I located Fotorflexer online but I was smiling within minutes of my arrival onsite as I had a great image ready to save to my computer and embed into my blog post.

Although I do use other online image editing programs from time to time and I will be reviewing them too, I find that FotoFlexer has almost everything I want.

41 thoughts on “Free Online Image Editing Programs – FotoFlexer

  1. Is this the program you used for the beautiful spring colours layering photos you did? If so, I’m impressed. I use Lightroom almost exclusively, which is a great program. The only thing I want to do once in awhile that it can’t do is layers – it doesn’t work the same way as Photoshop (for one thing, Lightroom doesn’t change the original file, it only applies adjustments that it keeps in a database). Have been considering buying Photoshop Elements for its layers capability, but maybe I’ll give this free tool a try first – and hopefully save some money. Thanks!

  2. I signed up for fotoflexer, uploaded a picture from my computer, and not nothing but a grayed out website. When I first sign on, no problems but the picture page is totally grayed out. I can’t do anything at all, I see everything is there, picture and all. I even tried a different picture, still no luck

  3. That looks really cool. I have found that almost 100% of my image editing needs are handled on the Mac by the built-in Preview app. It really is a marvel for resizing, cropping, sharpening, adjusting levels, contrast, brightness, etc. Dirt simple and free with OSX. When I need to go the extra mile Acorn is most intuitive as a paid app, NOT Pixelmator which is difficult to grasp and do even simple things.

    • Hi Jim,
      Spending more time on image editing and than on writing annoyed me. I don’t have a Mac so I haven’t tried either of the apps you refer to. I’m happy to hear you find your needs are taken care of without any bother. Thanks for weighing in here.

  4. I, too, became disgruntled by my own inability to use photoshop. Currently, I use picmonkey, but this looks like another excellent option. Thanks for the info!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • I use picmonkey for some things too. However, as they have features that can only be used by premium members and as the number of those paid features was on the increase I don’t use picmonkey as often as I did at first.

  5. Thanks Timethief – I like the collage feature of Fotoflexer. I’m going to check it out. I use Infraview and don’t mind it, takes a while to get used to it.

      • It took me a while to get the basics down and I’m still learning aspects of it. It was free so I thought that would be the way I should go. It sounds like the software you found does some things I really like to have – collages. Can you download the software or do you have to upload your photographs onto their platform?

        • Hi again,
          You don’t have an account there either to edit or store images. They don’t store them for you. No you cannot download the software.

          For collages I prefer using the following and in the order I post them:

  6. I had the same problems with the same programs. When I switched to a Mac, the same thing happened with Pixelmator. I came across Pixlr a few months ago and it’s been everything I need. Easy, free, fast, and runs in my browser. Sounds like I need to check out FotoFlexer too. I use different programs for different things, so I usually have several go-to’s.

  7. Thanks for all the screen shots. It’s nice to have reviews like this so I can recommend programs to other blog readers. There have been people coming to me for help because they need alternative options.

    When I take a step back, I see just how complicated the whole digital world can be. You and I (and plenty others we have come into contact with) are so used to the things we do that it can be easy to forget just how un-easy it is to some people.

  8. This is a great suggestion – I normally use which seems to be similar at first glance BUT recently it started advertising like nuts which I find a bit annoying. I’m looking forward to trying this as it has quite a few different useful features!
    Great share – many thanks!
    ~Andrea <3

  9. I’m a huge fan of snapseed. Easy to use and gives me lots of control over the images. Not free, but I also like the photoshop touch app for the ipad, I find it much easier and with a quicker learning curve (although fewer of whistles and bells) than the desktop version.

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