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Mixcloud Update

radio station Mixcloud helps connect radio content to listeners by joining the dots between radio shows, Podcasts and DJ mixes. They are called Cloudcasts – audio shows that are stored in the “cloud” and are available to be streamed on-demand for use on your blog or website.

Are you trying to use the the gigya shortcode Flash workaround  on a blog and having trouble embedding it? Mixcloud has updated their widgets from Flash to HTML 5. All you need to do is go to a Cloudcast page, click on the ‘Share’ button and then you’ll get a pop-up box.  In that pop-up just go to the WordPress button, click on it and copy the short code.

As I don’t have a space upgrade and do not use Mixcloud I’m not clear on whether the shortcode is for WordPress.ORG sites only or for both WordPress.COM blogs and WordPress.ORG installs.


Do you have audio on your blog?

What’s your response to autoplay music on blogs? Autoplay is a major irritant for some people (myself included). Many of us will click out never to return again if we experience another person’s musical taste and have not been given an option to listen or not. I never return to such blogs. But if the blogger allows me to activate the music myself I don’t have that response and some of the music I have heard on blogs has been relaxing. It set the mood for me to read blog posts slowly and comfortably.

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11 thoughts on “Mixcloud Update

  1. I listened to a beautiful poem on a blog that presented using mixcloud yesterday. I was given the option of activating or not. I am a tolerant person but autoplay anything makes me want to run shrieking in the opposite direction with my arms in the air. In this world of so much stimulation I prefer to have a least a click between myself and the input. :-)

  2. Fascinating and helpful information, as usual. I don’t use audio myself, but you never know when or if I might. Hope your week is going well, my friend.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  3. I sometimes have posts that feature my own music but I let the reader/listener chose if they want to start it. I used to have a music widget on my sidebar but decided it didn’t add anything and might slow down the loading of my page so it’s gone. Again, the reader had the option of starting it and once started could stop it. I would never force it on anyone.

    • Hi there Trent,
      You are right about adding audio widgets slowing page loading time down. Every embed and widget has that effect. That’s why it blows my mind when I see people who have so many widgets in their sidebars.

      • Actually, I saw your advice to someone else to cut down on the number of widgets. It made me think about my blog and pare down the widgets on mine a little bit. So a belated thanks.

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