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Rudely Interrupted by Snow

snow On Monday Environment Canada issued snowfall warnings for much of the Vancouver  island region including the Gulf Islands— where up to 15 centimeters was expected to fall and fall it did.

The weight of the snow on trees resulted in many trees toppling over taking down the power lines and two days without power and running water was not a fun time.  I’m back online and  struggling to catch up the business backlog, complete my contracted work  by the deadline just 2 days from now, and also blog. So as they say … please stay tuned.

UPDATE: Dear Readers,

To read more about what’s happening in my life go to my personal blog > Let It Snow. I’m trying to get my contracted work done while my fingers are crossed against experiencing another power outage. Having to complete that work first is why I’m not able to publish here.  :(

56 thoughts on “Rudely Interrupted by Snow

  1. I realized I hadn’t seen a post by you for quite some time – I don’t know how – I swear it wasn’t me, but I lost you on my blogs I follow list! I started to have withdrawal until I found you again tonight! Whew! And now I hear you had some hardships come your way. I hope you are doing better. And side note – I live on the lower mainland, neighbour!

    • Oy vey! You are an across the Strait neighbour of sorts – how cool! I’m so glad you found my blog gain. I actually follow yours from my personal blog here

      I could moan, snivel and whine about all the things that kept me away from blogging lately but it wouldn’t change anything. Hubby has to travel back and forth to meetings as his position requires it. I have to pick up the slack in our business and home and that’s life. Once I get my contracted work done I’ll be able to get back to using my scheduled timeline to keep everything flowing again.

  2. And there may be another storm comin’ your way again, timethief in 24 hrs. or less? Meanwhile as you may have heard from your Albertan family members, it is currently freakin’ cold…-29 degrees C (-41 degrees C with windchill) now. It was enough that we walked 20 minutes each way to a local Italian restaurant this afternoon. The walking paths were VERY quiet for a sunny Saturday.

    • We have friends in both Alberta and Saskatchewan and though we don’t envy them re: cold weather they are accustomed to it as we once were and no longer are. Their power lines don’t tend to go down like ours does on the coast simply because they lack the shallow rooted tree canopy that we have. Northern Alberta’s tree cover no longer exists and it grieves my heart to see the devastation that has taken place there. It’s best that I don’t get started on a rant about how that province’s once beautiful environment has been destroyed by greed.

  3. Timethief … I hope the generator resolves your internet connection problems.

    I have one I hope you can help me with. Normally, when I go to save a draft of my post, there are options that allow you to post what the entry was (such as “Comedy” or “Humor.” And, there are tags available. Neither showed up when I went to safe a draft. Has there been a change? If not, what do I need to do to resolve this?

    Thanks, Judy

  4. Congratulations on the generator. Even a small one (compared to a whole house generator) can run your furnace, fridge, and some lights. The hard part is remembering to keep the fuel for it on hand (and safe).

    Donna and I have a small weekend/vacation house in upstate NY; it frequently gets 2 feet of snow. But the worst storm we ever had was in 2008 when there was an ice storm. Not a lot of precipitation, but it took down a lot of trees and power lines – so many that some people were without power for more than a week. No power/heat/water in the dead of winter is no fun at all. Glad you are back up and running.

  5. While I don’t wish anything dead, winter’s cold/snow kills off bothersome insects. I have to keep reminding myself it’s self-defense when I go about that needed activity. A bad winter takes care of it for me.

    • Ah … so you know whereof I speak. I love bathing in hot water and I’m grumpy when I can only heat small amounts of it on the wood stove and wash in a bucket. It’s snowing again. The forecast is not encouraging and I’m not happy about it at all. Cross your fingers for me please.

    • We have also lived for many days without power but when the power is out deep well submersible pumps don’t operate. That means we have to have purified water for drinking and cooking and barrels of rainwater collected, covered and on hand for washing up and everything else such as toilet flushing on hand at all times and we do. We love being clean and we don’t feel as clean when bucket bathing. After 2 days we are craving a shower and after it a very long, hot bath to soothe the muscle aches and pains caused by all the packing of wood and water through the snow.

    • We are accustomed to 1 – 2 days of no power when it snows and prepared to deal with it. However, this last snowfall was a HUGE dump and washing dishes and bodies in buckets of cold water you have collected or snow water you have melted on a wood stove is a good time. Every chore like splitting wood or kindling takes longer and there’s less of the day to enjoy because there are so many hours devoted to doing what needs to be done.

    • I could write a book on island living preparedness but I don’t have the time to. If you are moving to a city on Vancouver Island then not to worry as you won’t have much adjusting to do. If you intend to live in a rural area, then that’s a different story.

  6. Heh, I didn’t realise you lived in my neck-of-the-woods-ish … we got about 40cm over the three days, but are down to about 10cm and slush … glad to hear you’re rewired :D

    • Hi there,
      We still have lots of snow on the ground. Fortunately that snow on the trees in most sunny areas has melted now and the main roads have been plowed.

  7. It is such a small world – I had no idea you were a fellow islander. Sorry about the 2 day power outage, We completely missed the snow here on the northern tip. Good luck with your deadlines. :)

    • I was born on the coast and hubby and I returned to live on the coast over 30 years ago. I worked hard all night but have more to do today to make the deadlines.

  8. Sorry for ya, TimeThief! – awful to have to cope with. Hope it doesn’t take your authorities long to get all power back up and so on.

    • We were among those that got power back earlier than others. Yesterday some folks I know still did not have power, telephone or running water (note: our deep well pumps are electrically powered).

    • I sure hope we don’t get more snow. The weight of the snow means trees falling down and repairing fences come springtime won’t be fun.

      p.s. Oh no! The weather report is calling for more of the white stuff on the weekend. :(

      • It’s our last day of summer today and I will miss it. We’ve had the best summer for years although no decent rain for twelve months now. But it has been warm and sunny and glorious. Just thought I’d share that with you…

  9. What a crazy, old fashioned winter we have all been experiencing. You will eventually get all caught up with tasks. And Spring will be here shortly.

  10. Poor you. I can sympathise in a way. The River Thames flooded recently as we experienced an extended period of significant rainfall. We were OK, just, but a mile down river homes were flooded, and all around us fields became lakes, so I’m in tune with weather based disasters at the moment, You have my sympathy. By the way, if you look on my Blog, you will see me holding a picture of my new book, which is out on 19th March apparently. Tat produces what we might call a bit of artificial sunshine for me

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