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How to Disable Right Click?

coollogo_com-203101188When answering support forum questions some bloggers ask how to install plugins to disable right click on their blogs to prevent content theft of their images.

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Be aware that there is no FTP access to and no blogger installed plugin capability on blogs. There is no upgrade you can purchase that provides FTP access and the ability to install plugins and or any third party themes into any blog.

If you want FTP access and want to install plugins and/or or third party themes then you will have to hire a web host and set up your own install. Here’s a link to a helpful comparison and

watermarked abstractSetting that aside, If you use the Duotone theme on your blog then you will find right click is disabled on that theme. It’s not available on any other themes here and will not become available because it creates a false sense of security. In fact, anyone can find instructions on the internet and get around that tactic quickly and easily.

What’s best is:

Click the link for more tips on preventing content theft.

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30 thoughts on “How to Disable Right Click?

  1. Thanks for the info on watermarking.
    It’s just easier not to upload anything you’d be upset about someone grabbing.
    This was something artists fought early on as they began to sell their stuff online. People who want to steal ideas will.
    (and modeling does pay college bills and you don’t smell like french fries or hamburgers. Can be quite professional)

  2. I agree, disabling right click gives a false sense of security. People should just observe basic rules of security at all times, including what you have mentioned above.

  3. Thank you again for clearing a few things up. I don’t understand what watermarking on an image is. I use photoscape and have just recently put my logo on the bottom because a young person put some of my stuff on facebook and I realized it would be a good idea. Also for pinterest which I am not on but welcome the publicity for my creations. Apparently a bit of my stuff is indeed on pinterest which I am happy with.
    Is what I have done (putting my logo on the bottom of my images) the same as “watermarking?”
    thank you.
    Sharon. :-)

  4. I’ve recently started using for my image needs. It loads a lot faster than Gimp or Pixelmator and seems simpler to use. So far it’s been able to do almost everything I’ve needed.

  5. I’ve never like to disable right click simply because of the way I navigate… a lot of times while in the middle of reading a main article, I may want to read some of the links embedded in the text and so right click to open the link in the next tab so that it is easier for me to go on to read the few tabs I have opened after I finish reading the main article. In terms of user experience it least, that means disabling the right click annoys me :P

    • I completely agree! Its a pet peeve of mine when I see that people have disabled right click and their links don’t open in a new tab. It pretty much guarantees I won’t click through to additional content!

      • Hi Andrea,
        I know what you mean. It’s so annoying. I do hope you are enjoying your California trip and I’m looking forward to your update on your adventures there.

  6. yes, exactly. And in any case disabling the right click is quite annoying because it might be useful for other things around the page. People can post images at low resolution, cropped around 600 pixels, compressed and also watermarked! Imho.

    • Hi Kathy,
      Yes, Duotone has right clicked disabled. But do be cautious if you use it because as I said above anyone defeat right click disabling in a matter of seconds or minutes.

  7. Entirely agree, TimeThief! – doesn’t everyone know that if you put something on the WWW it’s out there for the world?

    Oh, and btw … have utilized proper link, this time! – traffic about the change; it really does look nice!

    • No they don’t know that MR. Hardly a week passes before we experience someone crying the blues about their precious original images being napped – … DUH … don’t put them online.

      I was a model from my college days until age 50. All the photos are under copyright and not single one is on the internet. Some paintings made from the photos are hanging corporate walls but I’ll never tell where. I don’t own them and they were commissioned pieces.

      • How wonderful to’ve done something so … contributory! And how brave, I must add. But that’s possible on account of my never in my life having had a body that would stand up to such scrutiny, no matter how impersonal. GOODONYER!

  8. The 72 dip thing always leaves me a bit perplexed and I just use a certain number of pixels for the image size – then compress the images highly – the size of the images depends what the usage is. Sometimes the images are as small as 300 px wide and other times 1000 px or a bit larger once in a while.

    I always chuckle when someone shows up in the forum wanting to “disable copy like on “fill in the site and URL” ” – the last few times someone else in the forum just went and got the picture that was “copy disabled” and posts the picture in their test blog.

    My theory – if I don’t want it copied, don’t put it on the internet or make a small ugly thumbnail of it

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