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Based on many years of experience answering support forum questions, this post contains a quick way to locate posts that will be helpful to many bloggers.

Every day bloggers post to the support forums with  username accounts, email accounts, blogs registered under them, email addresses, cookies and log-ins issues.
Learn more about your Unique Identifier, Changing your Email Address, Changing your Username or Display Name, Separate username accounts, Multiple Username Accounts, WordPresscom/Gravatar accounts, Author Profiles, Purchasing Upgrades, Lost Passwords and Recovering an Account here Username Accounts, Logins and More.Tip:Link Your Username to Blog.

Reaching your blog audience is all about timely communication. The Internet doesn’t sleep so while you may blogging under the North Star your readers may be blogging under the Southern Cross. Tips for Setting Your date and Time Format, Eliminating Date and/or Time Display and Scheduled Post Publication are found in It’s About Time.

computer connectCreate a WordPress Website Step By Step explains The 5 Blog and Website Differences,  The Differences Between Posts and and Pages, The impact of creating a static front page, Enabling and Disabling Comments. It explains how Creating and using Custom Menus means we have the flexibility to structure a page based website and also touches on Domain Mapping and Custom design Options.

This is the main link to all the available widgets that provides – Widgets & Sidebars.  Clicking links on that page for individual widgets will get you to specific descriptions and instructions for each one. See also 8 Hot Widget Tips.

computer abstractWriting a Blog Post is a tutorial covering Creating an Effective Title, Writing a Strong Introduction, Structuring Your Post, Bridging the Gaps,Getting Personal, Jazzing it Up, Proofreading and Wrapping it up.WordPress Formatting and Spacing and WORD and WordPress provide tips on formatting either text or poetry from within the Tiny MCE editor in your WordPress blog,  and using the correct means of copying and pasting cleanly. See here if you want to offer printable posts and or recipes. How do you prefer your posts to be displayed on your Archives and Categories pages? Then note Archives and Categories Page Display. 

Blogs are About Comments and Commenting is an index post that contains links to 14 posts ranging from Comments and Discussion Settings,  A Comment Policy for your blog, Why blog comment moderation is a good thing, Comment Baiting, Encouraging blog readers to comment, Dealing with Annoying Subscribers and Crafting Quality Blog Comments.

To enhance your blog with visual content including free individual images, collages, montages and galleries visit Spotlight on Images, a selection of posts from my Images and Media category.

computerProviding subscribers with an email newsletter is a means of marketing products and/or services and driving traffic to your blog. Automated newsletter campaigns can include not only your blog subscribers but also your social media followers. See here for Email lists, Newsletters and Privacy Who Follows Who? is focused on subscribers and WordPress Followers, Likes and Stats  expands on subscriptions to your blog using the built-in email notification system on


If you subscribe to this blog please let me know which posts you found to be most helpful to you when you were a beginner blogger.

28 thoughts on “Helpful Links for Bloggers

  1. Reading this post, one can’t help but be struck by two things: 1) your enormous blogging knowledge, and 2) your extreme generosity in sharing it. Many thanks.

    • Hi Mark,
      When reading your comments I’m always struck by how gracious you are. When reading your posts I’m struck by your sense of humor and how adept you are at publishing photoshop tutorials.

      • Glad to see it is working now. I have Word Press for Dummies Book but can use all the help I can get figuring out the book lol….. Love your website

        • In the online context we need to recognize that no sooner is book published than it’s out of date. Our software is being continually changed and upgraded. That’s our reality and it’s reflected in our support docs which are living documents that are amended as new features and functions are added and existing ones are updated. I find that beginners often think that they can buy a book and expect that what’s in it is written in stone when that’s not true at all. That’s why I don’t recommend purchasing books like the one you refer to.

          It’s my strongly held opinion that the best course of action for any new blogger is to use the step by step tutorial Staff have linked to the bottom of our Admin pages at, and get up close and personal with the support docs at which are also linked to there. Thereafter subscribing to the Staff blogs makes a lot of sense because one at provides announcements of new features and functions, and the other at is a tutorial style blog full of relevant resources.

  2. I always learn something new to me from your posts. What has been most helpful is your advice/posts on security, spam and copy-write. I knew nothing about these potential problems when I began my blog, and there is so much to figure out about how WordPress works at the beginning, these issues didn’t attract my attention.

  3. Hi Timethief — My 5 year anniversary is coming up in May. I couldn’t even begin to tell you all the posts you wrote that have been helpful. One topic that stands out is theme changes. I was suffering from guilt from having changed my theme a couple of times despite having read what a horrid practice that is. Trouble is, I’m a change junkie and I get a lot of satisfaction from deciding what my next “look” is going to be. You wrote about keeping a second hidden blog specifically to try out new themes and that was a real game changer for me. I’ve since executed many theme changes with wild abandon, knowing in advance where my troubles would likely occur due to that second, private blog you advised us to create. I’m sending out a Twitter link to this post so any WP newbies out there can start enjoying your library of posts.

    • Hi Susan,
      My goodness! I’m surprised 5 years has gone by so quickly. I do recall the post you mean about creating a mirror blog for testing purposes. I believe the preview function on the new theme customizer has replaced the need to have a backup mirror blog but I’m keeping and using mine anyway. Thanks so much for promoting my posts. I do appreciate it.

  4. Oh, I wish I could remember when I started reading your blog and what was helpful back then. What I do know, however, is that nearly everything you post is helpful still, as I missed a lot of the basics and just ended up flying by the seat of my blogger’s pants. Great post. Interesting to see the newsletter link. I hadn’t thought of doing one. Not a bad idea.

    Hope your week is going well, my friend.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Hi Kathy,
      When it comes to blogging by the seat of your pants that’s what prompted me to create this blog. When I began blogging here there was no support documentation but now there is and it’s very helpful too. My week was very busy and full of happiness too. I trust the same can be said of yours.

  5. Thank you so much. I am about to do a bit of spring cleaning as a friend pointed out it was difficult to find my novice instructions. I plan to simply use another category under the heading. I am grateful to you and WordPress for all the lovely choices and assistance in getting it right. :-D

    • Your friend is a true friend for sharing that with you. Categories are very helpful and when you include them in a custom menu they become very useful navigation aids for directing visitors to posts on a specific topic.

  6. Thanks for all your help. It really is appreciated.

    By the way, I follow several sites with email notifications as the reader can be a bit unreliable. I’ve noticed that at the bottom of the email notification, there is now a “like” button/link. Kind of similar to the pop-up in the reader issue you discussed previously, drawing people away from visiting the actual blog. And in the pop-up, there is now an option to like comments.

    • What you report about likes, reblogs, shares etc. that don’t take place on the blog itself makes me feel downright “snarly” and I’ll leave it at that rather than launching into a rant.

  7. It’s very good of you to push all this, timethief – we don’t deserve it! :-\
    I take this opportunity of advising that I had to take the link from my sidebar, as it clashed HORRIBLY with my site’s colors. Let me know when you go green, then, yes? [grin]

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