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Finding Blogs with Similar Content

diversity1Once you have published pillar posts and have created an editorial calendar for managing your content creation, commenting and blog promotion activities, it’s time to find blogs with similar content and comment meaningfully on posts published on them.

What do you love to blog about?

Where can you find other blogs like your own?

What Kind of a Blogger Are You? 7 different blogger types:  Hedonists, Techies, Professionals, Preachers,
Life improvers, Beauty hunters, Life stagers

Locating high quality blogs with similar content is an important step to becoming a better blogger.  It’s logical to assume that those who read your blog now are among your target audience so start by examining your stats to determine where your current traffic is coming from.

The Golden Rule of Networking is:  Give before expecting to receive.

Effective networking is built a foundation of building relationships leading to reciprocity.  In other words, if  you want bloggers  with similar blogs to  link to your posts, then link to their posts first.  If you want them to comment on and/or promote your posts, then comment on their posts and promote them first.

If you are a blogger below are onsite tools you can use to find blogs like yours.

The search engine indexes post, pages, and comments content (body text). Unless entered as text in those contents, blog name, post titles, and post/comment author names are not indexed.
tagsThe Tags search page is in the Reader area of the Dashboard is easy to use and displays the subjects that are most popular with bloggers on For Topics (Tags page) searches see In that same Reader area of your Dashboard you can browse Recommended Blogs and visit the ones of interest to you.

recommended blogs

Other ways of finding similar sites that are not necessarily hosted by include:

  1. AllTop – is known for its topic-based groupings of blogs.
  2. Bloglines is an aggregator of syndicated feeds, and as most blogs publish an RSS feed automatically, it’s a good place to search for quality resources.
  3. Google web searches, Google Blog Search Keyword searches of  Google, Yahoo, and Bing ( add +wordpress or + typepad,  etc. to your searches)
  4.  – Guzzle reads hundreds of feeds every second to get you the latest news about topics you care enter.
  5. Keyword searches using niche search engines.
  6. Keyword search Twitter.
  7. Keyword search Facebook Graph search.
  8. Keyword search Pinterest.
  9. Keyword searches of blog directories like bloglovin and forums.
  10. Similar site search – Note that similar site search is mainly based on user annotations or tags on websites and , the accuracy of the search result heavily depends on the accuracy of the tags.
  11. StumbleUpon has a search utility/recommendation engine.


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33 thoughts on “Finding Blogs with Similar Content

  1. Handy article, feeling like I have reached some sort of plateau as a new blog and still figuring out how to make connections! Hope you are keeping well timethief! :)

    • Hi there,
      Finding similar blogs isn’t as easy as some may think and unless we know which tools can be used it can be a baffling process so I’m glad you like this resource post.

      P.S. I had a broken tooth last week that led to sleeping in a way that gave me a crick in my neck. So I had two dental appointments and two massage appointments and now I’m back on track. However, I’m behind when it comes to responding to comments, especially on my personal blog.

      • I tried some of the links and still find it difficult to locate sites similar to mine in that niche, so yes definitely not a stroll in the park. It would take some time and patience to work at it. I hope you are back to 100% and don’t worry about replies… health and family are always the most important :)

  2. Alltop? That’s usually what I say when I order ice cream. There’s usually a limit on toppings, however… : )

    I’d never heard of some of those content aggregators– thanks!

  3. Hi timethief,
    very helpful article as always. As the commenters before have already said, the reminder for the pillar post was great advice.
    But I have one question, do you by any case have resources on finding similiar blogs in German? My problem is that I am well immersed in the English-speaking/writing blogosphere, but got no clue about the German blogosphere. And I can’t even translate the keywords from english blogs to german because they mostly don’t exist.
    I am sensing that I found a blogging niche that is not overly populated in German but I don’t have any clue on how to check for that and starting a Germna blog with no others to link or connect to seems like setting myself up for sure failure.
    So yeah if you know any Germans well-immeresed in the german-writing blogosphere give me their names
    and I will start looking there!

    Have a nice weekend and thank you so much for your great content.

  4. Great post. Never underestimate the power of tagging. I knew my niche, but early on I didn’t know how to tag for it – or how to “cruise” those tags looking for like minded people to follow (and getting some high quality tag-you’re-it follows back). I used the reader a lot, saw how people like me tagged their posts, and used a lot of the same tags. Bloggers who don’t tag miss out on a lot. Patience helps.

    Looking at the “blogs they followed” was not helpful, since a lot were dormant. I stuck with active bloggers via the reader.

    • Well said Jamie Ray and thanks for sharing your experience. There’s no doubt about it searching tags can be very productive and learning how to tag is a skill every blogger needs to develop.

  5. Hmm, a few very useful ideas in this post. I seem to have at least two new followers a day but seldom go out and look for new and interesting blogs.. The pinterest format is an interesting one to use. Maybe I will start there .. I use pinterest as my down time maybe other small farmers do too.. are there any tricks to searching in pinterest?.. I shall give it a go.. thank you!!

  6. More great advice, my friend. I’m looking forward to checking out the types of bloggers listed under “What kind of blogger are you?” That looks like a fun list.

    Hope your week has gotten off to a great start!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  7. Hey Timethief,
    This is what i need right now as I’m in the same spot I have been for the last 6 months.
    Most of my traffic comes from Facebook and seeing as I’ve deactivated it for productivity purposes I’m noticing how little involved I am in the blogging community. I also have very few interesting blogs to read in my feeder and never get comments on my own.
    My content changes alot. Some times lengthy posts, sometimes short, photos, weird. I dont want to change my style but i do feel under appreciated. Lol. :)

  8. Another Cool Post amongst so many other cool posts! Thank you for the reminders about Pillar Posts and scheduling a calendar. A good pillar post could be a Book List pertinent to your subject. This can be linked out to Good Reads, Amazon or whatever site suits your modus operandi. You can also link internally to your own book reviews as well as those of other people writing on your topic. Other examples are an interview with a ‘star’ in your niche and a post with a comprehensive list of other people writing on the same subject (like a massive blogroll).

    • Hi Jordon,
      Yes your pillar post idea is a good one because it can be so readily promoted through social networks you cited. A well written and engaging pillar post that focuses on resources you recommend will contribute to your authority in your niche. Your niche celebrity interview and link bait promotional idea is also a good one. That said I wouldn’t get too carried away with the massive link list. I would choose to list only those with the best quality content and that’s usually ones with page ranks of 3/10 or higher. :)

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