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Foodie Bloggers Listen Up!

One of the most requested features foodie bloggers have asked for for a long time has been a means of displaying recipes for printing. Plugins were requested but our brilliant WordPress developers just delivered a new feature for recipes.

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food pictures“On, you can use shortcodes to embed a recipe with consistent formatting, basic metadata, and an option to print.”

Also note that a link to print the recipe is displayed by default but can be hidden. I’m going to try it on my personal blog at which is where I share recipes.
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37 thoughts on “Foodie Bloggers Listen Up!

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  3. Thanks for the heads-up about recipes.

    I just stumbled on the Archives shortcode the other day, but I suppose it has been around for a while. I see you use it on your All Posts Tab. I think it would be nice to have the option to add the date.

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  5. Oh my goodness this is so exciting! It’s something I’ve wanted since I wrote my first blog post! I don’t fully understand what “embedding” is or will do for my blog posts but I’m excited at the prospect of having the recipes as an integral part of my site. A project for tomorrow night after work! Thank you :D

  6. Okay – I’d been wondering about this one for a while. Thank you SO much for posting it. I will play around with this tonight after work.

  7. Yes I just saw this in the help forum. Now I can format my killer Deviled Eggs & Oatmeal Cowpie cookie recipes and a few others.

    So – for the “I can’t live without a Plugin” crowd – the folks at do listen, yes a bit basic to start, but I really like the fix the formatting for printing feature.

    Thanks again for listening

    • Hi Mike,
      It’s cool to have you commenting on my blog. We (hubby and I) think we make killer deviled eggs so we shall be trying your recipe with comparison in mind. I’ve never heard of cowpie cookies. However, we don’t have any gluten concerns, we like eating grains and who doesn’t like cookies? So where is the blog link hmmm ?

      • Here is the Deviled Eggs link:

        The Oatmeal Cow Pie link:

        I named them that because of how they look (those that have lived on a farm will understand the reference) when you make a regular cookie and use a Disher for proportion control (looks like an old time ice-cream scoop with a little bar to flip out the dough or whatever – when I named them I did not know that there was a regular recipe called “Cow Pie” until I started getting search engine visits on that term.

        Just one little Post and a picture at the top, who says blogs don’t search well?

        Hope you like the recipes, made the Cow Pie as a sheet yesterday for a Potluck I went to, by the end most of the squares had been eaten.

        • Hi again Mike,
          Thanks for the links. Potlucks are big here too. I love multi-cultural potlucks where we eat traditional foods from other countries.

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