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More Sources of Free Images for Blogs and Websites

collageThere are thousands of free photos available online and stock images do not have a negative impact on search engine rankings. So don’t let the lack of a camera prevent you from enhancing your posts with individual high resolution public domain pictures and/or collages.

Searching for public domain images or those under the Creative Commons license will be quicker and easier if you have a list of likely sites like  Free Images for Your Blog or Website and  20 Gov’t Sources of Free Images for Your Blog. Read and comply with the Terms of Use on each site, attribute your sources properly and you can get the most out of image search. 

The British Library has released over a million images for anyone to use, remix and repurpose. The images were taken from the pages of 17th, 18th and 19th century books, digitized then released into the Public Domain. Example: 35 free images from classic books, ready to use and remix.

collageThe U.S. National Gallery of Art hosts more than 25,000 images of famous and not-so-famous works of art. Nearly all of the images can be downloaded and re-used for free.

If you’re in need of vintage photographs from the public archives free of known copyright restrictions, New Old Stock is a great resource of copyright free images.  is a repository for outstanding public domain images. Find free pictures for your use there.

Pixel Perfect Digital offers free stock photos, backgrounds and textures under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

collageJoin death to the stock photo  for a wide variety of free high-resolution lifestyle photographs sent to you monthly, to do whatever you please.

Unsplash also has a wealth of free (do whatever you want) hi-resolution photos.  Register and have 10 new photos every 10 days.

Little Visuals  allows you to sign up to get 7 free hi-resolution use them anyway you want to images zipped up and sent to your inbox every 7 days.

picjumbo provides free photos – new photos every day!  for your commercial and personal works.  is a free of charge photo downloading site for personal or commercial use.

Here are 2912 wallpapers of the world to download free for private use.

collageOptimizing and resizing your images prior to uploading means you will also not be wasting your space for media and you won’t experience any problems so you won’t end up  troubleshooting images.

You can use a collection of free images to create A Free Photo Collage for Your Blog. You can also use the WordPress gallery feature, which has three choices for how a gallery will be displayed in your post: a thumbnail grid layout, a tiled mosaic-style layout, or in a slideshow. In this post I used, which offers a free online collage maker with customizable photo templates.

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38 thoughts on “More Sources of Free Images for Blogs and Websites

  1. Thank you, timethief. Another keeper for my file. I frequently used wikimedia (Creative Commons public domain photos) on my posts. I must check out these other sites that you mentioned.

    Happy holidays.

  2. Thanks for the resource. I highly recommend wikimedia commons for images under Creative Commons licenses. Their featured images are absolutely stunning in quality.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I had an incident with an artist about using her picture on my poem. Never in a million years would I expected an artist to notice my blog… After the experience, I only use my pictures or those my friends and family send me… I will def look into these sites.

    • I’m sorry that happened to you. Whether it’s an image or audio clip or a video the same copyright laws apply online as they do offline. It’s critical that we read the Terms of Use and comply with them for using any digital file in our blogs.

  4. Dover Publications has a lot of vintage and classical stuff. The background on one of my blogs is a pieced together famous painting from them. They send free downloadable “samples” (assorted, images, book excerpts and sometimes music sheets) to someone’s email every Friday to anyone who signs up to receive them. I’ve used their stuff for ten years. Here’s the store page:

    • Hi Susie,
      Bookmarking is a good idea. I think that brings the total of free image sources I have shared so far in this blog to 38 and I will provide more in the new year.

    • That’s so true. Images can not only can they move a story along but they can also be used to communicate a change in a direction that a story is going to take.

  5. Thank you so, so much timethief. This post has been most helpful to me. In fact, it will gift me with time in the future. I operate on a limited budget and spending so much time on the beach taking photographs relevant to my blogs has a way of “grinding” down my digital cameras. One cool site, indeed. It’s always so helpful here. Have a great holiday season!

  6. Fortunately I use my own photographs for my blog but the information you have shared here is wonderful for those who can’t use their own. A word of caution, though. Always check the licensing for any photograph before using it in your blog.

    • Hi Mike,
      That’s very important and I do refer to it in my posts on using free images.
      “Read and comply with the Terms of Use on each site, attribute your sources properly.”

  7. Thank you so much for this post and all these wonderful links. The search of images is the bane of my life but you have given me places to look I never knew existed so thank you so much.

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